Dr Cameron Martin

scp 3153

object class Euclid:

special containment Procedures: scp 3153 is to be kept in a 30 by 30cm room. with 2 armed personnel posted out side of the containment cell at all times. personnel may not enter the containment cell without level 3 Clarence or higher.

description: scp 3153 is a humanoid male approximately 213.36 cm. in height warring a hockey mask and grey suit with a purple tie. scp 3153 is usually passive towards any of the personnel that enter it's containment cell. And usually just wants to talk with any personel who do. although scp 3153 enters a very hostile state towards anyone when a class d subject is in it's containment cell. because of this Dr.[redacted] has ordered that no class d personnel be allowed to enter scp 1353's containment cell under any circumstances. scp 3153 has shown to be very persuasive and intelligent even showing to have information about the foundation never shown or tolled to scp 3153.

[Researchers note: scp 3153's intelligence appears to increase and decrease to match the person talking to it until intelligence is needed. this theory still needs to be tested.]

the following are audio transcripts from interviews with scp 3153.

Interview 1 2007/07/09

Dr.[redacted]: what do you know about scp 001?
scp 3153: nothing that you do not know fine sir.
Dr.[redacted]: what do you know about the scp foundation?
scp 3135: I know that you keep hundreds of entities that you do not under stand. and that you have facility's all over the world and that you do not trust me.
Dr.[redacted]: what do you think about the facility?
scp 3135: I rather like it hear.
Dr.[redacted]: why is that?
scp 3135: I am not really Shure about that myself.
Dr.[redacted]: thank you for your time and information.
scp 3135: you are very welcome.

Interview 2 2007/12/15

Dr.[redacted]: why do you dislike d class personnel so much?
scp 3153 remains completely silent while staring at Dr.[redacted]
Dr.[redacted]: could you please answer the question?
scp 3135 refuses to speak for the rest of the interview and the interview is cancelled.

Interview 3 2008/03/25

Dr.[redacted]: can you remove the hockey mask?
scp 3135: no.
Dr.[redacted]: why not?
scp 3135: it is a part of me?
Dr.[redacted]: do you want to leave the foundation?
scp 3153: not at the moment.
Dr.[redacted]:what do you think about scp 294?
scp 3135: I think that if used correctly and by the right people it can be very useful.
Dr.[redacted]: thank you for your answers.
scp 3135 your welcome.