SCP-xxxx "Devirtualiziation Machine"

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 10m x 10m room outfitted with concrete walls, a power source and a computer with access to the site's intranet in the secured general holding area at Site-15. Staff with Level 2 or higher clearance may have access to SCP-xxxx, with a staff with Level 2 clearance are required to have a staff with a higher clearance level present at all times during testing. Following Incident XXXX, SCP-XXXX is not to be left hooked up to a computer for longer than five hours outside of testing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 7m x 7m x 7m cube of an unknown alloy with a large 3.5m x 3.5 opening at the front and a series of wires extending from a hub in the back. Symbols in an unknown language can be scrawled directly above the wire hub of the device. The object appears to lack any interior hardware and lighting when observed from the interior or exterior, however, once hooked up to a power source and a computer, SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties become evident.

When hooked up to a computer, the onscreen taskbar will indicate "ßð¥╘>∞" is installing despite no disk having been inserted and the computer having no internet access. The device will appear as a printer in the computer's Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel. When an image is selected and printed, SCP-XXXX's door will close and the machine will appear to activate, making noises comparable to an average printer, but with a vastly increased decibel. After several minutes SCP-XXXX's door1 will open and an instance of printed image (now referred to as an instance of SCP-XXXX-1) will have appeared within SCP-xxxx. In the case that a living object is printed, whether the subject is real or not, the object will be a fully viable specimen with all organs and behaviors present. Objects produced will appear in whatever dimension that was apparent in the image. Objects produced will typically lack anomalous properties beyond what is expected.

SCP-XXXX will typically only print objects when instructed to do so, but, when left alone for extended periods of time while hooked up to a computer, SCP-XXXX will begin to print random objects off the internet. Following Incident XXXX, SCP-XXXX is not to be left hooked up to a computer for longer than five hours outside of testing.

Additional Notes: SCP-xxxx was brought to the attention of the Foundation when reports of strange creatures resembling ████ roaming the area the began coming into the local police department and subsequently a Foundation agent doing a routine check-up of the area. The device was found partially buried on the property of ████ in Biei-Cho in the Hokkaido prefecture. During an interview the individual who owned the land claimed to have found the device laying in the field early that morning and didn't know where it had come from.

Addendum: Cameras (or foreign objects of any kind) that are placed inside of SCP-XXXX will immediately stop functioning the moment the door closes and will have vanished once it has opened. Attempts to track the vanished objects have also failed.

Testing Log

Log Format

Research Personnel: Dr. █████, and Research Assistants █████, █████, and █████.

Test xxxx-1
Image: A photograph of a singular red admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta)
Result: A fully viable butterfly flew out of SCP-XXXX. After capture and examination, it was found subject lacked internal organs and was instead filled with ink. Subject died several hours later.

Test xxxx-2
Image: A naval orange
Result: Orange with insides intact was found inside SCP-xxxx.

Test xxxx-3
Image: Altocumulus cloud
Result: Upon SCP-xxxx opening, the room was filled with a heavy yet harmless fog. The computer had to be replaced due to water damage but SCP-XXXX appeared unaffected.

Test xxxx-4
Image: A Rattus norvegicus (brown rat)
Result: Rat scurried out of SCP-xxxx. Testing revealed that the rat lacked organs and instead appeared to be filled with ink. Subject died several hours later.

Test xxxx-5
Image: Multicolored spots
Result: Small colored spots appeared on the floor inside SCP-xxxx. The spots appeared to lack dimension and researchers were unable to remove the spots from the floor. Spots disappeared during the following test.

Test xxxx-6
-Image: A crayon drawing of rainbow
-Result: A thin wax rainbow was found inside SCP-xxxx. The object shattered when attempts were made to move it.

Test xxxx-7
-Image: A detailed drawing of a small dragon
-Result: A small dragon flew out of SCP-XXXX and proceeded to attack researchers with claws and fire. The Dragon appeared two-dimensional when viewed and was invisible at certain angles. The subject dissolved into a pool of ink several hours when researchers attempted to dissect it. How the dragon was able to physical harm or release fire is still unknown.

It'd probably be for the best we avoid printing any particularly dangerous or unpredictable predators. We don't need any needless injuries or deaths. -Dr.█████

Test xxxx-8
Image: A photograph of a pair of dice.
Result: A pair of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) dice appeared in SCP-XXXX. Testing revealed no anomalous properties.

Test xxxx-9
Image: A Kodiak brand camera
Result: A fully functioning Kodac with batteries and film appeared in SCP-XXXX. Testing revealed no anomalous properties.

Test xxxx-10
Image: A photoshopped photograph of paper swans in flight.
Result: Paper swans flew out of SCP-xxxx. Once all objects had been gathered, it was discovered that they were made of ordinary origami behavior. The subjects displayed behaviors common to Grus japonensis (red-crowned cranes) and several collapsed and ceased function after submerging themselves in water. The remaining cranes ceased to function several hours later.

Test xxxx-11
Image: A complete anatomical chart of Felis catus that included muscle and bone structure, internal organs as well as the exterior of the animal at multiple angles.
Result: A fully functioning instance of Felis catus emerged from SCP-xxxx. Testing revealed that subject was anatomically correct and possessed all the means to survive and possessed all behaviors typical of the species.

Test xxxx-12
Image: A three-dimensional anatomic model of a human being with organs and bones visible.

Let's avoid anything even remotely human in further tests. That was not only disgusting but terrifying - I'll be having nightmares for years. - Dr. █████

Test xxx-13
Image: A photo of a sealed cardboard box.
Result: A cardboard box appeared inside SCP-XXXX. When researchers found that instead of being hollow, the object was instead a solid block of cardboard.

Test xxxx-14
Image: A character from a popular cartoon
Result: Character emerged from the device, appearing in two-dimension. Subject complained of severe pain, growing increasingly distressed as time passed. Subject died several hours, dissolving into a pool of ink upon death.

Another one to avoid. I don't care how "cool" it would be to have a Toon Town situation. Besides, what makes any of you think O5 Command would even remotely approve? - Dr. █████

Note: It would appear that the nature of the objects SCP-xxxx prints directly reflect the input. The more detailed the image, the more detailed the result. Tests are still ongoing as we're still unsure of how it's able to figure out certain unlisted aspects of the pictures, such as the animals' behaviors and the medium of the drawings. - Dr. █████