Dr Kinsel

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be secured in a room approximately 6 meters by 6 meters in size and is to remain on a 2 meter by a 2-meter table that stands 3 feet in height. SCP-XXXX is allowed access by all staff personnel depending on what object or entity they want to be modeled. Requests to print a 3-D model of a hostile object or entity is to be approved by Dr. ██████ or one of the O5 council members. Requests are to be made by personnel with an access level of 4 or above (See Incident SCP-XXXX-1). If the request is approved, at least 2 security personnel are to be onsite and observe until the object or entity is no longer needed for use. All hostile objects or entities are to be terminated after they have been used. Under any circumstances should no indestructible hostile object or entity to be printed.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a white-colored 3-D modeling printer that stands at 2.4 feet in length and 3 feet in height and is to have an unidentified indestructible glass around the walls of its box and has a USB connection cord that spans 5 feet in length. SCP-XXXX seems to not require a power source but can have technical problems of a regular 3-D printer. SCP-XXXX does not contain any markings of any company who made SCP-XXXX, which makes it more difficult to discover its origin. SCP-XXXX contains a strain of [REDACTED] Filament that, when used, a new strain of the filament will appear at the end of the used strain, refilling it fully. When a subject connects the USB cord into a computer, an application with the title, "3-D Rip Printer", and a button that displays, "PRINT" will appear within 5 seconds after the installation of the drivers is complete. When a subject presses, "PRINT", the printer will begin to print the 3-D model from what the subject is viewing (Video Games, Movies, etc.) that covers 80% of the resolution of the monitor. SCP-XXXX's extendable legs can go up indefinitely to reach the size of the object or entity. SCP-XXXX takes approximately 4-███ hours, depending on the model's size. SCP-XXXX will not print anything that is 2-Dimensional. After the printing process has been completed, the model will begin to animate and have sentinel thinking, featuring all the personalities from what the subject was viewing, designated SCP-XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX-B, SCP-XXXX-C… The process of making an animal-like entity can be comparable to organic surgery, with the exception of the Filament thread, which is unknowingly able to change into the organic material needed for the creation of the entity. SCP-XXXX was discovered in 9/21/████, after the college campus of [REDACTED] had reported that "their models were coming to life." All witnesses gave Class-A Amnesiacs.

Dr. ██████'s Notes:

"Alright, I know how much of you guys love the machine, 
but please refrain from using more than twice a day, 
last time caused SCP-XXXX to overheat." -Dr. ██████