Doctor Plight

** Item # : ** SCP-XXXX
** Object Class: ** Safe
** Special Containment Procedures: ** SCP-XXXX does not require secured containment and is currently under the care of Researcher Styche. Personnel wishing to use SCP-XXXX are required to fill out a check-in and check-out form as well as keep track to the number of times SCP-XXXX required sharpening during their use.
** Description: ** SCP-XXXX is an orange number 2 pencil measuring 14.5 centimeters in length. The center is composed of graphite, the outside of western red cedar, and the paint contains high amounts of lead. SCP-XXXX’s eraser and metal band gone, having been destroyed in an experiment where an unruly D-Class inserted SCP-XXXX into an electronic pencil sharpener eraser-first. Though the metal band and eraser are gone, the wood and graphite of SCP-XXXX's back end remains intact. Where the metal band once was, text reading “Write it Right Supplies” is visible.

When used as an ordinary writing utensil, SCP-XXXX has no anomalous effects. Its writing is identical to that of a non-anomalous number 2 pencil, and experiments have shown no psychological effects of using SCP-XXXX as opposed to an ordinary pencil. SCP-XXXX’s anomalous features appear when it is inserted into a sharpener. Rather than pieces of SCP-XXXX being shaved off the end to sharpen it, pieces of SCP-XXXX will materialize to return the tip to a sharpened state, pieces ceasing to materialize after the pencil has reached 19 centimeters in length. Testing has revealed this to be the case with any conventional sharpeners. Attempts to sharpen SCP-XXXX's writing end by hand with blades result in the blade being unable to penetrate the exterior. Pieces of SCP-XXXX can be removed from the exposed eraser end with the same blades. However, nothing past one centimeter from the end of SCP-XXXX can be removed in this way. Pieces of SCP-XXXX removed in this way will begin to rematerialize on the damaged end within 24 hours of the initial damage, complete with the text.

There is no evidence of any company or group called Write it Right ever existing. Research is ongoing.