Excavation Compulsive Conduit

SCP-3709-J prior to burial, and excavation, and burial, and excavation, and…

Item #: SCP-$number-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to public awareness and widespread commercial implementation, due to performance benefits, containment of SCP-$number-J is limited to restriction of manufacture and implementation to Foundation specified parameters. Specifications include:

  • Use of a silicon or epoxy buffer tube to contain emissions, and provide some measure of protection.
  • Restriction of conduit grade based proportionally to vulnerability. This is to be augmented by concomitant increase in cost with regards to conduit grade, in order to prevent inappropriate use cases.
  • Proper conduit installation to augment the shielding and protective capability of the buffer tube. This is typically in the form of burial underground beneath municipal roads.

Due to the psychoactive nature of SCP-$number-J exposure, no personnel authorized to operate heavy machinery may approach within 10m of shielded, or 50m of non-shielded SCP-$number-J unless under the effect of a sedative and under supervision.

Description: SCP-$number-J is a transparent medium employed for the transmission of electromagnetic energy within 400-700nm wavelengths, commonly referred to as optical fiber. Fibers typically range between 9-600 microns in diameter for glass fibers, and from 750-2000 microns for plastic fibers.

SCP-$number-J exhibits mind-affecting behavior when the use case of bundled fibers is for data transmission via external conduit, in the form of a compulsion for anyone operating heavy machinery to immediately sever the cable. This compulsion increases proportionally with the fiber count, location, and bandwidth of any given data conduit.

Symptoms of SCP-$number-J emissions exposure include, but are not limited to:

  • An intense desire to operate heavy equipment and dig without proper surveying.
  • Volunteering for excavation work on locations with runs of SCP-$number-J located therein.
  • Fabrication of work orders for the operation of excavators on locations with runs of SCP-$number-J, located therein, to volunteer for.
  • Theft of heavy equipment with which to excavate on locations with runs of SCP-$number-J located therein, without authorization.
  • A total inability to consider the potential ramifications of improperly planned/unauthorized excavation.

Addendum: SCP-$number-J may be used as an emergency beacon when in wilderness areas. Personnel are advised to carry a 1.5m length of poorly shielded SCP-$number-J and a small shovel, when away from civilized areas. In the event that the individual(s) become lost, said individual(s) are to bury the length of SCP-$number-J and await someone operating an excavator to arrive and sever the conduit. The individual(s) may then follow the tracks left by the excavator in its journey to sever the conduit.