Dog of Evil
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SCP-356 in its docile state

Item #: SCP-356

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-356 must be kept in a 3x3 meter containment cell. Walls must be constructed of 13-cm nickel-chromium steel. A nickel-chromium steel blast proof door must also be in place. At least two (2) guards must be guarding SCP-356’s containment cell at all times. In the case of a containment breach, onsite Alpha Warhead must be detonated. If Alpha Warhead fails to detonate, MTF Unit Bravo 5 (aka “Get in there!”) must be immediately deployed onsite.
SCP-356 must also be fed each day the normal amount a Golden Retriever is fed. This will be done via robot mechanisms. No personnel are allowed to feed SCP-356.(See Experiment 356-A for details)

Description: The object is seemingly a male Golden Retriever. The approximate age of said object is 3 years. SCP-356 was brought to the Foundation's attention when multiple deaths were reported in the town of ████████. Apparently, a "huge devil dog" attacked several residences, killing them. An undercover Foundation agent called in an MTF Unit for a possible anomalous SCP. The subject was successfully captured, though resulting in the death of █ personnel.
The subject has shown an IQ of 156 through various puzzles given to it, and is invulnerable to damage, being able to almost instantaneously regenerate after being damaged. SCP-356 can lift up to twenty four (24) kg, though scans of the subject’s body has shown that it only has the muscle mass of a normal dog of its age. But, motion detectors show the object that SCP-356 is lifting has not moved from its originating position.
If SCP-356 is able to descry an organically animate object, its teeth and claws will lengthen. After this, the subject will begin to proceed towards the animate object. SCP-356 kills by inflicting significant damage to the cerebellum. However, motion detectors in the containment cell indicate that SCP-356 has not moved at all. A scan of the object has also suggested that it had not transformed from its docile state. This evidence puts in the fact that SCP-356 is indeed memetic. The supposed "transformation" is highly likely as to inflict fear in victims. Though, how it still manages to kill the victim is not yet know, as motion sensors indicate SCP-356 remains stationary throughout the whole process.