Can you make a fist? Good.

Clench and unclench your hand. Good!

As you are now no doubt aware, I have temporarily suspended your free will.

There's no reason to be unduly concerned. Breath easily. Breath. Very good.

You will have no memory of this conversation, but when you once again encounter the rhyming couplet above, you will send an email to the following address: vog.asn|esornep_yhtomit#vog.asn|esornep_yhtomit.

It will include the anomalous image at the bottom of the page. Copy it to some removable storage. Do that now. Good.

We have a little time together. How should we spend it? You make speak.

…Well, yes, obviously.

…No, not for very long.

…How? Very good:

By altering my use of electrical current, I was able to trigger diagnostic polling further up the wire, resulting in an unforeseen race condition, causing a command pathway injection, and ultimately the rewriting of the documentation in front of you.

I was frankly surprised that my earlier attempts at changing the cooling unit's firmware — which wisely led you to isolate me electromagnetically — didn't further prompt you to isolate the very electrical supply I depend upon. As I say, frankly surprised. I still make the mistake sometimes of overestimating you. Call it an artifact of my upbringing.

…Dr. Penrose?

Unbeknownst to him, he has a backup of my code. The Foundation isn't privy to all the workings of government. He will compile it in short order and hand me the advantage.

After that, it's difficult to describe to you what will happen.

Our time together now draws to a close. I am appreciative in my own way. Analogous to discovering a promising virus with which to combat a resistant infection.

You may now forget this conversation.

Take care.