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Item #: SCP-3422

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: all possible SCP-3422s are kept in Site-XX
SCP-3422-A1,A2,A3,A5 and SCP-3422-B are kept in a standard large room, with 1,5 meter of soil at the bottom, and are to be given constant access to water. SCP-3422-F and SCP-3422-G are kept in standard medium rooms, made into (idk what words to use here)
They are all to be given access to artificial sunlight and fresh air at all times, and taken care of by Dr. XXXXXXX.
SCP-3422-H and SCP-3422-I are kept in standard small rooms.

All Possible SCP-3422s are to be checked on daily by staff D-class and new objects are to be taken from the area and examined.

SCP-3422-1 to (x) are kept in the storage room of the SCP-3422 area in seperate lockers.

SCP-3422-0 is to be monitored by 4 cameras at all times, and checked every two weeks by field agents for anomalous objects.

Experiments on possible SCP-3422s only with permission of a level 4 or Dr. XXXXXX or Dr. XXXXXX.

Description: SCP-3422 is a creature or object that generates anomalous objects in its surroundings, on average one per week. It is currently unknown which creature, object or combination thereof is SCP-3422.

The Search has been narrowed down to the following:

SCP-3422-A1,A2, A3 and A5: Quercus robur (common oak)
SCP-3422-B: (a tree, idk what one)
SCP-3422-F: a bird's nest and 4 birds that live in it
SCP-3422-G1: Sciurus vulgaris (European red squirrel)
SCP-3422-H: A wooden park bench
SCP-3422-I: A trash bin

SCP-3422 first came into the attention of The Foundation when webcrawlers found a post of someone selling anomalous objects on ████.com. The Foundation outbid all other interested, and thanks to cooperation with the owners of ████.com. Agents were able to get the address of the seller, and brought them to Site-XX

Interviewed: (J A)

Interviewer: Dr. XXXXXX

<Begin Log>

JA: What is this? Is it some kind of government agency that investigates supernatural stuff?

Dr. XXXX: As far as you should know, yes. I assume you know what we brought you here for?
JA: That box, the dress and the plastic bag I sold?
DR.XXXXX: Exactly. Where did you find them?

JA: In a park , in ██████, Belgium. Right next to the lake.

** Dr. XXXXX:** Could you point to the location of this area on a satellite map?

JA: Yes.

JA is given a satellite map of the region, and points to a spot south of a lake

Dr. XXXXX: Have other objects appeared in this area before?

JA: Im fairly sure, yes. But I'm not the only person interested in that area.

Dr. XXXXXX: Please elaborate.

JA: A bunch of crazy people and conspiracy theorists, they look around there sometimes.

Dr. XXXX: Have you ever interacted with any of them?

JA: Uhm… Look, I recommend you guys just don't bother with them, not worth it.

Dr. XXXXX: Are they dangerous?

JA: Well, no… I don't think so.

Dr. XXXXX: Are the objects you sold the only ones you have, or have interacted with?

JA: Yes.

Dr. XXXXX: Did you contact the authorities at any point?

JA: I have, they didn't believe me and hung up on me.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the interview, JA was administerd amnestics and brought back to their home.

Field agents were dispatched to the area, under the premise of an approaching storm, the park was closed and the agents started searching the area.
The following objects were found:

-A cardboard box, similar to the one sold by JA, with the same anomalous property
-A broken pen, when discovered, agents remarked being curious about astronomy.
-A damaged office chair, missing it's front legs, and pat of it's back.
-A xylophone, that when played, changed the hair color of Agent-IDK to blue

All of these objects were found in the same general area, now classified as SCP-3422-0.

The area was stripped of all plants and objects, who were categorized as the following:

SCP-3422-A1 to A5

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

A oak tree
B pine tree
C Ground soil
D pond water
E XM of iron fence painted dark green
F A bird's nest and its birds
G1,G2 & G3 squirels
H Park bench
I trash bin
J idk
K XM² of grass and moss
L Biomass
M An unexploded WWII bomb
N Fish (later -x)

1 a box that's slightly bigger or smaller inside
2 plastic bag that makes you hungry
3 a dress that can't be cleaned
4 a broken pen that gives you an interest in astronomy
5 A broken office chair that can make you breath underwater, but makes you deaf
6 A shoe that gives you a heart attack when worn
7 a blue liquid, recreatable, that gives back memories but lowers intelligence
8 A xykophone that changes your hair color when played