A newer idea for SCP-2261
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SCP-2261 prior to containment (Note: name located on the side of SCP-2261 has been censored for safety of the general public)

Item #: SCP-2261

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2261 is to be stored 25x25x15 metre room, built primarily out of concrete. This room is to be fitted with two (2) CCTV cameras, one of which is to record in infra-red. Both cameras should be mounted in the corners of the rooms and should face SCP-2261 directly. Under no circumstances are personnel above Class 1 to enter SCP-2261. All internal testing should be done via D-Class personnel. SCP-2261 is to be guarded by no less than 3 guards, armed with high calibre assault rifles and light machine guns. Any personnel attempting to enter SCP-2261 without explicit permission from Dr. ██████ are to restrained or fired upon.

Any personnel who are to venture into SCP-2261 are to do so in an airtight submarine, manned by no more than 2 people who are to have radio contact with SCP staff outside of SCP-2261. Should radio contact be lost, SCP-2261 is to be covered with a concrete slab weighing 5 metric tons and no less than 5 armed personnel are to stand guard. Any instances of SCP-2261-1 (See below) are to be fired upon and killed. The remnants of the bodies are to then be incinerated at Site ██.

Description: SCP-2261 is an outdoor swimming pool, common amongst civilian homes. Externally, SCP-2261 does not posses any unusual or abnormal features, however the depth of SCP-2261 appears to be (as of ██/██/████) infinite. If roughly 70% of any living organism is submerged into SCP-2261, it will [DATA EXPUNGED] entity of its former self, these are to be designated SCP-2261-1. All known instances of SCP-2261-1 have appeared to posses unnatural strength and speed, one recorded instance (A 23 year old male, now deceased) was seen throwing D-Class ████ into the containment room walls after undergoing transformation, however, subject had lost the ability to communicate and was shot 13 times by Dr. ██████.

All range finders into SCP-2261 have not displayed a measurement, and test subjects put into SCP-2261 have not confirmed an end to SCP-2261, even after being lowered to depths of up to 5███ metres. All barometers sunk into SCP-2261 have reported that the pressure within SCP-2261 remains constant throughout. As of ██/██/████ 9 tracking devices are still falling within SCP-2261, 1 of which has covered a distance greater than ███ million kilometres.

SCP-2261 was discovered by Agent ████ in an abandoned warehouse located in [DATA EXPUNGED], United Kingdom after he [DATA EXPUNGED] and found SCP-2261 next to a deceased instance of SCP-2261-1. The body had 4 bullet holes located in the left lung, right eye, and both thighs, presumably caused by rifle fire. [SEE ADENDUM SCP-2261-A] Agent ████ called for the immediate containment of SCP-2261 and the body of SCP-2261-1. The entire population of the nearby town (██████) were administered Class A amnestics and all photographic evidence of SCP-2261 was seized and destroyed on site grounds.

To date, only 7 instances of SCP-2261-1 have appeared on Foundation grounds. All instanced were successfully contained and terminated, with little to no injury reported by staff involved.


Autopsy of the body recovered alongside SCP-2261 had been shot 4 times by what was presumably a Russian Mosin Nagant, Dr. ██████ hypothesized that this was most likely a Russian Mosin Nagant rifle (as of ██/██/████, this has yet to be confirmed).