Dr Bazan - Living Triplane
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a locked hangar at Air Staging Facility-6 near Karlskrona, Sweden. An armed guard is to stand watch at the door to the hangar at all times. In the event of a containment breach, Mobile Task Force Omega-15 ("Valkyries") is to scramble a standard I-27 "Custodian" interceptor with tranquilizer ordinace and engage SCP-XXXX. Once confirmed down, a recovery team should transport it back to Air Staging Facility-6.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Sopwith Triplane dating back to World War one. It appearance is typical of it's model, however the materials it is made of are entirely biological. Machine gun, steel tube and wooden structure consists of a bone analogue, and fabric covering is formed of a material resembling skin. The engine case looks identical to the standard rotary engine, and is made of a very tough, calcium-based material similar to tooth enamel. However, the inner workings of the engine are drastically different. Exact details are difficult to gather without significant damage to SCP-XXXX, however it is known that this organ produces roughly ███% more thrust than a standard engine. The wings and tail are lined with an efficient lightweight muscular tissue, similar to that of a bird's. A heart-like organ replaces the fuel tank, pumping fuel not only to the engine, but through a one-way capillary system to all parts of the aircraft.

When on the ground, SCP-XX is in it's "dormant" state. SCP-XXXX can be operated exactly as an equivalent aircraft would, including fueling and takeoff. However, when a pilot brings SCP-XXXX to an altitude of approximately three hundred and fifty (350) metres above ground level, It will enter an "active" state. Once in this state, SCP-XXXX will consume the pilot through [DATA EXPUNGED]. This process is completed in under 15 seconds. Once completed, it will continue to fly under it's own direction, searching for nearby lifeforms. Once SCP-XXXX locates a suitable target, it will engage, strafing the target. Post-incident analysis shows the projectiles to be human teeth. If engaged by anti-aircraft measures, SCP-XXXX is capable of speeds up to ███km/h. It's tail and wing are also seen to be mobile and move like appendages, granting SCP-XXXX superior maneuverability even in comparison to most modern-day fighter aircraft.

SCP-XXXX is vulnerable to conventional ammunition. Damage sustained can be regenerated similarly to most living creatures; bones will heal if set correctly, and cuts will close over time. However, due to the risk of damaging SCP-XXXX beyond it's healing capabilities, live munitions are not to be used. Because of the biological nature of SCP-XXXX, researchers have developed specialized rounds that deliver class-A tranquilizers. Once given a sufficient dosage, SCP-XXXX will become "drowsy" and glide to the ground, once again becoming dormant. Analysis of tissue post-recovery has shown ██ unique samples of human DNA, including that of the recently-consumed pilot.

Note: Due to the rarity of D-class personnel that can fly 100-year-old aircraft, and the expense of disabling and recovering what is in fact a safe-class object after testing, further experimentation on SCP-XXXX is suspended until further notice. -Dr. Bazan