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Item #: 3XXX

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3XXX is to be given full access to the facility and any of its accounts or branches. Any personnel seen disobeying SCP-3XXX will be immediately terminated along with any personnel within the vicinity trying to protect the individual. SCP-3XXX can leave the facility at any time without escort or formal request. If SCP-3XXX violates any foundation rule or protocol, he is to be excused without consequence. All personnel are to worship SCP-3XXX at least 12 times a week for an hour.

Following Incident 3XXX-01 and all abnormal circumstances beforehand, SCP-3XXX is to be kept in a 10x10x10 meter cube with a thin layer of concrete surrounding the interior and a titanium-aluminum alloy layer around the outside. A 2-door airlock manned by an armored guard should be placed outside the entrance of SCP-3XXX’s chamber allowing no higher and no lower than level-█ personnel into the containment chamber. Any personnel experimenting on SCP-3XXX are to remain behind a closed wall and monitor SCP-3XXX through multiple security cameras placed around the cell. 3 additional personnel are to guard SCP-3XXX’s chamber door and be changed every 4 hours. Any personnel who enter SCP-3XXX’s chamber are to be carefully interviewed immediately following their exit. Any personnel showing symptoms of SCP-3XXX-1 are to be temporarily stripped of access and placed in the psychiatric ward until normal behavior resumes.

In event of a containment breach of SCP-3XXX, Full-Scale site lockdown is to be initiated, and all Level-█ and higher personnel should report to any nearby evacuation shelter. MTF team T-11 “Freescale” is to enter the foundation equipped with a foil mask covering the head and plexiglass around the eyes to allow clear sight. The team is instructed to use Class-B tranquilizers on any personnel seen in the facility until the successful containment of SCP-3XXX. All personnel are then to be interviewed within a month of the containment breach.

Description: SCP-3XXX appears to be a 5 foot 9-inch humanoid made of silky black material previously unidentified by the Foundation. This element has been recorded as ████████. SCP-3XXX does not appear to have any eyes, mouth, or natural orifice on the surface of its body. SCP-3XXX moves with the average pace and function of a normal human apart from being unable to move its fingers.

When any person or animal of SCP-3XXX’s direct interest comes into contact with SCP-3XXX, it will face the subject until SCP-3XXX-1 begins. Though unknown how SCP-3XXX is triggered, the symptoms can be relatively obvious for approximately 30-60 seconds. The primary symptoms of SCP-3XXX-1 include shaking of the entire body, stunned expressions, release of the bladder (under rare conditions), and erratic heartbeats. Following the short period of these symptoms, normal functions will resume with the exception of altered behavior. Once SCP-3XXX-1 has fully begun, SCP-3XXX appears to be in control of the subject’s motives. This causes the subject to work as in their normal behavior, but they will work entirely for the will of SCP-3XXX. After a period of 15-20 days following the start of SCP-3XXX-1, SCP-3XXX appears to lose control of the subject. This causes severe head trauma for 48 hours.

Incident Log 3XXX-A:
Director: Researcher Amy Zrenferd
Subject: D-34657

<Begin Log 10:28:12>
Researcher Amy Zrenferd: Good afternoon, D-34657
D-34657: Um…Hi, why am I strapped to a chair?
Researcher Amy Zrenferd: Normal precautions, but don’t fret, this experiment is not harmful.
D-34657: Okay. What do I do?
Researcher Amy Zrenferd: Just look forward and answer the questions.
The door blocking SCP-3XXX’s window retracts revealing SCP-3XXX standing near the window, facing forward. At this point, D-34657 begins to shake and breath rapidly.
Researcher Amy Zrenferd: Are you feeling okay, D-34657?
D-34657 appears to shake heavier.
Researcher Amy Zrenferd: D-34657, are you okay?
D-34657 stops shaking and starts breathing normally. They continue to face forward. SCP-3XXX turns to face Amy Zrenferd causing her to shake.
████████: Close it, Now!
Researcher Amy Zrenferd pulls out a side-arm and triggers the door leading out of the cell.
<End Log 10:52:04>
Following the events of 3XXX-A, approximately half the personnel in Site-█ were found to be affected with SCP-3XXX-1. A gunfight occurred between MTF T-11 and security at ███████ injuring ██ personnel and killing █. SCP-3XXX has been re-contained along with multiple personnel being put in the psychiatric ward. Researcher Amy Zrenferd has been dismissed from experimentation of SCP-3XXX and sent to Site-█ for reassignment.

Interview Log 3XXX-B:
Interviewer: ██████████
Subject: Dr. ██████
<Begin Log 08:15:00>
The following takes place after Incident 3XXX-A. Dr. ███████ was stripped of his weapons and cuffed to the table at Interview Room █. █████████ enters the room and begins the interview.
Interviewer: Hello, Dr. ████████, how are you feeling.
Dr. ████████: I would be fine if your guards didn’t knock me out cold!
Interviewer: Good to hear, now what exactly does SCP-3XXX want?
Dr. ████████: To be… I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t involved with those tests.
Interviewer: Yes, I know. Now I’m going to ask a few more questions.
Interviewer ██████████ flips through his notes.
Interviewer: What is the name of your mother?
Dr. ████████: Amelia. Amelia ████████
Interviewer: Good. What were you doing in SCP-3XXX’s cell?
Dr. ████████: I was experimenting with him…
Interviewer: I’ve heard enough. (into radio transmitter) I need a guard here to take Dr. ████████ back to the psychiatric ward.
Dr. ████████: No! (Begins pulling on chains) He will get out! He will get out!
A guard enters and administers Dr. ████████ with Class-B sedatives.
<End Log 08:21:42>