Dr Freeland

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures:

SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a heavily armored cell and is to be fed three meals a day by a D-class personnel through a port in the door to the containment cell.
SCP-xxxx mostly eats normal food eaten by humans.
SCP-xxxx's cell is equipped with a lavatory and a bed.
SCP-xxxx is to have exactly one hour of recreational time to decrease stress.
If SCP-xxxx is to breach containment, class 2 guards are to be deployed in the vicinity of the containment area. guards are to be stationed 4 hours at a time taking shifts, guards are able to answer questions that SCP-xxxx gives them unless it is personal. SCP-xxxx is however NOT able to ask to talk to doctor Bright, what happened last time was ridiculous.


SCP-xxxx is a humanoid figure approximately 175.5 cm tall and has black hair, SCP-xxxx has the ability to summon a set of armor and a sword, it is mostly unknown why SCP-xxxx is able to do this except to protect it's "body". SCP-xxxx is most of the time friendly or passive aggressive to most personnel. SCP-xxxx mostly asks the guards stationed outside the door random questions, these questions range from "What's it like guarding the facility?" to, [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-xxxx is highly unpredictable it will sometimes form it's crystalline armor and sword and will attack the door, it is assumed that this is an attempt at escape. The attacks that SCP-xxxx deals to the door is severe, the door will have dents and multiple large cracks that are 7-8 inches.
Tests with multiple class-d personnel reveled that SCP-xxxx has a sense of mercy, it will not harm any of the test subjects unless the subjects attack SCP-xxxx or if the subjects have done something awful in their past. Researchers have tried provoking or convincing SCP-xxxx to kill the subjects, one way was to tell SCP-xxxx that the subjects have committed horrible acts to innocent people (of which most test subjects for SCP-xxxx did commit some sort of terrible act, see addendum for more). SCP-xxxx will ask the subject what they have done to be in the facility, subjects are granted to tell SCP-xxxx what they have done. Depending on what they have done to innocents, SCP-xxxx will either try to tell the subject that change may be possible OR telling them that what they have done is unforgivable and will terminate the subject with the crystalline sword(most of the previous tests have resulted in the second option to be the most common).


SCP-xxxx has been interviewed several times (mostly) by Dr. Freeland but some other doctors requested to interview SCP-xxxx.
The interviews had no success to reveal how SCP-xxxx obtained these properties or where SCP-xxxx originated from.
05 command refuses to let another interview occur without ground breaking discoveries on SCP-xxxx.

Addendum 2/update:

Subject 1: Mass homicide

Subject 2: Child pornography

Subject 3: Arson

05 command has reopened the ability to test and interview SCP-xxxx

SCP-xxxx told interviewers that "I see those who have done treacherous deeds unredeemable to live and should be dispatched to hell, so they may never have the chance to do what they've done again".
Interviewers told SCP-xxxx about the current justice system, SCP-xxxx replied, "locking them up in a prison does not mean that they are incapable of finding new ways to kill a prisoner perhaps a guard or raping again. It's best to be rid of them forever."