Doctor SHOCK!
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SCP-3029 in it's containment chamber.

Item #: SCP-3028

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3028 is to be contained in a large containment locker with level 4 clearance and only one exit/entrance, any others should be destroyed immediately. The door should also be checked to have a 4mm or lower gap every 2 days. Any chosen amount of personnel can enter the chamber with permission from a member of the O5-Council. Testing must be supervised by one foundation personnel,3 MTF units and no fewer.

Description: SCP-3028 is a large electric generator made of multiple unidentifiable materials. It has been able to disrupt live feeds. There is a small lever next to the generator used to turn it on, the switch is made of steel. When nobody is near SCP-3028 for elongated periods of time and come back the chamber has seemed to have lowered in oxygen levels, during that time period personnel are forbidden from entering the chamber.When SCP-3028 is activated by flipping the switch SCP-3028-1 will appear although not visible to the human eye until 2 minutes has passed. Tests have shown that every other possible method to activate SCP-3028 has shown to still create SCP-3028-1, but depending on how much electricity was charged into SCP-3028, the speed of SCP-3028-1 will increase or decrease. SCP-3028-1 can travel through 5mm or higher gaps, this amount can become lower depending on the amount of electricity charged into the generator. SCP-3028-1 is animate and extremely hostile, it is a humanoid creature entirely made of electricity. it has proven to be highly lethal and has been reported to disable any electric device when touched, SCP-3028-1 is also capable of speech.