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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:
All anomalous items or activity located in or around the nation of Belgium is to be inventoried and surveyed regularly. Staff assigned to SCP-XXXX must constantly keep track of this, and account for the effect this has on SCP-XXXX, and the effect SCP-XXXX has on it.

A number of keter-class objects are contained by SCP-XXXX, but a contingency plan must always be in their containment procedures in case of failure.


SCP-XXXX is a machine which affects anomalous objects strictly within the borders of the nation of Belgium. The composition and method by which SCP-XXXX functions are unknown, though they bare similarity to scranton reality anchors.

SCP-XXXX has a weakening effect on other anomalies that enter Belgium's borders, causing them to degrade, weaken in function, or even combust, depending on the nature of the anomaly.

SCP-XXXX is in a state of disrepair, though it is hard to determine by how much precisely as its original strength is unknown. From the little documentation that does exist (See Addendum-XXXX-A), it can be estimated that it is at a much reduced capacity. SCP-XXXX often has malfunctions, lowering or greatening its effect.

Addendum-XXXX-1: Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. involvement in SCP-XXXX

Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. has repeatedly attempted to influence belgian politics in order to make Belgium brake apart, and thus making anomalous trade easier for them.

The SCP Foundation has attempted each time to counteract their actions.

There has been clear evidence of M,C&D funding pro-BeNeLux groups, hoping they would unite Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg into a single country, this however failed.

In the 2010 election Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. heavily lobbied various groups, making it one of the causes of the 2010-2011 political crisis in Belgium, where politicians were not able to form a government for 355 days. Flanders very nearly seceded from Belgium during this crisis.

The SCP Foundation heavily sanctioned Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. for these actions.

(This is one where I still like the idea, but I feel like it heavily lacks in tone or substance, so if I were to add it back in I would probably completely rewrite it.)

Recovered document containing reference to SCP-XXXX

Document #193414, a diary from a soldier from the Belgian paranormal division during the first world war, references what is most likely SCP-XXXX, primarily the following pages, translated from dutch to english:

From here on the Soldier was going to be introduced to a large machine that was made to keep Anomalous weapons from the german's from entering the country, and about a battle where they succesfully stopped a number of Anomalous tanks from entering the country