Me Too! (Dr. Hagemeister)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX


The logo used for SCP-XXXX, 'Me2!' No higher resolution is available.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept on a high capacity, high speed Solid State Drive, in a locked lab in Research Sector-8, Site-73. SCP-XXXX should not be allowed to connect to the internet, and requires Level 3 Clearance to interact with. Due to the current state of SCP-XXXX, the involvement of Dr. Hagemeister, and the dangerous nature of current research, contact is to be made with Dr. Hagemeister's supervisor, Dr. ██████, for inquiries relating to the use, by other personnel, of SCP-XXXX. Any unauthorised use or contact with SCP-XXXX is extremely detrimental to research, and will be dealt with with severely.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 8.3GB computer program called 'Me2!'. When the installer is run on a capable computer with a compatible Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (ME-present), Mac OS (Snow Leopard-present), UNIX (1999-present), and Linux (distros from 2003-present), it will display the message:

Hey! You're running the installer for Me2!, the latest greatest program from WoahDude Products! This Operating System is compatible with the program, so you can just sit back and relax, while the wizard works it's magic!

The program will then take from twenty seconds to three hours to install, depending on the hardware capabilities of the computer.

If the installer is run on an incompatible (old or other) operating system, the installer will still execute. However, the message displayed will be different:

Uh-oh! It looks like you're running the installer for Me2!, the latest greatest program from WoahDude Products, on an incompatible Operating System! But, do not fear: the installer can run anyway! To allow the program to install correctly, the wizard is going to do some remodelling! Sit back, and relax!

Following this, the installer will make alterations to/delete files critical for the Operating System's normal function, and may create additional files. This process, which reliably takes two hours, eighteen minutes and twenty-seven seconds, regardless of hardware capabilities, is followed by the standard installation process. The means by which it adapts the otherwise incompatible Operating Systems to fit it's needs is unknown. The Operating System may permanently lose all other function after the installation, and personal files may be corrupted or missing.

Following the installation, SCP-XXXX will launch, and take roughly ten to thirty minutes to set up. Following this, a status window will be displayed:

Welcome to Me2! The latest greatest program from WoahDude Products! Currently, your template is empty. To start filling out your template, click here. To quit the program, click here. Have Fun!

If the program is quit, the computer will crash, and will not function following this. If the program is allowed to run, a small window with no controls or buttons will appear in the upper right hand corner of the computer's desktop. It will monitor (through unknown means) and list the ratio of all hormones in the body of the user of the computer, the exact IQ, and numerous other factors regarding the user's mind and mental health. After roughly a month of running, assuming almost daily use of the computer by the same user, SCP-XXXX's window will turn bright green, and the following popup message will be displayed:

The template has been filled. Would you like to render now or later?

If the 'later' option is chosen, the popup will reappear five minutes later. If the 'now' option is chosen, the program will ask for a render name and file location to be entered, and will prompt the user to select the render quality. Options, from lowest to highest quality, are:

Quality Name In-program Description Size of Render
Rough Knowledge of life and related people will be present. Basic textual feedback. 20-25GB
Passable As above, with additional emotions: positive, negative, pensive, tired. Full textual feedback. 50-75GB
Good As above, with additional emotions: fear, bravery, anger, calm, lust, hate, greed, humbleness, excitement, boredom, joy, despair, hope, depression. Full textual, basic pictorial feedback. 1220-340GB
Very Good As above, with all additional emotions, and full textual, full pictorial, basic vocal, feedback. 700-900GB
Excellent (Lifelike) As above, with full feedback, including video, audio, vocal, textual, and pictorial feedback. 1-2.5TB

Once the user has prompted the computer to begin rendering, it will seemingly shut down, and may not be rebooted for the next ten days.

It has been discovered that these 'renders' are in fact computerised copies of the user's mind, with varying levels of resemblance to humanity, dependant on the render quality selected.

After the rendering period has elapsed, the computer will automatically reboot into an OS similar to DOS, but with the ability to accept, display and play all modern media formats, and connect to the internet. Upon startup, SCP-XXXX's logo will appear on the screen, along with several options:

What would you like to do?
1. Select a render to play
2. Select a render to delete
3. Select a render to modify
4. Select a render to upload
5. Quit

Upon choosing options 1, 2, or 3, the user is presented with a series of names, times, and information about the user encoded within each render.

When a render is played, the user encoded within each render will act (through feedback onscreen) as if they have have just woken from deep sleep. Renders of lower qualities will output text in place of speech, while higher quality renders can provide audio mimicry of the copied person's voice, some even including crude video feedback, in the form of basic 3D models of the person's face, responding with facial expressions and movement in sync with audio. Most renders are unaware that they are computerised replicas of real people, and often experience mental trauma upon the realisation.

When a render is deleted, an extremely lifelike scream resembling that of the deleted render is heard. Digital, pixelation representations of blood will remain printed to the screen for the next week, although they gradually fade over the duration of the aforementioned period.


A Standard Personality Chart.

When a render is selected to be modified, the user will be presented with a series of characteristics. These correlate to the traits described by a Standard Personality Chart.

Each trait can be set to an intensity ranging from 1-10 by using the command:


The command:

Is used to save and exit the modification subprogram. The alterations to personality made will be reflected by the affected render.

Option 4 will 'upload' the chosen render into the mind of the human nearest to the computer, completely and almost irreversibly overwriting the original consciousness of that human. Under heavy hypnotism, subjects have been shown to recall minor details of their original consciousness, though these seem to fade over time. As of the date of acquisition, it has been forbidden to use SCP-XXXX to create alternate, lenient versions of prisoners for ease of interrogation.

Addendum: The Excellent and Very Good renders of Dr. Hagemeister have requested and been granted termination. The Passable and Good renders of Dr. Hagemeister suffered rendering errors, displaying psychopathic behaviour. They were quickly terminated. The Rough render of Dr. Hagemeister is ██████ following event SCP-XXXX-04 at ██:██:██ on the date ██/██/████