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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a three-meter by three-meter solid steel containment cell with one plexiglass porthole for monitoring by staff to ensure presence inside the cell. The inside of the cell is to be completely filled with water to ensure the survival of SCP-XXXX. No personnel are to enter unless a test is being conducted or maintenance is being done. In the event of a breach, recovery teams are to be equipped with portable steel containment cubes measuring one meter in length. SCP-XXXX is never to be fed any animal incapable of swimming or anything that is larger than three meters.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a single specimen of a one-meter long xenacanthoid1 with peculiarities for an organism of that type, namely a head-to-fin covering of bony plates, an absence of fins, a segmented body not unlike early trilobites, three rows of six-centimeter long teeth, and an immunity to modern weapons and is indigestible. SCP-XXXX is capable of excreting a highly toxic and flammable mucus, with no cure. SCP-XXXX is also capable of mimicking any item or organism it digests, and will also assume the properties of it, but will return to its typical form faster if the prey item is smaller. While SCP-XXXX is transfigured, it will still remain impervious to physical trauma, but will act as the prey item would as if it were the original item or organism, including behavior, vocalizations, weight, and malleability (if an object is the form being taken. SCP-XXXX has displayed beyond human-level intelligence and will take any opportunity it receives to breach containment, typically going towards the largest body of water within a five kilometer radius. If no surface water is present, SCP-XXXX will disappear from view and appear in the ██████ Ocean through anomalous means.

History: SCP-XXXX was made aware of to the foundation in 19██ when the Global Occult Coalition turned it over to the Foundation after repeated attempts at destroying SCP-XXXX. How the GOC acquired SCP-XXXX is still unknown. Before the current feeding routine had been decided upon, personnel would drop an item into the tank as they walked by. When junior researcher [REDACTED] noticed the peculiar reaction of SCP-XXXX after eating an object, and realized that it had not been fed for several days, all personnel were advised not to feed anything to SCP-XXXX that could result in accidental termination of SCP-XXXX or containment breach. During a containment breach caused by SCP-███, SCP-XXXX had consumed D-████, cleared Foundation security and escaped into the nearby ocean, quickly creating a dead zone fifteen kilometers across after excreting record amounts of mucus. SCP-XXXX was recaptured █ days later by Agent [REDACTED] while on break. D-████ was later learned to have not existed, raising suspicion on how SCP-XXXX transformed without consuming a victim. Later studies revealed that SCP-XXXX had actually eaten a scientist and then, for some unknown reason, dressed as a D-Class and walked out of the facility on its own time, after breaching several other SCPs and stealing and leaking several documents, requiring large amounts of Class-A amnestics to be administered to ██ different countries.


SCP-XXXX placed inside conventional oven with an internal temperature of 450° Celsius. SCP-XXXX is observed to be “swimming” in the air inside of the oven as though it were regular water. Test aborted when SCP-3XXX broke the glass on the door of the oven and maimed assistant researcher [REDACTED].
Note from Dr. ██████-The fact that this… thing… broke that glass is nothing compared to the fact that it was swimming in the goddamn air and has a taste for human flesh. Am I the only one who is a little bit alarmed by this?

SCP-XXXX is given one can of ███████-brand tuna fish. Successful transformation into can and contents verified. D-34286 instructed to open can and eat contents. Approximately ██ minutes passed before subject suffered a brain aneurysm as well as multiple other major organ failures. Subject’s corpse reanimates exactly 55 seconds after complete death of subject. SCP-XXXX returns to typical form ██ weeks later.

SCP-XXXX experienced a phenomenon in which it caused all metal within a █ kilometer radius to detonate as though explosive devices had been rigged, killing 9██ personnel and causing a site-wide containment breach. This event has been regarded as completely random as no event similar has occurred since. Investigations into why SCP-XXXX experienced this event have revealed that the event began precisely as [REDACTED], a caucasian male, was born. When questioned as to any memories of such an entity as SCP-XXXX, subject merely remembers “a lot of teeth, and they were covered in blood.”

Note from guest researcher Z█████████- We decided to begin cross-testing with other SCPs because as I say, “What can go wrong?”
SCP-106 is in an inactive state. SCP-XXXX is placed inside of containment chamber next to SCP-106. SCP-106 suddenly becomes active and rapidly retreats into the Class-D Cells; returning to a dormant state without bringing anything into its pocket dimension. Further testing results in similar or identical outcomes.

SCP-682’s containment chamber is completely flooded with water. SCP-682 quickly evolves fins and amphibious skin. SCP-XXXX is released into the chamber. Both SCPs are observed circling each other for █ hours before SCP-682 requests to be removed. When request is denied, SCP-XXXX rapidly breaches containment for both itself and SCP-682. SCP-682 later stated, “You fuckwads knew what would happen. I can honestly claim no responsibility for how many insignificant little retards died. Now get out before I [DATA EXPUNGED].”

Note from O5-██ - Testing between SCP-682 and SCP-XXXX is henceforth forbidden by O-5 command.

SCP-XXXX is placed inside of SCP-914, dial is set to “rough.” SCP-XXXX is observed to have only grown human hair atop its head; with no other physical changes being observed. Hair completely recedes after 2 months. After hair has completely receded, dial is set to “coarse” and SCP-XXXX is placed inside. Observable changes include large amounts of hair in the exact same places, as well as in a streak along the back, an anal, dorsal, and a pair of pectoral fins, and [REDACTED].
Note from guest researcher Dr. Alexander ████████ - Now this I’m setting as my computer background!

Incident log 3XXX-1
During a test with SCP-870, SCP-XXXX retreated to the a corner of the cell, apparently distressed as SCP-870 slowly advanced towards SCP-XXXX, appearing to “play with it,” as stated by D-7428. SCP-XXXX then rapidly rose into the air, banging on the walls and plexiglass window, trying to escape the cell as SCP-870 followed it on the ground. SCP-870 then proceeded to jump up and bite off the tail of SCP-XXXX, causing it to fall to the floor and slither towards the door in a serpentine fashion. Guards were, at this point, attempting to evacuate SCP-XXXX from the cell without causing a breach of SCP-870. By the time that personnel reached the door where SCP-XXXX had been advancing towards, SCP-870 had already consumed SCP-XXXX’s head and was regurgitating the bones. What remained of SCP-XXXX’s corpse was given to SCP-███ to attempt revival, though to no avail. SCP-XXXX reclassified to Neutralized.