Doctor Nagel

This image was taken prior to the detention of XXXX-1. It can be seen in the distance on the right side of the picture. His target was one of the group of hikers, a bus driver named ███████ ███.

Item #: SPC-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Known Specimens:
SPC-XXXX-1 - Status: unknown. Last seen: Temporary Holding Facility ███████
SPC-XXXX-2 - Status: contained. Location: ███████ Containment Facility.
SPC-XXXX-3 - Status: active. Last Seen: Krafla, Iceland

Special Containment Procedures: SPC-XXXX-2 is kept in a 4 meter x 4 meter chamber, with glass panes on each side. Behind each pane, two observers should be stationed 24/7. They are to constantly view the being, and when possible, keep eye contact. Under no circumstances should a viewing chamber be left empty.
As it is not necessary for this organism to receive food or water, the chamber should not be entered unless experiments are taking place. While not being actively used in experiments, it is to be kept sedated with a minimum dose of 25g of a class B sedative. Please note it does react to the sedative to the same extent that humans do. It will remain standing and moving around while under the sedative.

Description: SPC-XXXX-2 (The Watchman) appears as a young Caucasian male, somewhere between 20-30 years of age. No hair is visible beneath its hat and attempts to remove it have ended with the deaths of Dr. J. ██████ and security officers Lt. D. ███████ and Pvt. N. ████████. The organism wears a heavy wool jacket and tuque is in possession of one item: a pair of old WWII era binoculars. The capturing team decided to allow him to retain possession of said binoculars following the events with SPC-XXXX-1.

We have received reports of this man and others of the XXXX series for many years. Reports originate in the northern areas of Scandinavia, Russia and Canada. The first recorded viewing of these men was in 17██ in ██████, Russia. It should also be noted that they switch their clothing and viewing device to blend into the area/time that they are in.
They appear to randomly select an ordinary civilian, then constantly observe them from a distance of exactly 100.1 meters. Attempts to approach any closer cause the beings to move to maintain the same distance. No actual movement is visible; they appear to glide over the terrain.

Experiments have shown that the being does not actually have any interior organs or bones. All the items of clothing on these organisms appear to actually be part of them, simply composed of darker tissues that appear as cloth on the surface. Including its “clothing”, SPC-XXXX is completely composed of flesh which appears human in nature. How this being is able to move or even stand is a mystery to us.

Following the requests of Dr. Ian █████ and Dr. Alyssa ██████, access to 2072 has been restricted security personnel with at least level 3 clearance. Anyone wishing for contact must first get permission from both Dr. Ian and Dr. Alyssa.

Any plans for further experimentation are currently on hold.

Addendum 1.0: Taken from “Second look at SPC-XXXX, 2009” by Dr. Michel ██████

…Following further cranial experiments, it appears that these bodies have no data processing centers anywhere in their bodies. This combined with the knowledge that the being has no bones leads me to believe that these are nothing more than vessels for some greater being…

Please note: The Foundation does not support the speculations of its employees. Any speculation in personal reports is not the fault of The Foundation

Addendum 2.0:
Another being of the XXXX series (designation SPC-XXXX-3) has been reported in northern Iceland. It was monitoring a Greek tourist. A containment team has been dispatched. We are awaiting news if the capture is successful. See below

Addendum 2.5:
The existence of SPC-XXXX-3 was confirmed by containment team “Cano”. Unfortunately, the being was able to evade capture. We have the tourist under observation; she believes that she is the next target for Aðal ██████████, a well known criminal in the area. In the event of SPC-XXXX-3 reappearing, she will be dosed with Class B amnesiacs.

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