Dr Bergman

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a steel storage crate 1.5 m x 2.5 m x 2 m, not to be opened without level 4 or higher authorization. Each of its wheels are fitted with custom wheel clamps, also requiring level 4 or higher authorization for removal. SCP-XXXX is to be treated with extreme caution, especially during testing, due to the danger of containment breach. SCP-XXXX is not to be contained in or near any facility housing Keter-level objects. In the event of a containment breach, all available D-class personnel are to be evacuated into the vicinity of SCP-XXXX. Note: Further experimentation on SCP-XXXX are prohibited. See Addendum XXXX-1.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a typical beige golf cart bearing the number ██, previously owned by [DATA EXPUNGED]. It bears signs of use and age, but functions correctly, with the exception that [REDACTED] is slightly defective.

If at any time SCP-XXXX’s motor is running while it has no passengers on board, it will immediately go into a state of aggression, accelerating towards nearby living humans. Its speed does not appear to be affected by friction or drag, and it has been demonstrated to travel at speeds of up to 149.4 kilometers per hour, despite [REDACTED]. The subject also appears to use no energy from its batteries while in its state of aggression, and no force or barrier has been able to damage it or slow it down. This invulnerability ends with the aggressive state.

SCP-XXXX appears to target any and all humans, but shows preference for those who have recently interacted with it, those who are closest to it, and those who are younger, especially children of ages █–1█. Once a target has been selected, SCP-XXXX continues pursuit until the victim experiences asystolic cardiac arrest. This appears to be the only way SCP-XXXX can confirm the death of its victim, and suggests the subject can sense cardiac rhythm in humans, but not life itself. No attempt to disguise or conceal a human heartbeat from SCP-XXXX has succeeded, and the subject’s exact method of detection remains unknown. It is believed that victims of SCP-XXXX could potentially be resuscitated, but no attempt has succeeded.

When a victim dies, usually as a result of extreme physical trauma or, rarely, out of shock, SCP-XXXX immediately selects a new nearby target and enters pursuit. SCP-XXXX’s state of aggression appears to end entirely at random, at which time the motor ceases running and the subject comes to an immediate halt, regardless of previous velocity and despite a lack of any apparent application of braking mechanisms.

Amendment ██-██-20██ (see Addendum XXXX-2): When SCP-XXXX is left unused for a period of more than 20 days, it begins to rock back and forth on its wheels with increasing violence. It does not appear to have any other qualities observed in its “aggressive” state, such as invulnerability, electromagnetic nullification, or homicidal violence. When a human drives SCP-XXXX, this behavior ceases until another 20 days have passed without use.

Addendum XXXX-1: As experimentation has made little progress and has resulted in the deaths of ██ foundation personnel and ████ D-class personnel, experimentation on SCP-XXXX has been indefinitely suspended. Correspondingly, SCP-XXXX has been moved to storage at Sector 19. See Experiment Log XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-2: Shortly after experimentation on SCP-XXXX was banned and the object was moved into storage, maintenance personnel reported a repeated banging sound coming from within the subject’s storage container. Upon opening the crate, researchers found that SCP-XXXX was rocking steadily on its wheels and colliding with the front and back of the steel container. It had not been turned on, and did not show aggression when removed from containment, but merely remained in one place, oscillating back and forth at a constant rate of 1.18Hz over a total distance of seven centimeters, with increasing force. Dr. K███ volunteered to drive SCP-XXXX a short distance (conserving time and resources required to do so within experimental conditions with D-class personnel). Upon doing so, SCP-XXXX stopped moving independently for a period of 20 days, after which it again began to oscillate. SCP-XXXX was returned to containment, with the addition of custom wheel clamps affixed to each of its wheels, intended to mitigate noise and damage to the object and storage container.

Experiment Log XXXX:

Experiment Log XXXX-A-1

Date: ██-██-██

Procedure: Three D-class personnel instructed to turn on SCP-XXXX and stand two meters away.
Results: D-02507 turned key and hurriedly stepped back. D-02508 stood approximately two meters away as instructed. D-02504 stood near door to experimentation room 622F, approximately six meters from SCP-XXXX. D-02507 was targeted first, and expired after approximately █ minutes. SCP-XXXX next targeted D-02508, inflicting severe injuries but ceasing operation before D-02508’s death. D-02508 died ██ minutes later. D-02504 was unhurt, but visibly traumatized.
Notes: D-02504 was terminated after Experiment XXXX-A-1 for non-compliance. -Dr. LaRoche

Experiment Log XXXX-A-2

Date: ██-██-██

Procedure: Two D-class personnel instructed to turn on SCP-XXXX and refrain from touching it thereafter

Results: D-02540 turned key and retreated to corner of experimentation room 622F with D-02539. SCP-XXXX jolted forward 19 centimeters and turned off.

Experiment Log XXXX-A-3

Date: ██-██-██

Procedure: One D-class instructed to turn on SCP-XXXX, and to climb into driver’s seat immediately after it began to move. Another D-class instructed to wait in corner of experimentation room 622F.
Results: After D-03015 entered the driver’s seat, SCP-XXXX targeted D-03011. D-03015 successfully stayed seated in SCP-XXXX until D-03011’s death. At this point, SCP-XXXX came to an immediate halt. After some hesitation, Agent J███ ████████ opened the door to experimentation room 622F as D-03015 climbed out of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX then accelerated towards D-03015, killing him in █ seconds, then assaulting Agent ████████ before he could close the door. SCP-XXXX then went on to kill ██ researchers and security personnel and ███ D-class personnel, including D-02539 and D-02540, before [DATA EXPUNGED] and finally coming to a stop.
Notes: XXXX batted away everything we threw at it. I swear to God, they got a direct hit with a stinger, and it didn’t leave a scratch. I intend to take a short vacation whenever this thing gets experimented on, as I don’t intend to have my skull crushed by a homicidal golf cart. -Dr. LaRoche

Experiment Log XXXX-A-4

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: ███ D-class personnel instructed to turn on SCP-XXXX and attempt to stay on as long as possible, “Rodeo style.”
Results: D-class personnel attempted to remain “passengers” of SCP-XXXX after turning it on, few lasting more than a few moments before being either pulled off by other D-class personnel or thrown from their place by SCP-XXXX itself. No unexpected results.
Notes: Experiment caused the deaths of ███ D-class personnel. Dr. H███████’s Level 4 Security Clearance revoked for wasting Foundation resources. Sick bastard. -Dr. LaRoche

Experiment Log XXXX-A-5

Date: ██-██-██

Procedure: 20 D-class personnel instructed to turn on SCP-XXXX using a key from a non-anomalous golf cart of the same type.

Results: SCP-XXXX responded as before, killing 4 D-class personnel and injuring a fifth before stopping.
Notes: As with other golf carts, SCP-XXXX can be turned on (and its anomalous properties activated) with any key from a similar cart. Enforcing Special Containment Procedures on the key acquired with SCP-XXXX is therefore futile and unnecessary. On another note, SCP-XXXX appears to stop at random, its casualty rate not necessarily corresponding with the number of humans “available” to it. This unpredictability makes experimentation difficult.
-Dr. Olofson

Experiment Log XXXX-A-6

Date: ██-██-██

Procedure: SCP-XXXX turned on remotely by means of a robotic arm.
Notes: I’m glad I missed this one. Jesus, this is bad. I got back from command, jetlagged and frustrated, got out of the elevator and [REDACTED]. It was facing right towards me, covered in blood. Hell, the whole hallway was covered in blood, complete with bloody tire tracks.
We found a group of survivors down in storage, and some more scattered throughout the facility, mostly in broom closets and bathroom stalls. Apparently the demon golf cart can move through walls now, assuming the tapes haven’t been tampered with. Dr. V██████████ thinks it might be learning somehow, but I’m pretty sure it’s just toying with us. I used to enjoy golf, too.
I’m submitting a request to destroy this son of a bitch, or at least stop prodding it. This is getting out of hand.
-Dr. LaRoche