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Item #: SCP-3320

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3320 must be held in side the confines of a heavily reinforced steel room with the highest grade 100% acoustic foam coverage within the walls of the cell. From time to time these acoustic foam pads need to be replaced due to the subjects ability to decay them. Dimensions of the cell shall be 20 X 20 X 20 feet. Ensure that all walls maintain 100% sound integrity. The cell will be under 24/7 surveillance to ensure the subject has not broken free. The subject must be chained to either back corner of his cell allowing him only 5 ft of maximum reach from the corner in which his is chained to. It is recommended that at least 2 personnel enter the cell if needed. One maintaining at least 6 ft way with a rope around his waist and the other 5-6 ft away from him holding the rope behind to ensure that the personnel can quickly be pulled away if he is to be slowly entrapped by SCP-3320. Before entering the container with SCP-3320 you must ensure full hearing protection provided by the facility specifically utilized for this subject. It is also advised that there shall be no personnel that are overly fond of any sort of orchestral music or scores that might correlate with what SCP-3320 projects. Due to it problematically making the personnel more likely to fall into the subjects musical illusion.

Description: SCP-3320 was obtained from an abandoned Auditorium located in ██████, ██████████████ days after the "Killings of Boston Symphony Orchestra" on ██████████ . It is approximately 6 feet 9 inches with a very thin figure. Although the subject portrays to be human like his skin, head and other features appears differently. The subject's skin has been examined (from a 6 foot distance when wearing proper hearing protection) to be made of a very pale and leather like texture. Not much skin shows seeing as the subject wears 1800's musical conductor attire.
SCP-3320's baton will always remain in it's hand. Personnel are not permitted to removing any article of clothing from it.

The head and face of the subject is perfectly round. It appears to have no eyes, nor any hair on it's body. It has never spoken. Since the subject cannot be directly studied scientist have done several x-rays on the subject discovering not a single bone in SCP-3320's body except for his mouth (it's █████). These scientist have come to the conclusion that the only reason the subject is still alive and functional is due to the music it plays infinitely. Where exactly and how the music is projected is unknown. The only action scientist and anyone for this matter have been able to see is that it is always portraying to orchestrate a band. Viciously moving it's hands about with it's baton as if it is in front of an audience.

The music can be very slightly heard projecting from the subject without being consumed by it. The sounds and music it projects can only be heard for a very short period of time without being subdued Regardless of how the music sounds ALL personnel are advised to resist it and move far away from the subject as quickly as possible. Once a human is caught within contact of the music without the proper hearing protection it will become what scientist call the "Musicians". The "Musicians" have been observed to slowly overtime portray a musician that is playing any sort of orchestral instrument that isn't actually there, until they have died or have become unconscious from exhaustion or dismemberment. In some very unfortunate cases personnel that did not follow the 6 feet rule of thumb had been found eating away at the chains that hold SCP-3320 in his cell. These personnel died due to blood loss from the mouth. Other cases have shown the dismemberment when personnel have been seen playing an invisible violin shortly after making very short range contact with the SCP. Even though there was no visible violin the victim was seen sawing his own arm off with the portrayed violin bow. Observed encounters of it's attacks took no longer than 20 seconds to fully subdue the victim. The victims barely have any recollection of the incident if they survive the encounter.

Through lessons learned and proper procedural practice there have been ZERO SCP-3320 accidents in █ years. Personnel go by the phrase "6 feet or dead meat". SCP-3320 was often studied because of a theory that it's "music" had the ability to heal the deaf. Deaf staff members were hired to test this theory. Using the two man integrity method the deaf staff member would approach within 5 feet away to increase effect, with proper hearing protection. After a short period of time the deaf regained hearing or heard for the first time. Personnel were supposed to be quickly pulled back out of the cell using the rope method. Although only █ out of ██ staff members had survived. It is not entirely known if the 5ft range was properly practiced. Due to the unlikeliness of success "█████████████" , as it was referred to, has been an unauthorized test since ████████.

SCP-3320 Sound Projecting Radius Guidline as stated in the ██████████████████.

W/O Hearing Protection W/ Hearing Protection
>5ft = >3 SEC >5ft = >5 SEC
5ft = 3 SEC 5ft = 5 SEC
6ft = 4 SEC 6ft = 6 SEC
7ft = 5 SEC 7ft = 7 SEC
8ft = 7 SEC 8ft = 9 SEC
10ft = 15 SEC 10ft = 20 SEC
12ft = 18 SEC 12ft = 24 SEC
15ft = 20 SEC 15ft = 28 SEC
20ft = 24 SEC 20ft = 32 SEC

Warning Note: There is no guarantee this chart will be entirely accurate for every individual that comes into unsafe contact with SCP-3320. Separate yourself from it by utilizing barriers such as walls and doors!

Unsafe contact: Unsafe contact with SCP-3320 is defined as any point in time in which the SCP has escaped it's cell or has broken free of it's sound barrier padding within the cell.


If any orchestral themed music is heard playing in the facility quickly relay possible SCP-3320 cell breach!

Entering the cell of SCP-3320 is only authorized for interior repairs!

6 Feet Rule only applies to personnel dawning the proper hearing protection.

If any personnel are being subdued by SCP-3320 immediately follow "SCP-3320 Victim Retrieval Guide".

"█████████████" Theory is not an authorized practice!

If any reports of SCP-3320's escape have been relayed, immediately locate hearing protection breakout lockers located throughout the floor.

Personnel are also advised to cover their ear's by any means if they are to come into unsafe contact with SCP-3320.