Dr Golden

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid/Possible Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX cannot be contained due to its status of being a multi-stellar object, and has been made a special observatory dedicated to communicating and observing SCP-XXXX at Lunar Area-68. Scientific Unit 0956 has been stationed at Lunar Area-68 to observe and communicate with SCP-XXXX on a 24-hour basis. Personnel communicating with SCP-XXXX should be cycled every month to keep SCP-XXXX interested. Should any abnormal or aggressive behavior occur from SCP-XXXX, it should be immediately reported to Project Directors Dr. Golden and/or Dr. Diamond.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a constellation located in The Horsehead nebula. It was discovered on ██/██/████ when Dr. Golden and Dr. Diamond were scanning the sky for radio waves from Site-██ when they were assigned with checking on SCP 1548. The constellation is made out of regular M-Class stars, also known as red dwarf stars, surrounding a pulsar. This is why an observatory was made at Lunar Area-68 and not at anywhere else. They regularly and freely move around the pulsar, most commonly resting in a position similar to that of a newt. However, if it is in a radio-wave conversation with someone, it will rest in a position related to the topic of conversation.

SCP-XXXX can, in fact, communicate with others using radio waves pulsated by the center pulsar. SCP-XXXX will most likely communicate in a friendly way towards others and will always try to see the good in bad situations. If not talked to for 24 hours or more, SCP-XXXX will act distressed the next time talked to, as SCP-XXXX will believe that you (the person in contact with SCP-XXXX) were in a state of distress. If SCP-XXXX gets distressed, the frequency of its radio waves will increase over a period of █ weeks to the point that the waves will become gamma waves, possibly causing [DATA REDACTED].

Chat Logs:

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Golden (Assisted by Dr. Diamond)

Foreword: This interview details the first encounter the Project Directors had with SCP-XXXX.

<[Begin Log]>

Dr Golden: SCP 1548? Can you hear me? Hel-

SCP-XXXX: Have I finally reached you? Hello? Don't know who this 1548 guy is but…

Dr Golden: Holy [EXPLETIVE]… Diamond, I need you to get me a live feed on the coordinates of these radio waves now!

Dr. Diamond: Sure thing! But these aren't the coordinates of 1548…
Dr. Golden: Now as for you, identify yourself immediately!
SCP-XXXX: No need to swear, man! Anyway, I don't really have an identity but you can call me [REDACTED].
Dr. Golden: So, [REDACTED], can you tell me more about yourself?
SCP-XXXX: Well, I live in a very dusty place along with my neighbors. Who can't talk…

Dr. Golden: So you're unique? Interesting. And by the way, according to the live feed of you Dr. Diamond is giving me, you live in what we call the Horsehead Nebula.
Dr. Diamond: And according to this live feed, you have other stars orbiting around you. They seem to be moving around you extremely rapidly. Also, you seem to like resting in the position of a newt. Is there a reasoning behind this?
SCP-XXXX: Most definitely! I've seen images of your planet's creatures before through a little bit of hacking, sorry about that, and I found the newt the most interesting.
Dr. Golden: How can you hack with just radio waves?
SCP-XXXX: Well, you see, I can alter the frequency of my waves either at will or when I get stressed. I managed to enter a large digital network that many of you call 'The Internet' and look through your vocabulary, your images, your seemingly 'social' networks and your video platforms.
Dr. Golden: Hold on. Who exactly did you hack into our social media and on what platform?

SCP-XXXX: Um, I believe I have hacked into yours, doc, or should I say [REDACTED].
Dr. Golden: Well, I guess I can excuse your because it was in the name of investigation. Please don't do that again. Also, refer to me as Dr. Golden from now on.
SCP-XXXX: So sorry about that. Now if you excuse me, I need to take a rest.
<[End Log]>

Closing Statement: After SCP-XXXX disconnected, Dr. Golden and Dr. Diamond immediately reported their findings to the overseer at the time and were appointed Project Directors of Project Codename: Nebula. Both of them, along with Scientific Unit 0956 were sent to Lunar Area-68 and are now continuing research on SCP-XXXX.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX has been seen to make strong bonds with certain communicators, especially the Project Directors Dr. Golden and Dr. Diamond. These 'friends' are permitted to talk to SCP-XXXX for an extra month, or until SCP-XXXX is visibly bored. If you wish to join Project Codename: Nebula you must be at a minimum a researcher and get approval from one of the Project Directors and/or a Site Director. O5 council members are scheduled to check on the project every five (5) years and have a speech with SCP-XXXX. The contents of this speech are classified and/or unknown by anyone other than the Project Directors.

Note from Dr. Golden: That guy, SCP-XXXX, is actually pretty nice. Helped me quit smoking. I reccomend getting him hired as a therapist.