Dr. Floginhiwen's research

Class: Keter

It seems that are most recent researcher has developed a way to make things happen with things that have never come in contact with an scp.

We are adding Dr. Floginhiwen's research this is because that when he tested it with out any of our knowledge that he was researching and testing it on him self. Dr. Floginhiwen he him self is SCP-XXXX he was at the safe class first and we were going to deliver his food he was not in the room we expected him to be in he was in his lab doing more research so we decided to make his lab his cell he continued to do the same research but then SCP-XXXXbegan to violently thrash and destroy 3 gallons worth of the SCP creation serum. We then moved him back to his SCP containment cell. We started to deliver the research materials to his cell and every one of the scientists that were delivering the materials went missing. We thought one of the other SCP's got out then we went to check on SCP-XXXX's cell was covered in blood.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid creature With unnaturally long arms and legs, and a rather short torso. SCP-XXXXappears to have no skin or flesh except for his face, which is covered by a WWII style gas mask. SCP-XXXX Has small amounts of hair growing from the top of his head, but does not appear to be human. SCP-XXXX has black eyes when dormant or searching for a victim, and white eyes with small black pupils during and a short while after consumption. SCP-XXXX's jaw is attached to his head by only a few muscle strands, but he still is able to consume victims effortlessly. SCP-XXXX's teeth are extremely sharp, almost to the point where they seem like fangs. it is advised that foundation personnel not make direct eye contact with SCP-XXXX, as this appears to anger him greatly. SCP-XXXX was captured by foundation personnel in Moscow, Russia, but there have been sightings in many other major cities. His laboratory was found in the woodland of Canada.SCP-XXXX prefers to feed on small animals and weak humans, but will fight to kill of necessary. When hunting prey, SCP-XXXX will take form of a dying burn victim, typically with 3rd degree burns on large portions of its face and body. While being "aided", SCP-XXXX will inject the victim with a serum that will turn the victim limp, but the victim will keep its senses. SCP-XXXX does not muffle the screams of its victims, often drawing attention to nearby people. If they come within range, they will fall limp and become victim to SCP-XXXX. This often leads to mass disappearances. It is recommended that only level 4 personnel make contact while accompanied by a level 5 personnel. Anyone making contact with SCP-XXXX is required to have highly potent anesthesia at all times, but do not show or use unless necessary. It is also recommended to bring a small animal into the cell to keep SCP-XXXX from consuming personell. SCP-XXXX is capable of speaking many ancient languages, and languages not yet known to mankind. Only the doctor is permitted to speak with and interview SCP-XXXX. Any personell that break this rule will be terminated.