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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is anyone to make contact with SCP-3541. Under orders of Senior Researcher [REDACTED] is to be left alone within the location it has been found. SCP-3541's current location is to be under constant video surveillance, and any civilian is to be escorted off the premises. If any human sees SCP-3541 outside of testing purposes, she or he is to be killed on sight.

Description: SCP-3541 is a "Wanted" poster from an estimated time of 1865. It was found in the abandoned town of [DATA REDACTED], where it is currently being held. SCP-3541 is blank when viewed at a camera. However, when viewed by a human the age of 16 or older, SCP-3541 will display a image of a person visible only to said person looking at it. The subject who has seen whoever is on the image has a sudden urge to kill him or her on the image, disregarding morals, location, or who it is. The person, while under the effects of SCP-3645, has all knowledge of the person they have "targeted," (including location, weaknesses, strengths, etc.) The subject will become temporarily immortal until said person within the image is dead, through natural causes or otherwise.

Addendum-3541: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT let any personnel or D-Class with homicidal backgrounds view SCP-3541. It is too dangerous to show a experienced killer to multiple targets.