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This is my newest idea (started on 01/02/2013) -Doctor Nulo

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept on the pedestal on which it was found (0.45 meters tall, 40.00 centimeters long, 40.00 centimeters wide; balsa wood composition; no anomalous properties). No more than two (2) Facility-XXXX personnel should be allowed to interact with SCP-XXXX at any one time. Any Agents, Researchers, or Doctors wishing to interact with SCP-XXXX must be accompanied by Doctor Sullivan.
Facility-XXXX, otherwise known as the home of H█████ W███████ in the town of ████, ███ ██████, should be protected by no less than five (5) plainclothes guards of various ethnicities and nationalities, as well as Private First Class R██████ “Dick” S██████ and Private D█████ G███ of Mobile Task Force Beta-42 (“Thor’s Hammer”). Any testing on SCP-XXXX should only be allowed with the explicit permission of Dr. M██████ Sullivan.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be an average, leather-bound copy of the Unua Libro by Doktoro Esperanto (Leyzer Leyvi Zamengov), published in 1887. The anomalous properties exhibited by the subject appear to extend to sapience, sentience, and the ability to communicate in the language of Esperanto. SCP-XXXX causes those who observe it to wish to learn Esperanto. SCP-XXXX was discovered on 2█ ███, 20██ by MTF-ß42 during an outbreak caused by On-site links (see docContainmentBreach173 for more information).

Addendum-001-XXXX: Researcher Birch has been moved to Facility-████ following Interview-XXXX-1. Doctor Sullivan has been removed from Site Director position. See O5-██ for permission to conduct tests.

Addendum-002-XXXX: All security personnel are advised to caution when coming in to contact with SCP-XXXX. All Facility-XXXX personnel are now required to be fluent in Esperanto to reduce the likelihood of indoctrination by SCP-XXXX. If SCP-XXXX attempts to teach Esperanto, personnel are advised to listen and learn from SCP-XXXX, and by no means rebuke it. Any Facility-XXXX personnel found unable to speak Esperanto will be transferred to other sites.

Addendum-003-XXXX: On 1█ ████, 20██, SCP-XXXX’s leather cover turned black, and a new message appeared within its pages:

All other pages were blank. Any attempts to speak to SCP-XXXX since the emergence of this message have been unsuccessful.