Dr Hale on Psilocybin animeridiem
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SCP-3306 cluster note the lack of distinctive glow

Item #: SCP-3306

Object Class: SAFE

Special Containment Procedures: Destruction of uncontrolled clusters or gardens of SCP-3306 should be carried out through the use of fungicides followed by incineration of any remaining biological material. The level B hazmat suit is recommended though Level C hazmat will suffice provided the subject undergoes immediate decontamination to remove any spores or fungal matter. Individuals who have symptoms of long-term exposure to SCP-3306 should be confined for a period of one month before being given Type C Memory analgesics.

Samples kept for study should be stored in a hermetically sealed room kept at between 20 to 45 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity higher then 40% to promote growth and spread of SCP-3306 within an environment. Additional nutrients should be added to the room remotely to prevent overexposure to SCP-3306 visually. Staff directly Handling SCP-3306 should utilize night vision goggles to avoid the impacts of viewing SCP-3306 with the naked eye.

Test subjects exposed to SCP-3306 should be kept isolated from one another and any material related to SCP-3306a is to be secured immediately and any witnesses are to undergo low-level memory alterations. Any such materials may only be accessed by someone with level 4 or higher clearance this also extends to any interview recordings.

Description: SCP-3306 (also known as Psilocybin animeridiem) appears to be a fungus belonging to the psilocybin mushroom family often found to be growing in areas of high [REDACTED] Contamination. Small clusters of SCP-3306 can also be found in urban areas, these clusters are usually being tended to by long-term exposure victims. SCP-3306 Exhibits a number of unique properties that distinguish it from other known members of the genus these are as follows.

When observed with the naked eye SCP-3306 appears to emit a blue glow. How it accomplishes this glow is unknown, as the effect does not appear when a sample is observed remotely such as with a photo or video recording.The light appears to have a hypnotic effect on those who view it, those observing it over a period of time will enter a fugue state during which they will be compelled to consume SCP-3306. They will then begin experiencing the effects of consumption. If unable to consume a sample of SCP-3306 the subject will remain in this state indefinitely, they will not act violently though will at all times attempt to gain access to the mushrooms eventually dying of thirst or starvation. Upon exiting the state subjects will remember nothing during the time until the state ended. Viewing SCP-3306 from a recording or other indirect methods of viewing does not result in this effect.

Upon consuming any part of SCP-3306, the subject will experience a state best described as hyper-awareness, subjects describe this experience as being, "Like everything until now was a dream".MRI scans show massive increases in brain activity in all areas of the brain while under the effects on SCP-3306. This results in an astounding increase in problem-solving and recollection with anything learned during this time being retained indefinitely, in addition to reflex, sight, smell, touch, and even taste. The effect lasts for a period of around 4 hours before fading over 30 minutes after which the subject will express a desire to do it again but will not demonstrate signs of a physical addiction. On repeated consumption of SCP-3306 subjects will begin to find themselves becoming more obsessed with SCP-330 eventually descending into a manic paranoid state obsessed with the spread and cultivation of SCP-3306. This effect is believed to be caused by a build-up of an inorganic compound in the brain known as SCP-3306a. Which when treated early can be flushed from the system by a simple detox regime. If left to long the brain can become dependant on SCP-3306a to continue function with it becoming a critical component in the transfer of electrical charge between neurons and eventually completely replacing large sections of the brain and nervous system entirely. This has been found to have no additional adverse effects other than those already listed above. This process seemingly can be avoided by extracting and reducing the concentration while combined with slow release capsules. As well as requiring staff to have their doses properly observed.

Addendum Dr Hale: I have made my apprehensions on utilizing SCP-3306 extract as a performance-enhancing drug for foundation staff well known on several occasions. We simply do not know enough about SCP-3306 but even beyond that this all seems far too convenient. There are no historical mentions of SCP-3306 and having something so utterly perfect just fall into our laps like that out of nowhere. Especially in areas we are already likely to check screams trap. There are simply far too many questions being left unanswered in the rush to make use of this supposed wonder substance and as always I would advise caution before moving on this.