The Devil's Corridor

The entrance to SCP-XXXX


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is located in the basement of [REDACTED]. The doorway leading to SCP-XXXX has been sealed shut with reinforced steel and encased in 30cm of concrete. A false door similar to that found in the original doorway has been attached to the concrete and the rest of the concrete has been disguised to resemble the rest of the building. Despite this, the wall has begun to 'bulge' slightly, cracks have begun to form and there is a constant rise in pressure from behind the sealant. It is unknown what is causing this.

Foundation operatives have traced phone calls by civilians to the [REDACTED] council, voicing concerns about 'strange noises' behind the doors. Due to the possibility of attracting undue attention, security cameras have been installed to monitor the area and plain-clothes personnel are tasked with inspecting the area on a bi-weekly basis.

Due to the results of [DATA EXPUNGED], no Abrahamic cleric of bishop or equivalent higher rank is permitted near the entrance of SCP-XXXX. Any attempting to approach will be forcibly removed or, if necessary, terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a hallway of 2.4m by 1.5m and an indeterminate length. SCP-XXXX was discovered following reports of missing persons and one civilian describing a “weird hallway” who was subsequently administered a class-C amnesiac.

Upon opening the 2.1m x 0.9m door, a corridor furnished with cream walls, wood panelling and patterned carpet extends into darkness. Locked doors are found on either side approximately 4 meters apart. A series of branching corridors of varying styles extend from the original corridor. SCP-XXXX has undergone a single video recorded exploration. Exactly how far SCP-XXXX extends remains a mystery.

Authorized personnel may refer to document SCP-XXXX-I.