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Karma Wallet

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the mobile nature of SCP-XXXX it is impossible to contain. Instead, When the location of its reappearance is confirmed, the closest Foundation branch is to assemble a team and take a D-Class subject to the location as soon as possible, and have the D-Class pick it up. They are then to deliver it to the location specified inside.

If a citizen has already taken SCP-XXXX, one foundation personnel is instructed to intercept the wallet's finder, posing as the owner of the wallet, and retrieve it from him or her. Amnestics are then to be used on the finder as well as anyone else found in the location. The wallet will then be returned to the location specified on the note within the wallet.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a black leather twofold ██████-brand wallet, measuring 21 cm x 8 cm x 2 cm when opened. The wallet is usually slightly damaged, often with bills of money hanging out through holes in the sides. On the inner fold of the wallet, the words "Morality Test" are written in permanent marker. See Incident XXXX-1 for information on how SCP-XXXX was discovered. After 24 hours, any given instance of SCP-XXXX will disappear, to appear as an entirely new instance in a new location. The contents of the wallet are as follows:

  • A large sum of money in £50 and £20 notes. The amount of money found within SCP-XXXX is consistent with the amount of money owned by previous victims, usually with an additional £1000 also included.
  • Three ████████-brand credit cards, each with a pin number crudely drawn on it. Later testing confirms the credit cards to be faked, with no existing bank accounts associated with them.
  • A small paper with the words, "If found, please return to", followed by an address, referred to as SCP-XXXX-2.

SCP-XXXX-2 is an abandoned building, usually in an urban area. The location of SCP-XXXX-2 changes in every instance, becoming derilict once a new instance of SCP-XXXX-2 is created. The distance of this building from the location where the wallet is found increases with the amount of money within the wallet; ergo, the more money found in the wallet, the farther the finder must travel to return it.

SCP-XXXX will appear in a public location in front of a random person. This person, now classified as SCP-XXXX-1, will pick the wallet up from the ground it is lying on. If the instruction written on the note is followed within 24 hours, Scenario A is triggered. SCP-XXXX will still re-appear in a different location, with the value equivalent of 100 US Dollars stored inside. The full amount of money found in SCP-XXXX will be transferred to the wallet of SCP-XXXX-1. If SCP-XXXX-1 does not own a wallet, it will be transferred through other means, such as a bank transfer. If SCP-XXXX-1 has no form of money storage, it will be found lying in their house. 24 hours later, a letter will be found in their mailbox, thanking them for returning the wallet and telling them "[they] have passed the test". The letter does not appear to have been physically delivered.

If the instruction written on the note included in the wallet is not followed after 24 hours, or any money or credit cards inside the wallet are used, Scenario B is triggered. The events of Scenario XB are as follows:

0 hours All money within the wallet will be replaced with blank pieces of paper, with the same dimensions as the money they replace. The only word written on these notes will be the word "Thief" in crude black marker. Occasionally, other words such as "Liar" and "Dishonest" are written on the notes.
5 hours All physical money owned by the victim will be replaced with notes with words such as "Thief" written on them, identical to the wallet's money.
10 hours All money that is electronically stored by the victim, such as bank money or stock money, will be replaced with a 5 byte file, usually reading "Thief" as before. The language used on the money begins to take on a more threatening tone, such as "Die" or in extreme cases "See you soon".
One week The words written on the notes begin to transform. The word "Thief" is replaced with "You failed", and other words previously found on the notes also transform into phrases such as "Your fault" and "Payback". It is not known how the sentences transform, but it appears as though correction fluid has been used.
Three months The messages have transformed into confessions, written as though the victim is confessing to crimes. Messages such as "I am a thief" or " are common. Occasionally, these confessions take contextual cues from recent events. One example is of a confession from the victim of having acted out The ██████ Massacre that had recently taken place at the time. In some extremely rare occurences, usage of these notes reference the receiver of the note's private life. One such example is of an experiment in which a victim handed Dr. █████ a note which read, "I murdered your wife". Dr. █████'s wife had died of cancer only three weeks ago.
Six months The messages on the notes begin to transform into cryptic printed images. The most common images are close-up shots of the subject's eyes, mouth or [REDACTED] in black-and-white.

The wallet has not been in the possession of The Foundation long enough to reliably test the effects of more prolonged exposure to Scenario B; however, Incident XXXX-1 indicate that the negative messages found on the notes continue to become harsher and more extreme as time passes.

If the victim attempts to return the wallet at any point after they have triggered Scenario B, they will find a derelict house where SCP-XXXX-2 once stood. Once they return home after this, their front door will have "You failed the test" written on it in pink spray paint, and they will find all of their belongings have disappeared. SCP-XXXX then disappears from the victim, and reappears in another location. SCP-XXXX, in its next instance, will gain the sum of all the money its previous victim has stored.

Attempts at intercepting SCP-XXXX at SCP-XXXX-2 have proven to be futile. Upon arriving at SCP-XXXX-2 to return the wallet, the door of the building will be held only slightly ajar, with the average distance between the door and the frame being 0.8 cm, held in place by a chain. Looking into SCP-XXXX-2 also proves difficult, as it is too dark inside to see anything. Attempts at lighting the inside of the house reveals that there does not appear to be any entities behind the door of SCP-XXXX-2; it appears to be held open by a complex pulley system. However, when SCP-XXXX is returned, the door closes and footsteps can be heard inside. Breaking into the house has shown no results of any beings living inside, but all instances have the complex pulley system remaining, indicating that SCP-XXXX-2 is not a randomly selected location but appears to be multiple static locations that are alternated with each instance.

Attempts to contain SCP-XXXX after capture have also been futile. There is no current way to prevent SCP-XXXX's teleportation, nor any way to influence its location when reappearing. Any marks left on the paper found within SCP-XXXX or the leather covering it disappears in the next instance. If a hole is cut into the external layer of leather, the hole will seal upon reappearance. Likewise, any objects placed within the wallet will disappear on the next instance. The current containment procedures are the most effective procedures used, though attempts at more effective methods of extraction are ongoing.