Dr nuke's SCP-2497 log-1A

For the purpose of learning more about SCP-2497, Doctor Manchov ordered the construction of a small, individually-operated, manned submarine. An expedition was carried out on the sixth of May, 2014. Despite warnings, Dr. Manchov was determined to man the submarine himself. The following is a transcript of the expedition.

Time: Beginning of expedition


Dr. Manchov: Alright. I've entered the water. Control, do you copy?

Control: You are clear Doctor Manchov. Control would like to stress the dangers of this expedition and the importance of remaining vigilant.

Dr. Manchov: Yea yea, you guys have been telling me that since I first planned this test. Let's just begin before I start wasting the battery life. I'm more than ready.

Control: Approved doctor, you may proceed.

Dr. Manchov: Okay, I’m moving… Woah, this baby's a piece of work. That's some power!

Control: Remember that accelerating uses your battery. Let the submarine sink if you can.

Dr. Manchov: Noted. I've eased off the throttle. Currently cruising at two meters per second. I'll let it slow down by itself.

Control: Copy that, please comment whenever you are compelled to do so. We will be on standby.

Time: Twenty minutes into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Hey control, I'm reading a depth level of negative three hundred meters. Can you confirm?

Control: Sonar has confirmed that depth. Please decelerate to prepare for the turn.

Dr. Manchov: Roger. I have already slowed to a pace of one-eighth meter per second. Turning on floodlights now.
(a few moments later)
Dr. Manchov: Okay control, I have reached the turn. I see the horizontal shaft. Preparing to enter. [pause] Huh, seems smaller than my estimates.

Control: Noted. Please exercise caution. We don't want to scratch up the hull.

Dr. Manchov: I'm sure this thing can handle it. Entering shaft now. (Grinding noise)
Oh shit! You guys need to get better windows for this thing. I can't see my sides!

Control: Please be careful, Doctor Manchov. You are free to surface if there appears to be damage.

Dr. Manchov: Bah, noted. It doesn't seem to have done anything serious. Maybe scratched the paint. (Laughs) Looks like the tunnel widens just up ahead.

A loud smashing noise is suddenly heard, followed by crumbling sounds

Dr. Manchov: Shit! I-

Control: Doctor, what's going o-

Dr. Manchov: I'm fine, I'm fine. It seems like something broke from the top of the tunnel when the sub drove smack into it. Probably a stalactite formation or something. It shouldn't have been able to damage the hull.

Control: Noted doctor, feel free to abort the mission at any time. Your safety is o-

Dr. Manchov: I'm fine I'm fine.

Time: Thirty-Five minutes into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Hey control, the tunnel seems to be widening drastically. I'm re-engaging floodlights. I believe I'm approaching cavity one.

Control: Confirmed doctor, you are approaching C-1.

Dr. Manchov (a few moments later): Oh wow… This place is massive! I can't see the other side!

Control: What is your minimum estimation of the size?

Dr. Manchov: Well, considering the specs of these lights, probably at least fifty or so meters across. The water is really damn clear. Looks like there are some sediment deposits on the bottom; I think the sub is starting to stir them up a little. [pause] Woah, I think I see some lifeforms. There's a bunch of really small transparent creatures floating around.

Control: Can you further elaborate on the lifeforms?

Dr. Manchov: Sure, they look like really small crustaceans of some sort. Wait- no I take that back, they don't seem to have pleopods. It looks like they instead have cilia of some sort. Long, clear strands all around them… Looks like they move by using those strands to push themselves, like giant bacteri- oh, what the… [pause]
Ah, I just noticed that the strange stuff at the bottom of the cavern isn't sediment but instead huge heaps of those creatures. I'm guessing that the bottom serves as nursery habitat of some sort for the developing organisms, assuming the dead ones sink to the bottom. That would serve as a plausible nutrient cycle in this ecosystem.

Control: Noted. Thank you for the input.

Dr. Manchov: No problem, I'll send in a class-B research AUV later for further study. I'm continuing down the cavity now.
Alright, I'm coming up on the edge of the cavity. Looks like I was right with my initial estimate of fifty meters. Annnnddd… I see my ticket out. Jesus, looks bottomless.
I'm turning off floodlights. I'll increase my speed once I am well in the hole.

Control: Remain vigilant, doctor. There's no need to rush. You are supplied with twenty-four hours' worth of food and water, as well as emergency oxygen systems.

Dr. Manchov: Heh, only you guys would classify a bottle of water and two small energy bars as a day's worth of food and water.

Time: Two hours into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Hey Control, are you there?

Control: Affirmative, Doctor.

Dr. Manchov: Can you check my depth? I'm starting to get a little unnerved looking at the constantly descending walls around me.

Control: Your depth is currently negative two-thousand and thirty meters Doctor. Please remain calm. At your current speed of one meter per second, you should reach the conjunction of T-1 and T-2 in approximately twenty minutes.

Dr. Manchov: Jesus, do you guys measure everything?

Control: Your safety is our top priority, Doctor Manchov.

Time: Two hours and fifteen minutes into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Hey control, can you hear that?

Control: Negative, please elaborate.

Dr. Manchov: Well I'm starting to hear something. It's kind of hard to explain.
You know when you're in a really quiet area and you begin to hear your blood pump? It's sort of like that… A really deep, background throbbing.
I thought I was imagining it for a while, but I stopped the sub and now I'm certain. I suspect it's those weird pressure waves emanating from SCP-2497-1. I never considered that I'd be able to hear them, nor that they would be so… sinister.

Control: Noted Doctor, Control can confirm that pressure sensors are registering the throb. Remember that you can turn back at any time if you want to do so.

Dr. Manchov: The throb? Is that what we're calling this now? And no, I want to keep going. This is… intriguing.

Time: Two hours and thirty minutes into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Hey control, I've reached the conjunction.

Control: We copy. Anything worth noting?

Dr. Manchov: Not really, it's just a big, splitting tunnel. The throb is getting louder though. I don't have to stress myself to hear it anymore.

Sounds of Doctor Manchov eating an energy bar can be heard

Control: Yes, we have begun picking up the faint throbbing sound on the microphone. Please continue when you are ready.

Dr. Manchov: You sure that's not my wrapper? I just dove in a bar. (chuckle) Nah just kiddin.
Anyways, I'll start entering the main tunnel now.

Control: Doctor, I can assure you that we can tell the difference between the throb and your wrapper.

Dr. Manchov: I'm aware.

Time: Four hours into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Control, it looks like I've reached negative six-thousand meters. Slowing descent now.

Control: Confirmed, Dr. Manchov, you are nearing the entrance of SCP-2497-1.

Dr. Manchov: Jesus, what a mouthful. [pause]
Ah, I'll wait a bit longer before turning on the floodlights. Battery is at ninety percent. Not like I needed it much going down though.

Time: Four hours and twenty minutes into expedition

Dr. Manchov: Ok control, I've turned on the floodlights. The tunnel is getting wider as we speak. I'm getting a bit disoriented from all the descending.

Control: That is to be expected, Doctor. Remember that you can ascend at any time.
Also, please note that our sonars are getting somewhat unreliable. You will have to use the gauge on the submarine as the sole measurement of the depth from now on.

Dr. Manchov: Roger that. [pause]
Looks like I'm nearing the entrance.

Control: Please be advised, doctor, you are crossing the furthest reached point of explor-

Dr. Manchov: Oh god…

at this point, internal submarine microphones begin to pick up systematic background noise

Control: Please describe what you are seeing.

Dr. Manchov: It's huge.

[Long pause]

I- … I can't believe what I'm seeing… The cavern was big, but this… This isn't a cavern, this is a void.
The tunnel I just exited is attached to an infinite ceiling. It's like… It's like I fell through the surface of a frozen pond and into the depths of an ocean. Or space.
there's nothing here.

Control: Noted Doctor, make sure you set your key-point at the tunnel entrance so you can find it again.

Dr. Manchov: Yea, I already did that. We should be clear, I'm ready to explore this damn thing. Oh and also, the pressure waves are getting stronger. I can feel the sub vibrating with each wave now. It's really starting to creep me out.

Control: Can you elaborate?

Dr. Manchov: Yea, it feels closer, but far away at the same time. Like really far away. But really powerful.
It feels like a faraway earthquake, but… I dunno, organic. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm being paranoid.

Control: Relax Doctor Manchov, we are here to aid you.

Dr. Manchov: Jesus. Please, just call me Frank. Screw those protocols, you're making me feel like a D-class test subject up in here. (sigh) Okay, I've just turned on the ship sonar.

electronic start-up sounds are heard in the background

Dr. Manchov: Okay, Sonar is onlin-

Control: What's the info, Doct- ah… Frank?

Dr. Manchov:

Control: Sorry?

Dr. Manchov: nothing.

Dr. Manchov: It's nothing. It's hit nothing… This sonar has a range of ten miles. But it's detecting nothing. no sides… no bottom… no ends.
(Doctor Manchov's breathing noticeably intensifies)

Dr. Manchov: This has to be a mistake right? this cant… this can't exist right?

[long pause]

Control: Frank?

Dr. Manchov:

Control: Frank? Do you copy?

Dr. Manchov: I think the sonar information is enough. I want to head bac-(beep.)
Wait… I'm picking up something. A small blip on the sonar. I'm going to check it out.

Control: Doctor Manchov plea-

Dr. Manchov:
I said, I'm going to check it out.

(Two minutes later)

Dr. Manchov: There's… there's something in the distance. No mistaking it now… I'm still moving forward very slowly to investigate. Torpedoes are armed.

Control: Roger.

(Five minutes later)

Dr. Manchov: Blast. I think I see it… It's fucking massive, whatever it is. Easily twice the size of my ship. I am proceeding with caution
[Long pause]

Dr. Manchov: What the hell? It looks like a deformed blob of flesh or something.
Kind of… white fleshy in color. …Looks like it has large tentacle mandibles all over it. Not reacting to my floodlight, that's good.

Control: Please describe the organism in further detail.

Dr. Manchov: Uhh, I'd say that I'm at least a good thirty meters away, but I can still tell that it's huge. Doesn't look like it's got eyes or segments… or anything besides tentacles.
Just looks like a huge… spherical organism… with those weird mandibles protruding from all directions like a sea urchin or something.
The mandibles remind me of those I saw on the tiny creatures back in the cavern. These are more developed though. Like squid tentacles or something, except they're all over the place and way longer and… they're wider at the base where they connect to the main body…
they sort of slowly taper out…
they also don't have suction cups… nor any other details, as far as I can tell.

Control: Thank you for the findings Doctor. We think it's best for you to head back. We don't know what kind of-

Dr. Manchov: Wait. I'm… that's strange. That's really strange. I'm picking up a sound…
a throbbing sound.
But… it's not the same one we've been hearing so far. There's two now…
They're not in sync. One's softer and seems to be pulsating at a faster rate.

[Long pause]
I… I think it might be coming from that weird creature…

Control: My god, are you suggesting that the throb we've been picking up thus far has been coming from a [DATA EXPUNGED]?

Dr. Manchov: Fuck, could be… I need to get closer to this specimen to make sure it really is the source. I think I see it… pulsating…

Control: Negative Doctor Manchov, we highly recommend AGAINST approaching any closer! We don't know what-SCREECH

Dr. Manchov: OH SHI- (Incomprehensible) FUCK! HELP-

Control: Goddammit! What the hell is going on!? Doctor can you hear me!?

Dr. Manchov: (Incomprehensible) MOTHER FUCKE- (Incomprehensible)

Control: Doctor Manchov! Can you hear me!? Frank!?

A minute goes by with loud background noises and expletives shouted by Dr. Manchov

Dr. Manchov: (Incomprehensible)-shit! what the hell?
[Long pause]

Control: Doctor! Are you there!?

Dr. Manchov: My god- shit- I need to get- (Dr. Manchov is breathing intensely)

Control: Frank! please respond!

Dr. Manchov: yea- …
yea- I'm here-

Control: What just happened?

Dr. Manchov: I- I gotta go- I-
(Dr Manchov steadies his breathing)
That thing- it was totally placid- Then it- it just sends all it's fucking mandibles towards me,
Wraps me up and starts squeezing… like a- a Snake!
Those mandibles- those, tentacles-
they fling around and squirm like worms!- caught me fast as fuck,
It started squeezing! if the hull didn't withstand the pressure…
I gotta go- shit- I have a family man- I gotta-

Control: Wait, what resulted after that?


Dr. Manchov: I'm- not sure. It suddenly unraveled itself and… swam away.
It moved like a- a jellyfish, but it was using those tentacle things in sync to propel itself. so… unnatural.
Disturbingly unnatural. It was fast too
(unsteady sigh) Well, I'm done here. I'm going back.

Control: Noted Doctor, please check to make sure all components are undam-

A soft rumbling noise begins to get picked up in the background.

Dr. Manchov: What the…


Control: Doctor you need to get out of there now. I repeat, get out of there now.

Dr. Manchov: What? The hell's going on!?

Control: Your sonar is going off!
Get out of there!

Dr. Manchov: FUCK! You saying that the organism I just encountered was running from someth-
[pause] Oh shit.
Shit Shit! SHIT!

Control: What's going on down there!? You need to move NOW!

Dr. Manchov: THE PROPELLERS ARE STUCK-(Incomprehensible) DAMAGED!


Dr. Manchov: JAMMED! I SEE IT COMIN-(Incomprehensible)


At precisely 4 hours and 52 minutes, all communications with Doctor Manchov and the submarine were suddenly sereved.