Dr. Holmes sandbox (Lord Raven)

Name: Janet Holmes (Formerly J███ R█████ Holmes)

Sex: Female (Formerly Male, now in a Female LMD Body1 due to Original body being critically damaged in Chaos Insurgency raid on Site-███)

Rank: Junior Researcher

Location: Currently assigned to Site-142 (Located in SCP-████, Aldwych Tube Station, London)

History: Following the discovery of SCP-████ in Aldwych Tube Station on 01/2█/2017, MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") were dispatched to secure ████ before any other civilians2 were able to discover ████.

When approached by Agent's Breach & Oxen who asked him to admit Anmestics to the workers, Doctor J███ R█████ Holmes expressed interested in SCP-████ and seemed to be interested in assisting the Foundation in discovering ████'s Anomalous properties, leading Agent Breach to discuss the matter with the O5 Command.

Despite initial security fears by O5 that Holmes would likely leak sensitive information to the public (or to the GOC and/or the Chaos Insurgency), those fears have since vanished. Dr. Holmes joined the Foundation on 05/██/2017 & was transferred to Site-142 to work with Senior Researcher Kane on studying the effects of SCP-████.

At some point towards the end of 2017, Holmes was unexpectedly transferred to Site-███3 to assist with the research of SCP-XXXX, which was recently discovered dormant 30,000ft under the ocean. However, on 12/01/2018, Chaos Insurgency infiltrators attacked Site-███, awaking SCP-XXXX and leading to the destruction of Site-███.