First Draft of New SCP, Criticism Requested.

SCP-####: The teleporting totems
Object class: Euclid
Containment procedures:
If an instance of SCP-#### is discovered, the immediate 750 Meters must be evacuated and quarantined until the other instance is discovered and they are all contained.
All instances of SCP-#### must each be kept in a 10 meter by 10 meter Block of ballistics gelatin. This is to ensure as little disturbance of SCP-#### as possible. They are also to be kept at least 100 Meters apart from each other to ensure that if one Explodes, they do not trigger any others to explode as well.
SCP-####s are .6 Meter tall totems. These totems appear metallic gray and mostly without markings, with exception to the picture on their head. The pictures on the top indicate some form of Aftermath that will take place if one explodes. The pictures, their colors, the number that the facility currently has, and their Predicted effects on the Aftermath are stated below, If not tested.
• Fire – Red - 2 – Immolation (Tested; See Incident 1)
• Earth – Red - 4 - Tremors
• Water – Blue - 2 – Flooding (Tested)
• Lighting – Blue - 3 - Electrical storm (Tested)
• Sun – Red - 4 - Drought
• Tree – Green - 17 - Restoration of nature (Tested)
• Moon – Blue – 4 – Darkness (Tested)
• Star – Blue – 1 – Meteor Shower (Tested)
• Explosion – Green – 2 – Deafening sound that travels up to 50 meters away, then stops (Tested)
The Colors on the top of the totems seems to indicate how long the effect of the aftermath will last. Green seems to be instant, Blue seems to last a day, and red appears to last for years (though no tests have been done on them.)
The Initial explosion Radius is typically only 5-10 meters, but increases exponentially to 65-70 meters if another is in the Explosion Area. This seems to have no effect on the Amount of time the aftermath remains. So far, no approved test has had more than two, for fear of the size of the resulting explosion.
There have also been no tests on the effects of different totems exploding together, though Tests are currently under Approval.
SCP-####s appear in groups of 2-6 in an area of about 100 meters to each-other at seemingly random intervals, though areas about to receive these totems have a huge flux in Air pressure, so the facility has managed to successfully almost all totems without incident.

Incident 1:
The exceptional Danger of these totems was Fully understood when, in ██/ ██/1971, during a failed extraction, two exploded in a Turkmenistan gas mine, killing 21 members of the Echo-12 Mobile Task Force, creating a huge crater, and leaving the area immolated to this day. It has since been covered up as a mine that simply has tons of Flammable Gasses stored up, and has been nicknamed “the gateway to hell”.