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Manifestation of SCP-XXXX on SCP-████'s containment panel


Screenshot of anomalous launcher (screened for cognitohazards: clean)


Object class: Euclid Keter

Special containment procedures: Analog hosts of SCP-XXXX instances are to be immediately disconnected from their respective networks and disassembled. As of X/XX/XXXX, all Foundation terminals and control panels are to be color coded and organized on a grid pattern. In addition, all staff have been required to take memory and consistency improvement courses provided by each site’s respective Learning Resource Officer. Special attention is to be given to all heavy containment sites to ensure ongoing containment. All personnel with access to any Foundation computer terminal are to given special anticognitohazard training by each site's respective Cognitohazard/Memetics department per O5 regulation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous input that often manifests on any electronic device within Foundation custody. Upon activation, instances of SCP-XXXX contribute in some signicant way to a containment breach for Euclid and Keter class deemed powerful items. Analog instances of SCP-XXXX have no cognitohazardous properties, but manifest with colors and themes that coincide with nonanomalous counterparts. Instances will also only manifest when not seen by any outside source. Activation of SCP-XXXX almost always results in deactivation of containment protocols for its device’s respective SCP.

Digital manifestations of SCP-XXXX are significantly more advanced than their analog counterparts. In addition to being undetectable, digital manifestations show evidence of mild cognitohazardous effects when present; drawing each computer's respective operator to activate the instance. This effect is not forceful and will not cause distress in subjects, but simply causes subconscious desire to activate the manifestation.

Addendum 4.25.15: "As of 3/24/15, SCP-XXXX is no longer limit to physical medium and can manifest on digital media such as computers and mobile phones. It's subtle. It won't make you click it, and it won't freak you out when you don't get the opportunity to click it; it simply makes you think you're opening whatever you want to open. Whether or not this is a valid or even detectable hazard is still being researched." -Dr. Williams

Document XXXX-Log3

Item: SCP-3056
Object class: Euclid
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested as a button labled "Breew (sic)" on Site-234's break room coffee machine. Upon activation by Security Officer L███, SCP-3056's containment locker entered decompression and allowed SCP-3056 to enter local ventilation systems. Standard biohazard containment measures were taken and no casualties occurred.

Item: SCP-1801
Object class: Keter
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested as a small blue toggle switch with a 3cm label with the word "CYCLE" directly below it. Manifestation did not account for color-coded control panel and was reported to Area-14 command. Affected control panel was deconstructed and incinerated.

Item: SCP-2950
Object class: Safe
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested as a floppy disk eject button on Terminal 42 in Site-██ (it is to be noted that this particular computer had no floppy drive.) Upon activation, SCP-2950's chamber was unlocked.
Addendum: "This seems to be the only exception to our theories on this thing. Why did it target a chair?" -Dr. Stowe

Item: SCP-343
Object class: Safe
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested as a light switch inside a Site-17 broom closet (it is to be noted that this particular closet has no light.) SCP-XXXX was activated by Janitor ████ and proceeded to open the door to SCP-343's quarters.

Item: SCP-2317
Object class: Safe

Item: SCP-1286
Object class: Keter
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested as an "ENTER" key on the keypad of the door to SCP-1286's chambers (particular lock automatically opens after correct code has been keyed.) Agent K████ activated SCP-XXXX during routine inspection, causing air raid sirens to play through the wall-mounted speakers. SCP-1286 showed great distress and began to rock back and forth before containment was reestablished.
Notes: It is unknown whether this proves SCP-1286 to be a functioning explosive or simply a tool in inspiring fear; I suppose that's power in itself. Containment procedures for 1286 unchanged, and on-site personnel retrained. -Dr. Stowe

Item: SCP-2774
Object class: Keter
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested on Junior Researcher P██████'s personal terminal as a false SCIPnet launcher. Upon activation, SCP-2774's uncensored image was broadcast across Site-██ for 30 seconds. All personnel using electronic media were affected. 87% of affected personnel requested termination and were granted.

Item: SCP-2316
Object class: Keter
Summary: SCP-XXXX manifested as an icon resembling Microsoft Notepad pinned to the OS taskbar. Upon investigation, Dr. A██ Can't you h[DATA EXPUNGED]

Identity confirmed. Access final iteration?

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2009 Honda civic that bypasses traffic by going through another dimension- Thamiel with Keter twist?

Jonah idea- speak to God? Cell phone. Appear 80 years later

Invincible policecar with no driver that chases down criminals regardless of vehicle state- credit to Bailey

idea- time traveling society that keeps trying to kill humanity through the past- use reality anchor to not go extinct


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