Balthazaar's Sandbox.
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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid (Safe?)

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation maintains area under the guise of civil maintennance. Bars with cage doors are set up on the entrances to the pipes. Absolutely no testing with D-Class with troublesome natures, absolutely no testing with people displaying high levels of narcicistic behaviour

Description: Set of three large pipes running under a road to drain tanti creek into the sea. When a person walks through one of these tunnels, whatever they were thinking about as they walked through will manifest at the other end of the tunnel.
-Contained things: Agents deceased pet dog - agent missed dog
Pile of money - D-class was a thief
Gyarados - Civilian was playing pokemon go

Discovery/ log- Ruckus caused by gyarados manifesting and rampaging

Interview - Guy playing pokemon go who accidentally made a gyarados

Testing table: dead relatives/ friends/ pets/ spouses, money, cars, creatures, anomalous items, etc