Special containment procedure: SCP-2059 is lethal to anybody who comes into range, the only way to save an entangled victim, at this time, is with either Napalm or Liquid Nitrogen. Both of these methods prove fatal to the victim.

Site 66 was equipped with two domes (Both measure with a 6.1 meter Diameter by 6.1 meters tall, they are equipped with LED grow lights.) made of a solid, 5 foot thick, Maraging Steel Wall. The roof is magnetized, the domes also stretch 6.1 meters underground, as to encapsulate SCP-2059. One dome contains a Belladonna mimic, the other, a Stramonium mimic.

All grow light repairs are to be executed by remote controlled robots.
Feeding is done by transporting a medium to large sized mammal in on an armored truck.

There is one door, controlled from somewhere inside Site 66, and one escape hatch, located at the top of the dome. No SCP officers are allowed to enter the dome.

All testing on SCP-2059 must be approved by The Site Director. Access is only granted to the Site Director, he/she must approve the opening of either dome. Even then, only with protective suits, magnetic boots and an armored ATV (equipped with magnetized ejection pod, and sample collection tank), may a Class D member enter to gather samples.

Description: SCP-2059 is predominately found in Europe, posing as Atropa Belladonna (AKA: “Deadly Nightshade”).Like Belladonna, SCP-2059 is highly toxic; It's chemical cocktail contains the usual Atropine alkaloids, such as Scopolamine, and Atropine Hyoscyamine. It also, however, includes several other unclassified chemicals, previously unknown to man.

The cocktail, which is delicately balanced within the plant itself; causes intense hallucinations, as well as Delirium, Glossolalia, and, Sudden/Intense Diarrhea (the effects start within seconds).

Though hallucinations vary, they all seem to share one primary goal; drawing the victim near SCP-2059. In addition to all this, the cocktail can intoxicate a person, simply by touching the skin (similar to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide).

Once at a distance of as close as 15.24 Centimeters and as distant as 1 meter (this seems dependent on plant size ), SCP-2059 entangles the victim in a mass of what appears to be dead/dried foliage. Only minutes after entanglement, the victim appears to completely disappear into the ground. We believe that SCP-2059 uses these victims as nourishment.

Perhaps the scariest thing about SCP-2059; is that it can eject its horrible cocktail from its fruits and flowers, with deadly accurate precision, up to 91.44 meters away. We believe SCP-2059 senses vibrations in the ground to target prey (More Research Needed). Identifying SCP-2059 can be somewhat hazardous within itself, It’s only within a large SCP-2059’s striking distance that you might hear a very soft whistle coming from the plant. SCP-2059 often uses this whistle in an expressive manner (Mainly after feeding). We’ve also witnessed it whistling melodic tunes, but only when no humans or animals were around SCP-2059 (Via Security Cam).
In the wilds of Europe, SCP-2059 uses it’s abilities to lure in Mammals (no smaller than a wolf cub), in order to sustain itself.
It’s roots seem to be sentient, not only that, but ravenous as well. It’s roots seem to burrow through any material (Testing with Graphene still needed).
SCP-2059 is more commonly found in Europe, but is also found in the Americas, mimicking Datura Stramonium (AKA: “Sacred Spiny Apple”).

DO NOT let the word “commonly” confuse you, SCP-2059 is rare to find in the wild. All cases of SCP-2059 reported are promptly handled by SCP. All reports are handled as follows:
Step 1. Survey-We survey SCP-2059 and surrounding area to see if extraction is possible.
Step 2. Confrontation- A Mobile Task Force team, armed with protective suits, an armored ATV, flamethrowers, and, a collection tank , begin to confront SCP-2059 from all directions.
Step 3A. Harvest-We harvest SCP-2059 in the same fashion as samples are harvested in the lab. All harvested specimen are to be flash frozen upon arrival at Site 66.
Step 3B. {ONLY TAKE THIS ACTION IF STEP 2 FAILS!} Extermination-SCP-2059 is exterminated in the field, using chemical weapons.
Step X. Decimation- In the event that SCP-2059 has grown significantly larger than normal, or that several SCP-2059 have all rooted in one general area, an airstrike using napalm is the safest option we have. [MUST GET UNITED NATIONS’ APPROVAL ON ALL NAPALM STRIKES AGAINST SCP-2059]

The Robichaux Site-103 Mishap: A former doctor of Site 103, Dr.Robichaux, Ordered the initial testing for SCP-2059. Though there was around a dozen experiments performed by Robichaux, one incident must never be forgotten.

Two Class C members were gathering samples, by digging at the edge of the root system, they were able to cut off pieces using an axe. Suddenly SCP-2059 lurched toward them, while simultaneously letting out a very agitated sounding whistle.
The collectors contacted Robichaux, who instructed them to continue collecting samples. Not ten (10) minutes passed, before it happened again, this time moving violently enough to cause a slight tremor.
Robichaux insisted they collect the remaining samples he “needed”. This time there was no hesitation, after one axe swing SCP-2059 pulled its entire root system to the surface, SCP-2059 then crawled forward to ingest both workers, and all collected samples.
No bodies were recovered, and Dr.Robichaux was put under investigation for letting something so consequential happen even after direct warning from SCP-2059. It was discovered that Robichaux had been experimenting with SCP-2059’s cocktail recreationally, and the workers that went “MIA” were merely collecting his next high. Robichaux was stripped of his license and sentenced to life in prison, on two counts of homicide, malpractice, criminal neglect, and the list went on.