Doctor Wondertainment Hub

This was created for the 2014 GOI Contest. This was written by GuardedFlames and Ryuta.

My name is Dr. Wondertainment. Sadly, however, I am not a true doctor. I cannot heal physical injuries, I cannot perform surgery on you, I can't do any of that. But, in some ways, I am a doctor. I heal emotional injuries, I perform joy transplants with the children my toys affect.

I am a descendant of a tinkerer in which he had tools upon tools laid next to piles upon piles of metal, cloth, fur, and wood in his cabin. My ancestor spent his entire life fixing objects that people requested for him to fix. He continued on with this life, making a meager living, until one day, a young, crippled boy appeared in his life.

This young boy was his grandson. He had a hard time breathing, and he had a very hard time moving and playing, unlike all of his siblings, who were big and strong men. The man felt an incredible sense of sympathy for the child, having grown up in a similar state. He petitioned his son to let him stay with him for some time. However, the son feared his father's art, worrying that HIS son would be corrupted by his witchcraft. Sent away without reward, the old man began to worry. He had to do whatever he could to help the child. Perhaps he could use his tinkering for the good of children?

The man went to work immediately, and at the end of a few weeks, he had created his first miracle: a beautifully shaped and carved metallic automaton bird, created only with the robust tools laid on the old man's walls. Its wings were elegant, providing both a sense of minimalism and an equal sense of beauty. The tinkerer, after playing with the creature a few, released it out into the world for his grandson to see. The bird flew and sung as if an entire orchestra lived inside. This indeed was the first miraculous work of my ancestor.

From there on out, he built magnificent toys, giving them to poor kids, selling them to rich kids, whether it was a living mobile for young ones or a living rugby suit to play with for the more mature ones. He grew immensely wealthy, but he didn't care. The happiness of others was priceless. That was all he cared about: the happiness of others.

Until the death of his grandson.

He was utterly heartbroken. Despite all his attempts, he could never create true life. At long last, he was forced to accept the truth that there was only so much happiness one could create. Forgetting the reasoning of what he was doing, his spark diminished, he packed his bags and left, descending into the depths of legend, only whispered of at night.

One day however, far into the future, a descendant of the Tinkerer was informed of his ancestor's legend. He knew that his ancestor had discovered that true happiness rested in giving, not in receiving. How much better he could make the lives of so many people! He knew he had to repent of squandering his gifts. He set off to find the village that his ancestor had lived in, only to discover that the area had become a forest, except one house. Upon entering, he found tools upon tools laid out near piles upon piles of metal, cloth, fur, and wood. Nearby, a table stood in which blueprints were laid out. This newling had a job to do. He eagerly grabbed the blueprints and as much as he could scavenge from the cabin. He came home, opened a blueprint, and began creating his first wonder.

That young boy was me.

Dr. Wondertainment, Co.

A family owned company since 1797.