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SCP-XXXX, after a storm.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A 3-kilometer perimeter is to be maintained around SCP-XXXX. If a storm is ongoing, a 5-kilometer perimeter will be maintained around the island, instead of the normal area, with the objective of preventing SCP-XXXX from affecting sea vessels. Clearance of Level 2 or higher is required for access. Unauthorized personnel and unauthorized civilians are to be detained, interrogated, given Class-B amnestics, and released no less than 25 kilometers from SCP-XXXX.

If a research team is to explore SCP-XXXX-1, it is obligatory for every member of the team be armed at all times.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a lighthouse located on the edge of an island with an area of approximately 5000 square meters. The island changes location every 30 years. It was first discovered on 12/13/1960 off the Coast of São Paulo, Brazil. It changed location on 12/09/1990, being found again by the Foundation on 26/05/2007, near Tosashimizu, Japan.

If a vessel enters within a radius of 2 kilometers around the island, when a storm is ongoing, SCP-XXXX will activate its light, guiding the vessel to the island, SCP-XXXX-1. On the way to SCP-XXXX-1, the vessel will be transported to a seed dimension, in which SCP-XXXX is taller and the SCP-XXXX-1 significantly larger. Measurements could not be made to determine SCP-XXXX's height or SCP-XXXX-1's perimeter.

The interior of SCP-XXXX is that of a normal lighthouse. It triggers a feeling of safety in test subjects when entered. The effect is equalized dependent on the length of time the subject spent in the storm around SCP-XXXX. The door that leads to the upper part of the building is locked,its key however, couldn't be found.

SCP-XXXX's seed dimension can be exited only when the storm is over, simply by sailing away in the vessel on which the subject entered.

It is unknown whether SCP-XXXX's manifestations are random in location.

SCP-XXXX was built by [Redacted], an architect, whose father was a sailor that drowned when his ship sank. It was inaugurated on 07/██/19██ the same day the body of his father was found. [REDACTED] spent most of his life watching the bay, but he got [DATA EXPUNGED], and had to leave his watch for a 3-month period. During these 3 months, a ship collapsed on a rock near the object's cliff during a storm.

10/23/2008: Documents related to the object's origin and owner have appeared inside SCP-XXXX. Some personnel that entered the object reported hearing an old man's voice. The voice was described as "like an old friend".

Dr. Belinski: Although most of the documents were in a bad condition, most of the owner's journal could be restored. If anything appears in the lighthouse again, report immediately to me.

07/05/2010: A box containing the key to the locked door has appeared inside SCP-XXXX, exploration of the upper part of the lighthouse is to be done.

[Redacted]'s Journal
"Today, my biggest fear happened, and it was my fault. All my life I made sure that my father's end would never be shared by someone again, but I have failed. I can only imagine what those poor families are going through, only because I wasn't there."
"This shall not happen nevermore, may the families that lost their loved ones know, that this was the last time [Redacted] left his post. For today, I swear for all the lost souls, that I will never leave my post again."

Exploration Log 1:

Research Team: Dr. Belinski

Subject: D-2981

Foreword: The following is a transcript of a conversation between Dr. Belinski and D-2981 just after D-2981 entered the object.

<Begin Log, >

Dr. Belinski: 2981, how do you feel?

D-2981: Good…I think…it's hard to tell, but there is something different this time.

Dr. Belinski: What do you mean by "different"?

D-2981: I don't know, but I feel like I have something important to do.

Dr. Belinski: Proceed to the upper part. You should find the key in a brown box on the table.

D-2981: All right, I got it, I got the key.

Dr. Belinski: Good; go to the upper part.

D-2981: Okay, I am now heading to the do—

Dr. Belinski: 2981? 2981 do you copy?

D-2981: I'm…I'm here, doc.

Dr. Belinski: Thank God. What happened?

D-2981: I heard the old man call my name from upstairs.

Dr. Belinski: I'm sorry to do this, but you'll have to go up.

D-2981: It's okay, I'm not scared, in fact…I want to go there.

Dr. Belinski: Even better. Report anything strange.

D-2981: Okay, I'm going up the stairs.

Dr. Belinski: Be careful.
[door creaking]

D-2981: I arrive—

Dr. Belinski: 2981? Not this again, 2981.

D-2981: He…knows.

Dr. Belinski: 2981, are you there? Is someone there with you?

D-2981: He knows Ed…he knows about my son.
Dr. Belinski: What? "He" who?

D-2981: He knows what happened to him, Ed…oh God, my poor son… [crying sounds] He didn't deserve this, not like that.
Dr. Belinski: Can you see "him"? Can you see what "he" is like?

D-2981: He can't stay here anymore, Ed…he is losing his power over the lighthouse… he needs someone to take his place…he needs…me—

[audio cuts out from equipment failure]
<End Log>

Closing Statement: D-2981 went missing after entering the upper part of SCP-XXXX. Other personnel who entered did not suffer the same effect.