Object Class:: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures
SCP-xxxx are to be kept within a Lyrebird aviary that is 100% soundproofed.
cleaning and daily re-supply of food and water is necessary for their survival. 100% sound proofed headgear will be supplied to negate SCP-xxxx anomalous effects during maintenance. This headgear will need to be fastened tightly, as many SCP-XXXX will try to remove it, since they are small and weak, they won't pose any physical threat. Swatting and shooing them away is permitted if they are hindering maintenance, but physically damaging and injuring any individual SCP-XXXX will be met with appropriate disciplinary action.

SCP-XXXX resembles the Menura Novaehollandiae, more commonly known as the Superb Lyrebird, a bird found in most of East Australia and are famous for their adept vocal replications of natural and unnatural sounds such as other birds, chainsaws, cars, hammers, human speech, etc. unlike Lyrebirds, SCP-XXXX is extremely persistent and will dedicate a large amount of effort to having other animals or humans be in its presence so they can hear its call, it's even been noted that they are able to recognise soundproofing headgear and glass, and will attempt to try and remove headgear from maintenance workers and claw and peck at at glass.

SCP-XXXX has a very potent and dangerous cognitohazard produced in its call.
This phenomenon, which is now referred to as the "Reverse Mimic Effect"(RME), will change any organism that can perceive sound and vibrations in the air into whatever SCP-xxxx is imitating at the time through transfiguration of the subjects biological structure. Subjects that are affected by the vocalisations of SCP-xxxx will be referred to as SCP-xxxx-1. It will affect anything that can hear it, regardless if it's recorded, played through a microphone, or even played in reverse, as long as an organism that can percieve sound percieves the call, the effect will take place.

In the event of a successful transformation, the organism that is effected is still alive and conscious, still being able to respirate and sometimes eat and defecate (usually with assistance). Brain scans show that organisms feel a little discomfort and pain during the RME but become quite relaxed at the end of the transformation.

The RME does have a chance of failure to complete however. Fluctuating depending on many factors including SCP-XXXX's call, the subject that is percieving the call, how many different calls are being percieved, etc. This failure results in death or irreversible damage, often leading to the subject at hand being extremely disfigured and in extreme pain and discomfort. A sign of a failing transfiguration is when a subject begins to panic and starts flailing any extremity they can whilst rolling around and crying or screaming in pain. Depending on the subject, these fits can from a few minutes to a few hours. Extermination is advised after 20 minutes of further monitering, in case the RME resumes.

SCP-xxxx was first discovered on an island [REDACTED] km's North-East of Australia. The island was investigated by the Australian government and quickly notified the Foundation after many investigators were affected by the anomalous effects of the islands contents. Agents were dispatched immediately and that is where they encountered, identified and contained SCP-XXXX.

The island is currently being investigated by the Foundation.

Test log 1 - 12/4/09

Subject: lab Rat
Procedure: The subject is to be placed into a sound proofed container that is exposed to a recording of the anomalous noise produced by SCP-XXXX imitating a wooden flute. Once the anomalous effect begins, subject will be monitored until sufficient data is collected.
Results: Anomalous process was visible with human eyes after 92 seconds, Successful transformation after 4 hours. The subject, which will now be called SCP-XXXX-1, has undergone extreme transfiguration of bones and skin to match the dimensions and intricate parts of the wooden flute it is based off of, while still retaining its original, biological mass as a lab rat. The mouth of the subject has moved to where one of the "keys" are located, same with the ears nostrils and anus, extremities were fused back into the animal. SCP-XXXX-1 died 18 hours later after failing to properly swallow food. After some testing, SCP-XXXX-1 is proven to be as functional as the flute it is based off of.

Test log 79 - 19/6/09

Subject: American Grizzly Bear
Procedure: The bear shall be placed inside an appropriate enclosure where it will be subjected to SCP-XXXX's RME for the minimum effective time of 30 seconds. The RME will be of 2 separate calls, each imitating a completely different item, one imitates a firetruck, the other imitates a chainsaw. The aim of this experiment is to see what two seperate RME could do to an organism in a controlled environment.
Results: after about 3 minutes, the bears regular behaviours stop and the creature stands still in the centre of the room with it's legs spread out as far apart as it normally can without lying flat on its stomach