SCP-1234 "Oscar"
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Family photo of SCP-1234, prior to anomalous properties.

Item #: SCP-1234

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1234-1 is to be held within Storage Locker ██-1234. By containing SCP-1234-1, SCP-1234's movements are restricted to Site-██. While SCP-1234 requires no sustenance, food may be given for good behavior.

Description: SCP-1234 resembles a black, longhaired dachshund; specifically, "Oscar" who once belonged to the C████████ family. SCP-1234 is an intangible entity that can materialize in proximity to SCP-1234-1. SCP-1234's behavior and intelligence is typical of a trained canine, and shows a docile disposition. While it wears a red, hawaiian-themed collar, its head is not connected to its body, and merely appears to hover in place.



SCP-1234-1 is a wooden box carrying the ashes of SCP-1234. Barring its connections to SCP-1234, SCP-1234-1 has no other anomalous properties. SCP-1234 follows anyone who carries SCP-1234-1, but if SCP-1234-1 is left in one place, SCP-1234-1 will begin to roam the area.

Addendum-1234-1: SCP-1234 was found after a break-in was reported at the [REDACTED] Animal Clinic. The head of SCP-1234 was sawed off and stolen, and remains missing. After the C████████ family was notified, they went ahead with the cremation. SCP-1234 began to manifest soon after. Once SCP-1234-1 arrived, Mr. and Mrs. C████████ reported several objects missing, and called for an investigation.

Investigation of the C████████ residence uncovered a collection of objects relating to SCP-1234 in their backyard. These objects include SCP-1234-1, a stuffed rabbit, a jar of dog biscuits, a photo album [see Addendum-1234-2], and two bags of chicken jerky.