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Item #: SCP-2108

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2108 is to be kept closed in a small room at Site-28 monitored by camera, accessible only by Level-2 or above personnel. All staff must undergo proper psychological testing before handling, experimenting, or viewing SCP-2108. Should any personnel read the book or exhibit the psychological symptoms of those who have within 24 hours after reading, they are to be administered Class-B amnestics. In the unlikely scenario 24 hours have already passed since one's reading of the book or manifestation of related symptoms, they are to be terminated immediately.

SCP-2108 is an orange book sizing 2.8 centimeters by 21.6 centimeters by 11.9 centimeters. Upon its cover is the title Of Nirvana, with the author being given as █████ ███1.

The content of the book varies depending on the viewer, with different text for each reader. For a single reader, the text is always the same. (See Addendum 2108-1.) The memetic content of SCP-2108 always brings upon readers a psychological effect where they no longer express any desire for anything. Such effect includes no longer caring to eat, no longer caring for the fate of humanity or any specific human in particular, and a complete state of bliss. At the beginning of the book, subjects show no signs of this psychological impact. The further subjects progress through the book, the more severe the effects get. Such effects can be counteracted within a 24-hour period using amnesiacs, but after 24 hours have elapsed the effect is permanent. The contents of SCP-2108 are unknown due to the fact that all readers of the book refuse to share. All imagery of the books contents reveal incoherent, illegible symbols.

SCP-2108, near the end of the book, always contains a paragraph detailing the reader's “last words” without any given context for such words. These last words are always correct. It is unknown if SCP-2108 manages to predict such last words, or if it simply defines them for the future. However, should a reader say their last words before they actually are close to death, an unseen entity or force (dubbed SCP-2108-1) kills the reader various ways. SCP-2108-1 will cause no damage to any surrounding people, and is observed to kill its victims swiftly, with all victims dying within 132 ms of speaking their last words.

SCP-2108 was found in an apartment studio with the address Apartment █, ███ ██th Street, Manhattan, NY, 100██, after a local woman reported a gunshot coming from the apartment. It had a sticky-note attached to it. The sticky-note reads:

I'm not fucking Buddhist. I read this not as a way to “achieve Nirvana,” but as a way to understand what we mean. What we strive for. This is what we want. I know you Foundation idiots are going to find this and lock it up, but for those of you who do read it, please, don't ignore what you feel. This is what we feel. I hope you understand.

Investigation surrounding the apartment is still ongoing, as the studio was reported to be unoccupied. (See Addendum 2108-A.)

Addendum 2108-A:

Addendum 2108-B:

Addendum 2108-C: Upon further examination, it appears that the text seems to have minute variation upon each time a reader reads it. This is theorized to be because of small changes in one's persona over time, but is still uncertain.