Doctor Kie
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Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is a 2 meter tall humanoid with unnaturally white skin, 1,90 meter long arms that reach down to his feet, testing showed that its arms are that long so it can run faster when chasing someone.
Its head is white, like the rest of its body. The face of SCP-XXXX is blank except that it has a mouth, it has weird sharp and long teeth. His mouth is, in fact, the almost the same like SCP O96's one. Another session of test have shown that it has leathery skin, it seems that the SCP orientates by a kind of heat sensor and the following audio documentation of a conversation between SCP O49 and XXXX showed XXXX is, in fact, able to smell

Notes on behaviour:
Scp XXXX normally wanders around its 10 square meters big cell or sitting somewhere in its cell staring at the personal in the observation room, if something gets removed from its cell it will get angry and spits a red looking liquid at the windows, blocking them. If that happens get some Class D and tell it that if he lets the window be cleaned won't be shocked. The Scp speaks in a similar way like Scp 079.

The SCP claimed that there could be more of its kind out in the world we were unable to prove that

terminate it if all needed information needed is gathered

Experiment with Fluoroantimonic Acid:
Test D

Subject: Finding a way to weaken SCP-XXXX
Procedure: Doctors throw a bottle of Fluroroantimonic Acid at Scp XXXX
Results: SCP-XXXX starts screaming for five minutes and then [Data Expunged]a worm
Analysis: SCP-XXXX was unable to reshape for 5 hours.Testing on the worm is forbidden See incident G

All 5 personal got executed after the Experiment