doctor lagudi

item#: SCP-3954

Object Class: Keter


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3954 is to be contained in a secure holding cell at ██████ and is only to be observed by Doctor Burn, Doctor Burn currently must live in SCP-3954s holding cell 75% of the time. inside of doctor burns cell is a glowing blue button, when the button is pressed it will activate a chemical inside of SCP-3954 that will cause SCP-3954 immense pain and broadcast its location in whatever form SCP-3954 is in. Doctor Burn travels through an airlock to leave and enter the room, however if doctor burns is ever unable to be observing SCP-3954 a replacement must be sent to his viewing chamber. SCP-3954 is to be separated form Doctor burn by a thick sheet of reinforced glass that slightly distorts SCP-3954s appearance between SCP-3954 and Doctor Burn, people who have seen SCP-3954 without the distortion have reported hearing voices, seeing things, and with some cases of prolonged exposure madness The holding cell must be hermetically sealed at all time, Before which SCP-3954 must be injected with Benzodiazepine and chained to a metal bed that is then escorted by 4 armed guards to the desired location.

SCP-3954's holding cell is to be watched at all times by cameras if SCP-3954 shows sign of aggression Doctor Burn is to be notified immediately.

Description: SCP-3954 has dark black hair and is always wearing a gas mask through conversation, scientist have discovered that SCP-3954 is a well-spoken, polite entity that doesn't seem to want to kill. Any crack in the glass can release SCP-3954, SCP-3954 is humanoid in appearance and has a physical appearance of a 11 year old child, If air finds its way through into the cell SCP-3954 will experience Sublimation and then turn into a red gas. if any personnel is to enter this gas they will enter extreme cardiac arrest and die within seconds. after around 30 seconds the victim will evaporate into gas to merge with SCP-3954's gas form. Once more then 75% of SCP-3954 is in an airtight room the gas and experience deposition and will then enters its physical form. Then must be transferred back to SCP-3954's airtight cell and then stabilized. so far SCP-3954 has claimed 8 lives so far

SCP-3954 Has potential to speak (see Addendum A-1). It was accidentally discovered in a nasa training facility when an astronauts sealed a airtight door when SCP-3954 entered Deposition a high ranking government official was called in, he immediately contacted the facility, SCP-3954 was transported to Site-88. SCP-3954 has escaped 1 time and was recovered, If SCP-3954 were to successfully escape the foundation it would enter lockdown procedure. SCP-3954 started with a humanoid appearance of a toddler, It appears with each fatality caused by SCP-3954's "gas form'' seems to increase its appearance's age, When SCP-3954's appearance of a 3 year old, SCP-3954 now has a appearance of an 11 year old, Therefore the bigger his appearance the more gas there will be in SCP-3954's Sublimation form, therefore SCP-3954's experiments with class D personnel are extremely limited. Unfortunately doctor lagudi can not enter SCP-3954's holding cell because if Dr.Burn would have break the airtight seal

Addendum A-1: After a week in containment, SCP-3954 spoke

SCP-3954: Where, where am I
Dr.Burn: what is your name
SCP-3954: i… don't know
Dr.Burn: what do you mean?
SCP-3954: i wasn't born i.. i just woke up
Dr.Burn: alone?
SCP-3954: yes!
Dr.Burn: what then?
SCP-3954: i.. i started to evaporate
Dr.Burn: then what
SCP-3954: i wondered
Dr.Burn: wondered what?
SCP-3954 what, what i am
Dr.burns you were never human?
SCP-3954 n, no
Dr.burns you killed somebody
SCP-3954 by accident
Dr.Burn you've killed 11
SCP-3954 i don't control how deadly a can be
Dr.Burn do you know what you are are?
SCP-3954 no
Dr.Burn ok
SCP-3954 i ask you again, whe, where am I
Dr.Burn a safe place
SCP-3954 a safe place?
Dr.Burn no one will harm you
SCP-3954 i might harm them, im sorry
SCP-3954 has ceased communication

Addendum A-2: scp-3954 spoke again it shocked me

Dr.Burni Do you have a purpose?
SCP-3954 i don't know if i do
Dr.Burn Can you elaborate?
SCP-3954 i don't understand why i'm here, why im alive
Dr.Burn do you feel anything?
SCP-3954 joy
Dr.Burn when?
SCP-3954 starts sobbing
SCP-3954 when i kill
Dr.Burn you enjoy killing?
SCP-3954 i don't want to, but yes
end of conversation log
SCP-3954 has not spoken since

closing statements
we must keep it contained and must we research more stable ways to keep SCP-3954 contained