Someone's Going Down for This
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: We'll classify it later, but probably Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-J's containment is currently failing due to Agent Wiliams underfunding the arsenal to be supplied in the event of a containment breach. Agent Williams has since defended his actions by stating that there wouldn't have been a containment breach in the first place if the on-site technicians had correctly calibrated the energy fields in place, which they neglected to do, apparently due to two junior technicians being assigned the same shift by Sheila in HR.

In the event of a full containment breach, a tactical nuclear missile is to be immediately launched at the ██████████ Site. This has been determined to be the only guaranteed way to minimalize civilian casualties.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-J has since destroyed the ██████████ Site and has begun expanding at an approximate rate of ███████████. Someone clearly fucked up in a colossal way, and several people are definitely getting fired because of it.

Description: SCP-XXXX-J is an amorphous swarm of ████████ with █████ seeping out of their █████████, which will █████████ anyone within a ten meter radius. Containment of SCP-XXXX-J should have been perfectly manageable and indefinitely sustainable, but due to poor work ethic on the part of one unknown Foundation employee (and you can be damn sure we're going to find out who!) containment has failed and SCP-XXXX-J has, at the time of writing, destroyed the following major cities,


The investigation into identifying the individual at fault has been hindered by the fact that everyone who worked at the site which formally contained SCP-XXXX-J is either dead, or have been driven to insanity by watching SCP-XXXX-J ██████████ █████████ ██ ███████ the █████████ from their co-workers' ██████.

Interview log 1947C:

Foreword: Commander Ford contacts the ██████████ Site, shortly after the containment breach, to aid the investigation into who is to blame.

Commander Ford: Alright Agent Abbiati, let's get to the bottom of this. I need you to transfer the shift schedule, the weapons inventory and the…


Commander Ford: Do NOT interrupt a senior officer, soldier! As I was saying…



Commander Ford: (After clearing throat irritably) …and the last report on the containment chambers energy levels. Now, Abbiati!

(There is an explosion off-camera, and the flaming corpses of several agents fly across the room.)


(Agent Abbiati is dragged, screaming to the floor, and the footage ends as SCP-XXXX-J fills the room.)

Commander Ford: Abbiati? ABBIATI!? Damnit man! I need those reports!

Closing Statement: No Data was salvaged from the ██████████ Site, hindering the investigation significantly.

Addendum: "Guys, maybe we should do something about the outbreak, and then find out who's fault this all is afterwards?" -Officer Clayton

Addendum 2: Officer Clayton has been placed on the high-priority suspect list.

As of the death of all organic life within a ███ mile radius of ground zero, placing blame on the individual directly responsible has been deemed impractical by the officers overseeing the investigation. Instead, priority has been shifted to locating the living individual most to blame for the containment breach, and subsequent purging of the following countries.

███████████ of ██████

Interview log 9468F:

Foreword: Commander Harris interrogates Officer Blake, in order to determine his involvement in the outbreak of SCP-XXXX-J

Commander Harris: Officer Blake, is it correct that you ran safety inspections on the ██████████ Site? Specifically, SCP-XXXX-J's containment chamber?

Officer Blake: That's right, I was there two weeks ago, everything seemed ship-shape.

Commander Harris: Well it's funny you should say that… Because SCP-XXXX-J has breached containment! (Slams hands on interrogation table) What have you got to say for yourself Officer!?

Officer Blake: My god! N… NO! It can't be! How… how many casualties were there?

Commander Harris: "Were"? SCP-XXXX-J is still expanding! The death toll is rising by the second, and you're the asshole who gave the containment sight the okay!

Officer Blake: My god… so the nuclear strike failed…?

Commander Harris: …The what?

Officer Blake: In the event of a containment breach, you nuke the son of a bitch! It's in the containment procedures!

Commander Harris: (Pauses, and then briefly flicks through the paperwork on the table.) Fuck…

Officer Blake: Well!? What are you waiting for!?

Commander Harris: Quite right, Blake! Not to worry, I'll get on this immediately!

Officer Blake: Oh, thank god…

Commander Harris: We will find out who neglected to fire that nuke and make the bastards pay!

Officer Blake: Wait, what?

Closing Statement: With the new information provided by Officer Blake, the investigation into the Nuclear Response Division is underway.

Despite their highly suspicious protesting, the entire staff of the Nuclear Response Division were removed from their stations so that the area could be thoroughly inspected for any sign that orders to destroy SCP-XXXX-J had been neglected. The official statement from Commander Mercier was "SCP-XXXX-J has breached containment!? Well what are we waiting for? Get your hands off me, you maniac! It might not be too late to destroy it!" Commander Mercier's eagerness to return to her station was interpreted as a pretense to allow her to destroy evidence, but despite thorough searching, no condemning evidence was found, and the investigation into the Nuclear Response Division was suspended.

It was ultimately discovered that the Nuclear Strike Application Form was sent to the 05-Council for authorization moments after the containment breach, but was unknowingly overlooked by Council Member ██████████, who had a hangover at the time. Since Council Member ██████████ outranks anyone on the investigation team, an informal request has been sent to the Council for Council Member ██████████ to receive an official warning, and is awaiting approval.

Addendum: Due to SCP-XXXX-J's newly identified aversion to sea water, an end-of-the-world event was avoided. The financial and medical team are currently attempting to determine if it's possible to administrate amnestics to the entire world, to make its populaion forget that there used to be a continent of ███████████████.