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SCP-XXXX in containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard Animal Containment Habitat at Site-68. In preparation for a test, Two Security personnel wearing full body suits are to receive the passcode for SCP-XXXX's Containment Habitat in order to retrieve SCP-XXXX for testing. When ending a test, the same Security personnel must return SCP-XXXX to containment.
During the weekly cleanup procedure, two D class personnel are to be escorted to SCP-XXXX's containment habitat.

Description: SCP-XXXX is genetically and visually a British Short-hair of the species Felis catus, weighing 240 ounces and standing at a height of 1 foot, 2 inches while standing quadrupedal. SCP-XXXX reacts positively to most personnel who enter the habitat that SCP-XXXX is stored within, however, no physical contact has been authorized unless needed during a test. SCP-XXXX's anomalous ability manifests when a human's skin touches any part of SCP-XXXX's body, excrement, or hair. Approximately one minute after initial contact, the abilities to comprehend anything in the immediate surroundings. The ability to communicate is also lost.

After approximately 45 minutes, the affected subject will pass out instantaneously. Soon after, by unknown means, the subject will stand up while they're still unconscious and walk in a random direction. Personnel who get within 5 meters of the subject will be attacked much in the manner of a threatened animal, until they stop moving. After 20 minutes to an hour, Subjects will collapse and then abruptly wake up, apparently not remembering the event.

SCP-XXXX was discovered on ██/██/2007, after reports from a local town near Site-██ from inhabitants describing a situation where people were fighting each other shortly after making contact with a gray feline. Agents were deployed with hazmat suits to contain the event. Shortly after capturing the anomaly, Class-B Amnestics were deployed.