Dr. Courtney
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Item: SCP-2004-J
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2004-J is allowed to freely wander the facility but has a pen that it will go in when it is feels so, or is hungry/tired seeing that is where its food and dog bed are kept. Its diet consists of dog food and the "occasional" treat (which makes up most of its diet.) SCP-2004-J is currently kept at Site 17. Due to the sadness of SCP-2004-J violence is not be used against it.
Direct eye contact is to be avoided by any and all means necessary outside of testing purposes

Description: SCP-2004-J appears to be a Domestic Dog (Canis lupus familiaris) of the English Mastiff Breed, about 4 years old, DNA analysis has shown it to be female. Subject wears a cyan collar that has two tags on it one is a red rabies vaccination tag that was placed approx. March 20██ and the other one, an identification tag that reads "Lacey ████ ████ █████████ Indiana (260) ███-████" It displays humanoid intelligence and is capable of human speech but conducts itself a doglike demonoir. When no other humans are around Subject usually sleeps or seeks attention from anyone but prefers females for an unknown reason.

Addendum: SCP-2004-J was found near a church in a small town in █████ County, Indiana. After a wedding a man noticed her and called animal control which took the dog to the local animal shelter, there it was returned to its owner. What caught the foundation's attention was while undergoing physical exam the vet/volunteers heard stuff like "Food, Please I'm hungry" and Ow, that hurt you son of a [EXPLETIVE]."

Interviewed: SCP-2004-J
Interviewer: Dr. ███████
Begin Log 11:55 A.M.
Foreword: SCP-2004-J and Dr. ███████ are in a room playing with a rope toy
Dr. ███████: STOP IT! JUST STOP. Lacey stop before you dislocate my shoulder or break my arm or something crazy like that.
SCP-2004-J: Can I get a belly rub?
Dr. ███████: Well, beats a possible trip to the emergency room.
Dr ███████ proceeds to rub the dog's belly
End Log 12:03 P.M
Closing Statement: SCP-2004-J got the belly rub and Dr. ████████ didn't get injured.

Test A - Date: 3/16/ ████

Subject: SCP-2004-J
Procedure: Find SCP-2004-J's favorite scratching spot
Results: SCP-2004-J's favorite scratching spot is (drum roll) her back
Analysis: SCP-2004-J enjoys back scratches

Test B - Date:_ 4/14/████

Subject: SCP-2004-J
Procedure: Find out why SCP-2004-J is so sad
Results: The results for the cause of SCP-2004-J's sadness is inconclusive
Analysis: Don't make eye contact with SCP-2004-J until fur-ther notice. Found in Special Containment Procedures.

__Test C - Date: 4/20/████

Subject: SCP-2004-J
Procedure: Find out why SCP-2004-J is so sad www.scp-wiki.net/scp-420-j TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Results HAHAHA Oh God she was chasin' her tail for an hour, than she had to hurl
Analysis: never give www.scp-wiki.net/scp-420-j to SCP-2004-j she will throw up