Dr. Cambrian's Drafts

Project Crossover: Pokefoundation
Flip the script on SCPokemon: rather than using a skip to get into the Pokeverse, I'm looking at what the foundation might look like in the pokeverse, and how you quantify the anomalous in a place full of living gears and fire-breathing anteaters. Try to fit in the fact that Uxie is straight-up an anti-meme.
A Story told through Filled-out Forms
Tell the story of an anomalous father taken away from his family and placed in a low-danger anomalous humanoid containment cell entirely through the forms filled out by and in regards to him (i.e. first letter is a warning from the foundation to come quietly, second letter logging his willing transport, third letter is a request form to be placed on leave and see his family, form letter denying the request, etc.)
Snapback to Reality
Someone mistakes AWCY for GAW when attempting to make a meme anomaly. The results aren't great.
LIDS Protocol
Document explaining the LIDS protocol for fast-moving anomalous object recovery (Locate, Intercept, Decelerate, Secure)
Roach Phone
Doomsday Ideas
RP-Class Scenario - memetic hazard causes everyone to view life as a role playing game. This becomes a big problem when Reality Benders start using their powers to make this hallucination real.
MH-Class Scenario- All of humanity falls into a perpetual deep sleep, entering into the collective Oneiroi consciousness
AR-Class Scenario- A species of animal becomes sentient and attempts violent revolution against humanity.
ES-Class Scenario- SCP-2000 won't shut off, continually producing new humans, and with no way to install memories fast enough, these new humans behave like children frightened and unaware of the world.
FQ-Class Scenario- The majority pf the earths population has converted to Maxwellism and now resides largely on the net.
KJ-Class Scenario- Kaiju- complete with laser blasts and flagrant violation the square-cube law-begin arising all over earth.
Other Ideas
"An article involving capitalism that explains the origin of the phoenix myth. The article should evoke opportunism."
ORIA finds the Holy Grail and has no clue what to do with it

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