Dr Half
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Item #: SCP-1265

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1265 is to be stored in a sealed 2M x 1M x 1M Perspex tank that is to be filled and regularly replenished with an organic slurry suitable for human consumption. This tank will be contained within a standard room with two armed guards outside.

Description: SCP-1265 appears to be an average human’s full body epidermis with holes cut out for the eyes, mouth and genital area and an additional 1 metre slit in the back. Genetic testing has revealed the epidermis to be human in origin, although further details are confusing due to the contradicting evidence that each individual cell would appear to be from a different, reported missing, person from [REDACTED].

SCP-1265’s anomalous effects occur when a human enters the epidermis and ‘wears’ it. As expected the epidermis is relatively stretchy and can accommodate next to all human body shapes places within it, with the exception of D-1903, a morbidly obese personnel member, who when attempting to enter SCP-1265, noticed that[REDACTED]. D-1903 was imminently terminated to avoid harm to SCP-1265. After approximately one minute, SCP-1265 will begin to bond with the wearer by exuding an acidic anaesthetic to dissolve part of the wearer’s skin and injecting nervous tissue directly into the wearer’s own central nervous system. This process only takes a mere few minutes depending on the size of the wearer and will render the wearer entirely in control of SCP-1265.

SCP-1265’s effects begin immediately after bonding with a human, who will now be designated as SCP-1265-1. The symbiotic entity seems to generate a telepathic field to any sentient beings that creates an illusion that SCP-1265-1 is a non-specific figure of close and personal importance or in a position of relative authority. This illusion is not 100% effective on any subject that encounters SCP-1265-1, testing has revealed that sociopaths will not recognise the entity or any authority it purports to have, fanatics of any religious or secular belief are able to disobey orders given and are prone to physically attacking SCP-1265-1 if they claim to be an authoritative figure. SCP-148, ‘Telekill’ alloy has also shown to block the effect of SCP-1265 and plans to neutralise the telepathic effect by tattooing the alloy into the epidermis are in approval by OS-5.

Despite these current exceptions, the majority of sentient beings will allow SCP-1265-1 free action within the confines of the situation. Testing in [DATA EXPUNGED] Hospital in the UK has shown that SCP-1265-1 was perceived to be a surgeon and was allowed to operate on a patient that had experienced acute renal failure. Wearing SCP-1265 confers no knowledge at all and so the wearer at the time, D-4595 ended up [REDACTED]. D-4595 was immediately extracted and terminated. Fortunately, this test allowed researchers to observe the effects of SCP-1265, when SCP-1265-1 is perceived to be in a position of power and then fails to uphold the illusion through the wearer’s speech and actions. After the operation, several attending nurses and doctors were interviewed on SCP-1265-1. These interviews revealed that during the operation they saw nothing wrong with D-4595’s conduct and that it was ‘a shame’ that the patient mysteriously expired on the table. When pushed, both verbally, hypnotically and through approved SCP interrogation techniques, the attending staff could not remember who they thought SCP-1265-1 was, only that they ‘knew they could trust [him/her]’. Interestingly, every account of the physical attributes of SCP-1265-1 was different, bolstering the theory that SCP-1265 is telepathic.

Continued use of SCP-1265 leads to massive psychological trauma and potential death to the wearer. After approximately a month of continuous or near continuous use, SCP-1265-1 will exhibit one of two severe mental disorders. The first and most likely is that SCP-1265-1 in 90% of recorded cases will show signs of extreme retrograde amnesia eventually leading to a full loss of former personality. At this time, the damage is permanent and removing SCP-1265 has no effect. Wearers suffering from this effect will lose all sense of self-preservation and motivation will tend to die of thirst if not put on IV food and water. In the remaining 10% of cases, SCP-1265-1 will still suffer from severe retrograde amnesia and a loss of personality but will retain basic animal desires and will use SCP-1265 to obtain and satisfy these urges. This can lead to a local cult of personality being formed as local residents are ensnared within the illusion and serve SCP-1265-1 until either the entity expires or is killed themselves. After approximately two months of continuous use, the human wearer of SCP-1265 will be broken down by the acidic bonding fluid present in the epidermis and will die of massive musculature trauma or exsanguination.

It should be noted that SCP-1265 can be removed at any time by the wearer or indeed any other subject by simply pulling the wearer out through the slit in the back. Wearers say that the experience of voluntary removal is ‘unpleasant’ and suffer moderate to acute acid burns to all contacted skin. Forcible removal has always led to wearer death due to lethal acid burns. In most forcible removal events, very little of the wearer is actually recovered. SCP-1265 presents incredible powers of regeneration but this does not lend itself to the dual entity of SCP-1265-1. The anomalous ‘Second Skin’ of SCP-1265-1 will still retain this healing ability but tests have concluded that any injury that pierces deeper than the SCP-1265 will harm the wearer in a normal fashion.