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SCP-XXXX is to be housed at Area-970 for deployment alongside MTF-Trinity-7 ("Hair Triggers") in the event of a catastrophic containment breach at any one of the following secure locations:
• Site-11
• Site-72
• Site-98
• Area-42
• Area-206
Area-970 was chosen as the permanent residence for SCP-XXXX due to its close relative proximity to the above-listed facilities, and the necessity of an effective re-containment measure at all of the listed facilities. Please refer to Addendum 822691-1 822691-2 822691-3 for further details regarding SCP-XXXX's usage as a re-containment measure.

Sent from TrevorDunham@Henry_199-SCP-net For anyone reading this document, let's all take a second to remember why we don't assign "Cerberus Rising" to keep track of Sapient entities. There is a reason there are187 iterations of Triton-187, hey, don't get me wrong, Triton-187 is the bravest MTF squadron I've ever met, and their doing a job that no one else is willing to do (which is exactly why they haven't been officially disbanded), but they just aren't effective when it comes to this kind of stuff.


To do what I'm trying to do, just remember that you need to create the page when prompted to after clicking the link.

Archive of information regarding the events of ██/██/19██.

Testing logs.

Interview logs.

Incident reports.

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Hello, this is TRITON.

input: Access Level 5 file network.

Hello! This is TRITON V5.16, I am a security enforcement and interface A.I. How may I assist you today?