Dr. Cambrian's Drafts

Project Crossover: Pokefoundation
Flip the script on SCPokemon: rather than using a skip to get into the Pokeverse, I'm looking at what the foundation might look like in the pokeverse, and how you quantify the anomalous in a place full of living gears and fire-breathing anteaters. Try to fit in the fact that Uxie is straight-up an anti-meme.
A Story told through Filled-out Forms
Tell the story of an anomalous father taken away from his family and placed in a low-danger anomalous humanoid containment cell entirely through the forms filled out by and in regards to him (i.e. first letter is a warning from the foundation to come quietly, second letter logging his willing transport, third letter is a request form to be placed on leave and see his family, form letter denying the request, etc.)

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