Item #: SCP-2743

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-2743 is to be kept in a round chamber measuring fifty six (56) meters in diameter, with eight (8) microphones placed in the four (4) cardinal and ordinal directions around the containment chamber behind pieces of steel mesh that has fibers no more than two (2) millimeters apart, and the feeds from these eight (8) microphones are to be run through the program ████████. SCP-2743's containment chamber is currently in Site Nineteen (19).

Description: SCP-2743 is a non-organic humanoid, measuring roughly two point four (2.4) meters tall. SCP-2743 produces through unknown mechanics a distorted field around itself which displays objects behind and to the sides of SCP-2743 instead of SCP-2743 itself. There is no current way to view SCP-2743's form, as through infra-red imaging SCP-2743 appears as objects behind and to the sides of itself, much like as it is viewed by the naked eye, and sonar and radar only show a vague mass in SCP-2743's position. If SCP-2743 is allowed near any organic materials or electronics, it will destroy them through unknown means. However, if the organic materials or electronics are kept from SCP-2743 through any obstructions, up to and including a steel mesh with fibers no more than two (2) millimeters apart, SCP-2743 will not attempt to destroy them, or harm the obstructions between itself and the material in any way.

In a circular field measuring fifty seven (57) meters in diameter, a piece of music, identified by Site Researcher ███████ as being jazz at the BPM of 278 beats per minute can be heard. As SCP-2743 draws closer to an observer, the piece of music is described as slowing down and becoming deeper. At three (3) meters away from SCP-2743, observers report that the pitch is painful, and upon examination subjects who have been near SCP-2743 for extended periods of time have suffered permanent hearing damage and in extreme cases have lost all hearing completely. When SCP-2743 is within zero point five (0.5) meters away from the observer, the music reaches a pitch below the human range of hearing. The lowest BPM of the music recorded was at 17 BPM, after which SCP-2743 destroyed the microphone recording the sound.

A small sample of SCP-2743, SCP-2743-A, which was found in its containment cell after being introduced to SCP-███ showed that SCP-2743 is composed of an outer shell of continuous carbon fiber, while the inside appears to be comprised of an as yet unknown metallic substance which has proven too solid to be shattered, cut, or otherwise altered. It is as yet unknown how SCP-███ was able to remove SCP-2743-A from SCP-2743.

SCP-2743 was first found in a three (3) story residential home in ███ ██████████, England. It was kept in a small chamber underneath the home's ballroom, presumably in order to provide the ballroom with constant music. The home had been abandoned for some time, and efforts to uncover SCP-2743's containment chamber were already underway, and seemingly had started recently, but monitoring of the house proved fruitless.