The Guantlet by: Dr. John Z Smith

Item #: SCP-3929

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3929 needs to be kept in a lead lined case in a locked storage room. SCP-3029 is currently being held at site-███. The case containing SCP-3029 should be kept in any medium size dangerous arifact storage room. A larger storage room is needed to make it more difficult for people trying to obtain SCP-3029 due to the other artifacts. Armed guards are advised to watch over the storage room but not required.

SCP-3929 is a stereotypical medieval knight armor gauntlet which is smooth with no tarnishes or scratches perceived. SCP-3929 has the ability first observed and named nuclear magnification by Dr.████, this allows the gauntlet to basically store microscopic nuclear materials that are magnified into giant explosions through physical impact. Shortly after this experiment and its results were recorded site-██ was destroyed by a large scale nuclear explosion, presumably from SCP-3929, this caused the foundation █ years to fully recouperate from. SCP-3929 was first brought to foundation attention when a small town in ████, U.S.A was reportedly wiped off the map by a large explosion with remnants of nuclear fallout emitting from the town's location. A strike force equipped with anti-radiation measures was sent to the site to investigate. There they found the town like reported obliterated with similarities to the nuked cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the epicenter of the blast there was a body of an adult male between ages 27-41. This was strange due to the lack of bodies in other and this current nuked cities. The mans face and DNA were unrecognizable due to heavy radiation. The radiation seemed to eminate from a metal gauntlet (SCP-3929) found on the corpse. Once SCP-3929 went to relatively containable radiation levels it was taken to site-██ which was destroyed in a testing etemps on SCP-3929. By order of the O5 Council There will be no further experiments/testing preformed on SCP-3929 besides radiation monitoring due to the high risk of deaths and destruction. SCP-3929 is considered Euclid due to the harm that comes to the wielded of it making it a "one shot" weapon, if the wielder of SCP-3929 was immune to the high doses of radiation major scale destruction could be wreaked, and it would certainly have a Keter classification.