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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored at Site-███'s hangar when not undergoing testing. Maintenance is to be conducted on SCP-XXXX on a bi-weekly basis and repairs are to be carried out on SCP-XXXX following the conclusion of any tests. Testing is to be done Any modifications to SCP-XXXX must be reviewed by Doctor ███████. SCP-XXXX is not to undergo any modifications. (See Incident Log SCP-XXXX-A

Description: SCP-XXXX is a French Nieuport 11 single seat fighter aircraft of unremarkable make and model manufactured in ████. SCP-XXXX saw active service in the First World War, but it's anomalous properties did not manifest until it's restoration by Simon ██████ (See recovery log below for details).
SCP-XXXX's anomalous property manifests when it attains a speed in excess of ██km/h. SCP-XXXX must be in operation by a pilot for the anomalous property activate.

Upon attaining this speed, SCP-XXXX will immediately disappear from sight. All tracking and recording devices placed on the aircraft or pilot immediately cease to function. After a variable amount of time1. SCP-XXXX will reappear ███ meters away from its initial vanishing point. The distance between disappearance and reappearance does not vary. In all recorded tests, SCP-XXXX has reappeared in a state of critical damage that results in crash landing upon reappearance.. (See Incident Log SCP-XXXX-A). Forensic examination of damage has revealed that damage sustained by SCP-XXXX in all disappearances match the profile of 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridges. Upon the conclusion of every test, the pilot has expired either immediately or shortly after the conclusion of the flight due to gunshot wounds sustained to the torso and head. (See Addendum SCP-XXXX-A)
SCP-XXXX was brought to the Foundation's attention after reports of an usual death during the ██████ Aviation Show in ██████, United States. Interviews and reports recovered written by Simon ██████, responsible for SCP-XXXX's restoration, reveal he was unaware of SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties, and was presumably killed upon it's first activation.