Dr S Mcneill

Verification: This test is a second attempt at a failed anti 096 headset. Dr Mcneill submitted this new design

Dr. Mcneill Personal Note #1: The original failure of the SCRAMBLE headset was direct intake of light through the objective lenses to the eye before image was blurred, obvious answer to this issue is a camera to screen connection rather than a lens to eye connection, wherein each frame is scanned and blurred before it is visible to wearer. Further testing needed.

Test #0921: D class personnel code named D-3654 (Male: Muscular physique) puts on test headset SCRMBL-1 while wearing small waist-pouch containing baton, and is instructed to walk into primary containment cell of SCP-096 facing the floor while all researchers turn away. Once D-3654 is in SCP-096's cell he verbally informs the scientists of his entry, the scientists close the door and face computer's. D-3654 activates radio and asks for instructions, primary researcher, Dr Jack Bright, tells him to activate headset and look up at SCP-096

Audio File of Test #0921:

D-3654 does so and is scared by SCP-096's looks from behind

D-3654 "What the fuck is that?" he whispers into his radio

Dr. Bright "Can you see it's face?"

D-3654 "You didn't answer my fucking question." he says, becoming distressed

Dr. Bright "You didn't answer mine."

D-3654 He sighs "No I can't see its god damn face."

Dr. Bright "Please get into a position where you can."

D-3654 does as he's told and begins mumbling under his breath

D-3654 "Oh, now your saying please, after putting me in a cell with a demon."

D-3654 sees 096's face

D-3654 "The fuck, it's just pixels."

Dr. Bright "That is not it's actual face, the headset is doing that."

D-3654 "Wait, it's standing up, why the fuck is it moving."

D-3654 begins backing towards the door

Dr. Mcneill gets up and grabs the mic from Dr. bright

Dr. Mcneill "Stay away from the door, stand your ground."

D-3654 stops

D-3654 "You want me to fight it?"

Dr. Mcneill turns off the mic and requests tracking of both entities movements based on audio

The detected movement implies D-3654 was able to stammer SCP-096 with baton several times. Further testing required.

Dr Mcneill Personal Note #2: The blurring of the image did not work, presumably because the photons that were coming in were the actual photons of SCP-096's face, just put in different positions. Possible answer (Proposed by Dr. Bright) is to not blur or scramble the image, but to simply black it out.

Addendum Dr. Mcneill takes full responsibility for this oversight, as he later realized this was already proven in Incident report 096-1-A when SCP-096 was activated by 4 pixels of it's face

Dr Mcneill Personal Note #3: The new method of scanning and blurring/blacking out each image before the wearer sees it causes severe decrease in reaction time. Secondary input needed.

BLKOUT-1 Test #3874: Class D personnel code named D-9876 (Female: Slim Physique) with BLKOUT-1 headset and waist pouch containing a baton, is instructed to face the floor and enter the containment chamber. She does so without question, and once inside verbally informs personnel, Dr. ████████ closes the door behind her. When the door closes she activates her radio.

Audio File of Test 3874: Start

D-9876 "What do I do now?"

Dr. Bright "Press the button on the side of the headgear and look up."

D-9876 does so and appears unfazed at the backside of SCP-096

D-9876 "Huh, creepy."

Dr. Bright asks Dr. Mcneill for a file on D-9876, Dr. Mcneill gestures to folder in Dr. Brights station

Dr. Bright "Holy shit."

Dr. Mcneill glared at Dr. Bright and gestures to his microphone

D-9876 "What?"

Dr. Bright "Nothing, can you see it's face."

D-9876 "No, just his back."

Dr. Bright "Good, now…"

D-9876 "What do you mean 'it'."

Dr. Bright "Please, no questions."

D-9876 "Fine… Douche."

Dr. Bright "Now get into a position where you can see it's face."

D-9876 does so and appears confused

D-9876 "Um, I still can't see it's face, it's a black square."

Dr. Bright "That's normal, but is it doing anything."

D-9876 "It's still just sitting there."

Dr. Bright "Good, please remain there and keep looking at it."

D-9876 remains there with no incident for thirty(30) minutes until her headset shows low battery symbol

D-9876 "The headset thing says low battery."

Dr. Bright "Okay, where is it in the chamber?"

D-9876 "It's facing the wall."

Dr. Bright says to open the door and D-9876 is collected for debriefing

Audio File of Test 3874: End