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Document #193414, The soldier's diary

2 august 1914

Today the germans sent an ultimatum to the belgian government, ordering us to allow them passage true our country.
The government hasn't responded yet, but I assume they will refuse and conflict will occur.

I am currently writing from a train, which is bringing us to a secret military base.

After I was drafted, I assume Albert told them about my experience with ghosts and phantoms, because they told me I and Sam were part of the paranormal division of the army.
I assumed it was a joke at first, but the serious look on their face and the fact they made sure no one else was around convinced me otherwise.
Together with a number of other people we were put on a train, apparently we were going to get a better explanation later.

On the train I met Walter, an Antwerpan who's family has been studying the paranormal for generations. He's a pretty funny guy, and Sam, I, Walter and some other guy who's name I forgot talked the whole day.
At one point a bunch of blinds closed over the windows, and we couldn't see the outside anymore.
A big guy with lots of medals on his uniform entered the cabin we were all in, and explained what I most already knew: every one was here because they know of, and have experience with, the paranormal.

He told us we were all going to a secret military base where we were going to get an explanation on what the belgian anomalous division does, and what our job was. He also gave us a badge for us to put on our uniform, Idk.


Recovered document containing reference to SCP-XXXX

Document #193414, a diary from a soldier from the Belgian paranormal division during the first world war, references what is most likely SCP-XXXX, primarily the following pages, translated from dutch to english:

Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. involvement in SCP-XXXX

Addendum-XXXX-1: Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. involvement in SCP-XXXX

Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. has repeatedly attempted to influence belgian politics in order to make Belgium brake apart, and thus making anomalous trade easier for them.

The SCP Foundation has attempted each time to counteract their actions.

There has been clear evidence of M,C&D funding pro-BeNeLux groups, hoping they would unite Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg into a single country, this however failed.

In the 2010 election Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. heavily lobbied various groups, making it one of the causes of the 2010-2011 political crisis in Belgium, where politicians were not able to form a government for 355 days. Flanders very nearly seceded from Belgium during this crisis.

The SCP Foundation heavily sanctioned Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. for these actions.


O5 & ethics committee regarding SCP-XXXX

Addendum-XXXX-1: O5 & ethics committee regarding SCP-XXXX**

During a joint meeting between the ethics committee and O5 command SCP-XXXX was one of the topic discussed. Below is a transcript of the relevant part of that meeting.

TEST-XXXX-04 Early version

Purpose: Clearly observing what happens when an anomaly disappears because of SCP-XXXX, as Incident-███-ED1 has no clear records.

Method: In 2016 Belgium and The Netherlands agreed to swap 16 hectares of land to make it follow the river Meuse,which had changed since to last border agreement. The border swap became official 1st of January 2018. SCP-XXXX researchers took advantage of this by building a room 130 meters below the area that was to be transferred from The Netherlands to Belgium. Anomalous Item #50304 was chosen, for the easy measurability of its anomalous effect.

Details: Anomalous Item was placed above a white as possible material. A very accurate color sensor detected

Classification plant specimen(s) Absorption (time for 1kg to be absorbed) Reappearance (time until) Reappearance (type of anomalous effects) Current owner Notes
SCP-XXXX-1 Grass, Trees 30 h/kg 2 to 3 months mostly memetic SCP Foundation the instance originally found in 2010 on Site-XXXX-0

Item #: SCP-3422

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: all possible SCP-3422s are kept in Site-XX
SCP-3422-A1,A2,A3,A5 and SCP-3422-B are kept in a standard large room, with 1,5 meter of soil at the bottom, and are to be given constant access to water. SCP-3422-F and SCP-3422-G are kept in standard medium rooms, made into (idk what words to use here)
They are all to be given access to artificial sunlight and fresh air at all times, and taken care of by Dr. XXXXXXX.
SCP-3422-H and SCP-3422-I are kept in standard small rooms.

All Possible SCP-3422s are to be checked on daily by staff D-class and new objects are to be taken from the area and examined.

SCP-3422-1 to (x) are kept in the storage room of the SCP-3422 area in seperate lockers.

SCP-3422-0 is to be monitored by 4 cameras at all times, and checked every two weeks by field agents for anomalous objects.

Experiments on possible SCP-3422s only with permission of a level 4 or Dr. XXXXXX or Dr. XXXXXX.

Description: SCP-3422 is a creature or object that generates anomalous objects in its surroundings, on average one per week. It is currently unknown which creature, object or combination thereof is SCP-3422.

The Search has been narrowed down to the following:

SCP-3422-A1,A2, A3 and A5: Quercus robur (common oak)
SCP-3422-B: (a tree, idk what one)
SCP-3422-F: a bird's nest and 4 birds that live in it
SCP-3422-G1: Sciurus vulgaris (European red squirrel)
SCP-3422-H: A wooden park bench
SCP-3422-I: A trash bin

SCP-3422 first came into the attention of The Foundation when webcrawlers found a post of someone selling anomalous objects on ████.com. The Foundation outbid all other interested, and thanks to cooperation with the owners of ████.com. Agents were able to get the address of the seller, and brought them to Site-XX

Interviewed: (J A)

Interviewer: Dr. XXXXXX

<Begin Log>

JA: What is this? Is it some kind of government agency that investigates supernatural stuff?

Dr. XXXX: As far as you should know, yes. I assume you know what we brought you here for?
JA: That box, the dress and the plastic bag I sold?
DR.XXXXX: Exactly. Where did you find them?

JA: In a park , in ██████, Belgium. Right next to the lake.

** Dr. XXXXX:** Could you point to the location of this area on a satellite map?

JA: Yes.

JA is given a satellite map of the region, and points to a spot south of a lake

Dr. XXXXX: Have other objects appeared in this area before?

JA: Im fairly sure, yes. But I'm not the only person interested in that area.

Dr. XXXXXX: Please elaborate.

JA: A bunch of crazy people and conspiracy theorists, they look around there sometimes.

Dr. XXXX: Have you ever interacted with any of them?

JA: Uhm… Look, I recommend you guys just don't bother with them, not worth it.

Dr. XXXXX: Are they dangerous?

JA: Well, no… I don't think so.

Dr. XXXXX: Are the objects you sold the only ones you have, or have interacted with?

JA: Yes.

Dr. XXXXX: Did you contact the authorities at any point?

JA: I have, they didn't believe me and hung up on me.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the interview, JA was administerd amnestics and brought back to their home.

Field agents were dispatched to the area, under the premise of an approaching storm, the park was closed and the agents started searching the area.
The following objects were found:

-A cardboard box, similar to the one sold by JA, with the same anomalous property
-A broken pen, when discovered, agents remarked being curious about astronomy.
-A damaged office chair, missing it's front legs, and pat of it's back.
-A xylophone, that when played, changed the hair color of Agent-IDK to blue

All of these objects were found in the same general area, now classified as SCP-3422-0.

The area was stripped of all plants and objects, who were categorized as the following:

SCP-3422-A1 to A5

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

A oak tree
B pine tree
C Ground soil
D pond water
E XM of iron fence painted dark green
F A bird's nest and its birds
G1,G2 & G3 squirels
H Park bench
I trash bin
J idk
K XM² of grass and moss
L Biomass
M An unexploded WWII bomb
N Fish (later -x)

1 a box that's slightly bigger or smaller inside
2 plastic bag that makes you hungry
3 a dress that can't be cleaned
4 a broken pen that gives you an interest in astronomy
5 A broken office chair that can make you breath underwater, but makes you deaf
6 A shoe that gives you a heart attack when worn
7 a blue liquid, recreatable, that gives back memories but lowers intelligence
8 A xykophone that changes your hair color when played

Field agents searched the area and found a number of anomalous objects in the same general area. This area was stripped of plants and objects, and classified as SCP-3422-0.

All items taken were replaced with replicas. Security cameras were installed to monitor the area, but no anomalous items have been found in over 3 months, making it safe to conclude SCP-3422-Alpha was removed from the area.

idk/idk/2018: Data breach occured, a number of SCP files were released, including that of SCP-3422

idk/idk/2018: The email address of "Soap from Corpses Products, Inc.", An SCP front website, received an email from someone who claimed to work with SCP-3422.

SAME DATE MENTIONED IN EMAIL: MTF-Omicron-40 brought to the site mentioned by (person).
ό40-1,ό40-2,ό40-3 and ό40-4 (referred to by their numbers for ease) went to meet with (person).
ό40-5 to 9 and a number of security officers hid behind a wall closeby, incase backup was necessary.

Incident-3422-A02 Transcript

Log starts at the moment (person) meets with the MTF
1: You are (person)?
(person:): Yes, I am. Come on in.
The group enters a door. A hallway with 2 doors to the left and one opened at the end can be seen
1: Where are these boxes with SCP-3422 you mentioned in the e-mails?
(person): They are in that room (person gestures towards the opened door at the end of the hallway)
1: Let's go there then.
The group walks toward the door. Inside is a room with tables, with on top of the tables boxes full
of grass, moss, and other plants. From the room large lamps are suspended. There are 2 doors on the wall
Facing away from the previous door, and a garage door to the left.
1: Is there anyone else here?
(person): Yes, actually. (person2) is in a room behind that room there. person gestures towards the left door of the 2 previously mentioned. but, uhm… he's… intoxicated.
1: two, go check that door.
2 does not respond.
1: TWO!
2: Oh yeah, sorry … uh… numbers, right. Why can't we have actual codenames? numbers are lame.
1: Stay professional please.
2: Sorry, but I just think we should have cool names like 'Andromeda' and stuff like that.
1: █████, FOR FUCK SAKE, stay professional.
2: Jeez.
2 opens the door, and finds a room with many closets full of papers and a desk, with someone asleep on it.
2: Yep, he's pissdrunk.
1: Well, let's start taking stuff with us, 2 and 3, you take the paperwork, 4 and I will take the plants.
1 min. 34 seconds later, a loud sound can be heard from behind the garage door.
1: Uhm… Everyone, be silent.

A man dressed on black opens the garage door and walks true it.
Man dressed in black: Uhm, Chief? We've got a problem.
More people walk true the garage door.
"Chief": Who the fuck are you?
1: We are from the SCP Foundation, who are you?
Chief: Oh, Scip guys.
1: I said who are you?
Chief: We were hired by Marshall, Carther and Dark, apparently these guys weren't very honest.
1: (person)?
(person): Well… Uh, they thought we were collecting these things,… They didn't know we farmed them.
Chief: Anyway, you can hand this stuff over now.
1: Yeah, no we won't.
Chief: Were backed by a huge organisation, one of the biggest of the planet. Give it to us.
3: So are we.
1: Exactly. 1 gestures a hand gesture previously agreed to mean 'call for backup' to 4.
4 then uses there sound-proofed helmet to ask the rest of MTF-Omicron-40 to come.
Chief: Mate, you're outnumbered.
1: No we're not. Don't get cocky.
ό-40 5,6,8 and 9 enter the room.
2: Dude, nice timing.
1: Stay professional.
5: Alright, Stand back please.
Chief: Fuck off.
There is silence for 5 seconds. Then a member of the group hired by Marshall, Carther and Dark Points theirs
gun towards 1, MTF responds by raising theirs.
1: Let's avoid a fight, I don't think any of us wants SCP-3422 destroyed.
Chief: I agree, we don't wanna damage the magic plants. So it seems we-

Chief is cut of by the sound of people entering the hall. A group of individuals enter the room
"Andrew": Uhm, what the fuck?
1: Who are you?
Chief: Who are you?
1: Shut up.
Chief: Shut your whore mouth, dumb scipper.
(person): That the group I worked for.
Andrew: (person), is this your fault?
(person): Well, no… yes… uh, sorry Andrew.
Chief: Alright shut the fuck up. So you're the guys who've been scamming us?
1: Don't you dare shoot them.
The group who entered draw their guns.
1 does the hand gesture 'call for backup' toward 4 again. MTF-Eta-26 is able to arrive soonest, 15 min.
Unknown: Can anyone explain what's going on?
6: We are here to contain SCP-3422, those plants. And they are here because you apparently scammed them
Andrew: Oh, shit.
Chief: Seems like we got a three way standoff. We all want the plants, but fighting means we'll
destroy them.

Andrew: Pershaps we can split in three?
Chief: Hell, no. You really thought thats a good idea?
1: No can do. We are here to contain it.
Chief gestures something towards one of his companions, who then talks into a walkie-talkie
1: Hey, what was that?
Chief: We called for back up. If we outnumber you, this thing is over.
1: We called for backup too.
Chief: Oh, well it seems like whoever arrives forst wins then.
Andrew: Hey, uhm, guys, how about we-
Andrew is cut off by the sound of broken windows coming from behind the not yet opened door, and
from the garage door. A group of individuals storm into the room, then slowing down in confusion.

"Bolivar": What the hell?
1: Who are you and why are you here?
Chief: Who the fuck are you and- … yeah, what he said.
Bolivar: …uh…we are are those we believe that humanity … and all the other peoples, even unnatural ones, do not deserve to-
1: Oh, you're serpent's hand. Why are you here?
Bolivar: We followed you here. To prevent you from repressing those who did nothing wrong. To stop you from jailing away people simply because-
Chief: Well it seems like you went where you shouldn't have.
Bolivar:Stop interrupting me!
Chief: In a way, the situation hasn't changed I guess.
Bolivar: Why don't you guys just shoot eachother?
1: Because we might destroy SCP-3422, those plants here.
Bolivar: Oh. I was wondering what that was.

Chief: For fuck sake, This room is getting way to cramped with all these people here, why don't you just leave already?
1: I don't think I have to answer that.
Chief: Yeah, ok, stupid question, I admit.
A Serpent's hand member whispers something towards another, but it is not clear what.
Unknown: (whispering) hey, uhm, Bolivar, why dont we just attack, it's just plants.
The room is silent for 6 seconds
Bolivar: ATTACK!

The following moments are very chaotic and difficult to transcribe. Beneath is a summery of all events based on body cameras and post-incident debriefings of MTF-Omicron-40, and recovered security camera tapes.
At the current moment in the transcript, the following people are present:
8 M,C&D hired agents (MCDH), lead by "Chief"
ό40-1 to 6, 8&9 with ό40-7 and 3 security officers outside.
7 members of the group that worked with SCP-3422 (POI-3422- 1 to 7)
10 Serpents Hand (SH) members, lead by "Bolivar"
MTF-Eta-26 (14 members) arrives in 11 minutes.
Backup for MCDH arrives in an unkown amount of time.

Log continues
Track 1
SH-5 ("Cassis") materializes a sword, which appears entirely black, frop their pocket and attacks POI-3422-4, who is killed immediatly.

POI-3422-6 and POI-3422-2 attempt to escape the building, but are stopped by ό40-7, who was waiting at the entrance.

SH-5 continued attacking, and runs towards MCDH-4 ("Jack"). SH-5 is shot by MCDH-4 and dies. The black sword dematerializes.

Track 2
SH-2 attacks ό40-3 by breaking their helmet and screaming at them. ό40-3 notes lightheadedness and "everything looking weird"
ό40-3 is presummed to be hallucinating at this point, and ό40-1 leads him to the room with (person2), where he sits down and recovers after 5 minutes.
SH-2 meanwhile attempts to attack ό40-4 but is unable to break theit helmet before being shot.

Track 3
POI-3422-1 ("Andrew") twice at (person), killing them. ό40-5 kicks the gun out of POI-3422-1's hand, but retreats after being shot multiple times.

At this point, ό40-1 calls for all of MTF-Omicron-40 to group together.

Track 1
SH-8 ("Cubra") and 9 run towards SH-5
SH-8: Oh shit, Cassis, you ok? Cassis?
SH-9:I don't think he's alive, Cubra.
MCDH-4: Get on the ground.
SH-8: You stupid piece of shit!
SH-8 is shot by POI-3422-6 ("Jenny"), who then retreats behind a wall.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Incident-3422-A02 Transcript

This is O40-1, Currently at the entrance of some building, right now we are waiting for (person).

The door can be seen being opened, with a figure stepping out.
O40-1:Identify yourself, please.
(person): I'm (person), you must be the foundation guys.
O40-1: Can we enter?
(person): Yep, come on in.
The four personell and (person) walk into the building, inside is a long hall with doors on the left.
In the distance is a bright room
O40-1: Alright, we'll ask you some questions. Can you elaborate how you use SCP-3422 and
describe the process?
(person): Well we have these tables with grass and moss that has SCP-3422 and we put some
objects in it sometimes, then wait until they come back, then we sell those.
The group walks true the hall, towards the lit room.
O40-1: Do you know anything about the exact nature of SCP-3422?
(person): uhm, not really, no. We just know it affects plants, and spreads and stuff. (person2)
makes new types.
O40-1: Types?
(person): Yeah, … some types work differently then others, some are faster, some are more
mind-affecting, other are more physical, some are more dangerous then others.
O40-1: and (person2) is someone who makes new types?
(person): Yes.
The group arrives in the room. It is approximately 20 by 10 meters. The room is filled with grass
being grown on boxes on tables, similar to a greenhouse. Suspended from the roof are large lamps.
There is a garage door to the left, and 2 doors infront of the MTF's current position.//



Discovery: SCP-3422 came into interest of the foundation when webcrawlers discovered an individual selling anomalous items on ██████.com, Thanks to cooperation with ██████.com, agents were able to track down the seller.

After interviewing them (see addendum-3423-a), they revealed they had found the objects in a park in ███████, Belgium. Agents were dispatched.

The agents searched the area and found a number of anomalous objects (see addendum-3422-b) in the same general area. This area was stripped of plants and objects, and classified as SCP-3422-0.

The items found and classified, not yet mentioned are:

SCP-3422-C: 120 m² of soil and grass.
SCP-3422-D: 68 000 litres of water from the pond nearby.
SCP-3422-E: A dead tree of the species
SCP-3422-I: 23 m of dark green fence.
SCP-3422-J: A rock from the middle of the pond.

All items taken were replaced with replicas. Security cameras were installed to monitor the area, but no anomalous items have been found in over 3 months, making it safe to conclude SCP-3422 was removed from the area.

To avoid confusion with the many labeled objects, addendums are numbered with lowercase letters and experiments and incidents with roman numerals.

[collapsible hideLocation="both" show="+ Addendum-3422-a:
Interview with seller, J██ A██████" hide="- Close"]]

Interviewed: J██ A██████., shortened as J.A.

Interviewer: Dr.

Foreword: Interview taken right after J.A. was taken from an old folks home and was brought to site-XX

<Begin Log>

J.A.: Wat is dit en waar ben ik? (Translated: What is this and where am I?)

Person: I'm sorry we couldn't find a dutch translator or staffmember, Do you speak English?

J.A.: A little bit, yes.

Dr.: Do you know what you here for?

Dr.:exactly, where did you discover them?

J.A.: sorry?
Dr.: Where did you get that stuff from?

J.A.: ah, I found it in a park.
Dr.: Where is this park?
J.A.:in ██████, in belgium.

Dr.: When did you find them?

J.A.: uhm… three months ago. No, it was febuary, so… five. Five months ago.

Dr.: Febuary? What did you do all that time? Why didn't you call the authorities?

J.A.: They didn't believe me, they thought I was crazy and senile.

Dr.: And what did you do? How did you discover it?

J.A.: One day, I went to a bench in the park and I was very hungry op once

Dr.: Op once?

J.A.: uhm… All of a sudden. Thats the right word… Anyway I went away and I was not hungry, so I went back and I was hungry again.

Dr.: And then?

J.A.: Some wind came and blew a bag away, I noticed that I was not hungry on the bench anymore, but I was hungry close to the plastic bag. I took the bag home and every time I was close to it I was hungry.

"Dr.: How did you discover the other objects?

J.A.:I went back the next day and I looked around, and on the other side of the fence was a box. I got over the fence and looked in the box, and it was bigger inside.

Dr.: And the dress?

J.A.: I think a month later, I found a dress laying in the… Whats the word… 'tak'… Branch! It was in the branch of the tree.

Dr.: What did it look like?

J.A. it was dirty and full of mud, so I put it in thr washing machine, but all my other clothes got dirty, and I tried washing the dress alone, but I could not.

Dr.: Do you have any other items?

J.A.: No.

Dr.: Did you tell anyone about it?

J.A.: yes, my caretaker, but they did not believe me?

Dr.: What motivated to sell the items?

J.A.: Hmm?

Dr.: Why did you sell them?

J.A.: I needed money.

Dr.: One last question: would you consider the items you discovered dangerous?

J.A.: not really.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the interview, J.A. was brought back to their room, and agents were dispatched to the area J.A. mentioned.


[collapsible hideLocation="both" show="+ Addendum-3422-b: Log of anomalous items created by SCP-3422" hide="- Close"]]

Classification: SCP-3422-
Date of discovery:
Location of discovery:
Anomalous effect:

Classification: SCP-3422-1 (A to F)
Date of discovery: ██/██/2017 (investigation of 3422-0), 24/08/2018, 31/08/2018, 19/11/2018, 12/12/2018
Location of discovery: from J.A., SCP-3422-0, containment cell o f 3422-A, containment cell of 3422-G, twice in large containment cell.
Appearance: A cardboard box with branding from moving company [REDACTED]
Anomalous effect: The inside is smaller or larger than the outside of the box. The amount varies per instance. The sides of the box are unbreakable.

Classification: SCP-3422-2 (A & B)
Date of discovery:██/██/2017, 30/1/2018
Location of discovery: from J.A., large containment cell.
Appearance: A plastic bag
Anomalous effect: If an individual comes with in a ~4 m proximity of 3422-2, they will experience intense feelings of hunger, and will eat as much as they can if given acces to food, and will keep feeling hungry despite how much they've eaten. If the bag is removed from their proximity, the hunger will dissapear.

Classification: SCP-3422-3
Date of discovery:██/██/2017 (investigation of 3422-0)
Location of discovery: from J.A.
Appearance: A dirty, red dress
Anomalous effect: When a subject tries to clean the dress, more dirt appears between the cloth. No source of the dirt has been found. No effects have been observed if one wears the dress.

Classification: SCP-3422-4
Date of discovery: ██/██/2017 (investigation of 3422-0)
Location of discovery: SCP-3422-0
Appearance: An orange ballpoint pen missing its upper part
Anomalous effect: When a subject comes into contact with the pen, they will remark on a sudden interest in astronomy. This interest stays for about 2 minutes after contact.

Classification: SCP-3422-5 (A & B)
Date of discovery: 02/08/2017, 16/11/2017
Location of discovery: Containment cell of 3422-H, Containment cell of SCP-3422-A
Appearance: A red and black checkered blanket, A white and grey striped blanket.
Anomalous effect: When sitting on top of the blanket, insects will be attracted to the location and will irritate the subject. Insects will keep following subject regardless of 3422-5 for 10 minutes.

Classification: SCP-3422-6
Date of discovery: 03/10/2017
Location of discovery: Containment cell of 3422-B
Appearance: Glasses with one broken lens
Anomalous effect: When worn, subject will experience a lethal heart attack.
Note: This item caused Incident-3422-I

Classification: SCP-3422-7
Date of discovery: 08/08/2017
Location of discovery: Containment cell of 3422-K
Appearance: A hankerchief/ cloth tissue
Anomalous effect: 3422-7 possessed a mild antimemetic effect. Subjects to it will forget about its existance after about a month, but they will still recognize it if they see it, and their memory of it will be restored for another month.

Classification: SCP-3422-8 (A to M)
Date of discovery: two on ██/██/2017 (investigation of 3422-0), three on 07/08/2017, two on 07/09/2017, four on 08/10/2018, three on
Location of discovery: 3422-0, Containment room of 3422-B, Containment room of 3422-F, Containment room of 3422-A, Containment room of 3422-B
Appearance: glass marbles
Anomalous effect:

Note from author: Before I publish this document, I'll of course add more to this list (suggetsions welcome!)


[collapsible hideLocation="both" show="+ Addendum-3422-c: Experiment log" hide="- Close"]]



[collapsible hideLocation="both" show="+ Addendum-3422-d: Incident log" hide="- Close"]]

Time & Date:
Description of events:

Time & Date: 03/10/2017, exact time not know.
Description of events: when Dr. put on SCP-3422-6, they died of a heart attack.
Experiments with D-class show the same effect.
Description and containment procedures were altered, Dr. requested to change object class to euclid, but was denied.

Time & Date: 20/10/2017
Description of events: SCP-3422-G4 died, presumably of stress.

Containment breach-3422-I
Time & Date:Discovered 29/12/2017, assumed to have happened earlier.
Description of events: An instance of SCP-3422-? was found on a grass patch next to the Site-XX parking lot, area was stripped of plant life and experiments showed grass had SCP-3422.
The biomass was put in 3422-A's containment cell.

Containment breach-3422-II
Time & Date: 30/12/2017
Description of events: After Containment breach-3422-I, the vents of SCP-3422 were investigated and while no, an instance of SCP-3422-8 grew from a sample of dirt outside the vents. The area was stripped of plant life and put in 3422-A's containment cell. Filters were installed.