Dr LJ's Wise White Wolf
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any attempts to contain, track, or relocate SCP-XXXX has proven impossible due to the nature of SCP-XXXX. (See description). Individual(s) directly affected by the anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX are to be brought in for questioning or immediately quarantined for further observation depending on the circumstances prior to exposure to SCP-XXXX. Instances of SCP-XXXX interfering with observation of quarantined individuals are to be logged and reported to Dr. ████. Any sightings of SCP-XXXX interacting with other SCPs or injured personnel are to be reported to on-site security, then logged and reported to Dr. ████. On-site security personnel are to remain on high alert and nearby MTF units are to mobilize for possible containment breach if SCP-XXXX is sighted interacting with any SCP above the Euclid classification. No personnel below clearance level 2 is allowed to interact with SCP-XXXX unless asked for by SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a highly intelligent, non-aggressive, entity with features similar to the subspecies canis lupus arctos, commonly referred as the arctic wolf. Total length of SCP-XXXX is 1.7m from head to tail with a height of 0.8m from ground to shoulders and a tail longer than any know wolf species; about 1m long. SCP-XXXX possesses a finely groomed, white coat with no visible blemishes and reflective, royal blue eye.

No matter the condition of SCP-XXXX's environment its fur coat will remain in pristine condition, even when cut it will rapidly regrow any lost fur. The exact sex of SCP-XXXX is undetermined as observers will often give different answers when viewing the same instance of SCP-XXXX, be it through photographs, video recordings, or in person. How SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties function are, of yet, unknown as collection of tissue samples have proved to be impossible and SCP-XXXX is unwilling to elaborate on any questions relating to such topics. (see test log XXXX-4264-A7J)

SCP-XXXX has no apparent pattern as to when, where, or who it will choose to heal, commonly interfering with testing of infectious SCPs or observation of infected subjects (referred to as SCP-XXXX-1 while under its effects). When SCP-XXXX has chosen a subject it will materialize within the room and either passively stare at SCP-XXXX-1 from a safe distance, or sit beside the subject if they are bedridden or restrained. Any humans directly witnessing SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties will describe feeling a sense of comfort and safety; this effect gradually becoming stronger the longer someone is exposed. People within a 15m radius of SCP-XXXX will be able to hear SCP-XXXX through localized telepathy in a voice often described as soft and resonant. SCP-XXXX will only move or dematerialize after SCP-XXXX-1 is fully cured of their ailment; a process that may take up to 58 hours depending on the severity of the illness or injury.

Containment through means of physical barriers or electromagnetic fields, similar to SCP-106's containment chamber, have all proven fruitless. Individuals with the intent to harm or relocate SCP-XXXX will phase through its body and later suffer from symptoms of extreme necrosis and rapid bone growth similar to bone cancer; only individuals with non-harmful intent can touch or interact with SCP-XXXX. Currently there is no known method to safely relocated SCP-XXXX. Any movement of SCP-XXXX has to be done out of its own volition.

Following Dr. ████'s interview with SCP-XXXX, he has determined it is immune to the effects of other SCPs within foundation custody, eliminating the chance of cross-contamination of infectious SCPs with an SCP capable of teleportation. (See addendum XXXX-01).Afterward, Dr. ████ was assigned lead researcher and given the responsibility of closely monitoring SCP-XXXX's actions within the foundation. If SCP-XXXX requests for Dr. ████, he is to be immediately contacted and transported to SCP-XXXX current location as SCP-XXXX's cooperation with the foundation would be an invaluable resource.

Any interaction with other SCPs, interference with foundation activities, or containment breaches caused by SCP-XXXX are to be recorded in file #XXXX-L (Incident log XXXX) and promptly forwarded to Dr. ████.

Addendum XXXX-01: SCP-XXXX was first sighted materializing in site-19's bio containment zone; chamber 13, on ██-██-████, while Dr. ████ was observing [REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX proceeded to sit next to infected subject and stared at the one-way window separating the containment chamber from the observation room. Due to the dangers associated with [REDACTED] and cross-contamination with an SCP capable of teleportation, two (2) members of MTF unit Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") equipped with flame units were dispatched to contain SCP-XXXX. After several failed attempts from K█████ L. ███ to contain or relocate SCP-XXXX, M████ ████ was ordered by Dr. ████ to terminate SCP-XXXX with the flame unit. After 3 seconds of being doused in flames from M████ ████ and 5 shots fired from K█████ L. ███'s FN Five-seveN side arm, SCP-XXXX telepathically requested all personnel within a 15m radius to speak with Dr. ████.

The following interview was transcribed by Dr. ████:
Interviwed: SCP-XXXX
Interviewer: Dr. ████

SCP-XXXX: "May I speak to Dr. ████?"
Dr. ████: [Orders MTF personnel to exit the chamber through short range radio then speaks to SCP-XXXX using chamber intercom.] "This is Dr. ████. What's your purpose for being here?"

SCP-XXXX: "To cure my patient… to speak to my friend. No harm done."

Dr. ████: "Friend? I'm sorry, but… Wait, how are you curing [REDACTED]?"

SCP-XXXX: "Have you forgotten me so soon? [SCP-XXXX lays down, becoming visibly disappointed] Such a pity…"

Dr. ████: "Please, explain how you're 'curing' [REDACTED]? Furthermore, how is [REDACTED] not affecting you?"

SCP-XXXX: "My patient was once healthy… I was once sick. All can be repaired as all once functioned."

Dr. ████: "Are you saying you're immune to [REDACTED]? Does that apply to any SCP within foundation custody?"

SCP-XXXX: "Indeed, you could say so. I cure any ailment considered bothersome to my patients caused by these… 'SCPs' as you so call them."

Dr. ████: "How do you go about 'curing' your subjects?"
[SCP-XXXX falls silent for approximately 2 minutes until Dr. ████ asks a different question.]

Dr. ████: "Why are you doing this?"

SCP-XXXX: "Order, Mr. ████, restoring order."

[Interview was inturupted by alarms and a full lock down of site-19 due to a potential infectious SCP containment breach. SCP-XXXX did not respond to further questions from Dr. ████ after containment breach was contained. SCP-XXXX took 19 hours to fully heal its subject.]

From what I've heard, shortly after the two MTF personnel left their skin started melting and bone growths punctured through their hazmat suits, this set off the Containment breach alarm, causing a site-wide lock down. Once they were quarantined and tested, it was determined they were not infected or infectious. Following that incident, I believe their attempts to harm or relocate SCP-XXXX was the cause of their condition. So, as of now no personnel are allowed to interact with SCP-XXXX without its expressed permission until further testing. Also, SCP-XXXX and me are not friends, and I have no idea why it believes we are/were friends. -Dr. ████

Addendum XXXX-02: Video Log

Interviewed: D-085
Interviewer: Dr. Waters
Foreword: D-085 was retrieved from inside SCP-682 after contact with SCP-XXXX, causing a minor containment breach. Subject has undergone extensive psychiatric counseling prior to interview due to memory loss and severe mental deterioration. D-085 was restrained with handcuffs for Dr. Waters' safety.


Dr. Waters: "Are you able to tell me what you remember after being consumed by SCP-682?"

D-085 "I-I remember moving closer and then… darkness." [Subject began to nervously scratch his legs and sweat.]
Dr. Waters: "Did anything else happen-"

D-085: "I could feel all the pain and disgust. Our memories, our suffering, our hate… We were one. In the end we'll all be one." [D-085 shifted in his chair and anxiously look around the room, becoming visibly agitated.]

Dr. Waters: "Please, calm down or else you'll be sedated and escorted out."

D-085: [Subject went silent for a minute before laughing, the laughter become gradually louder until it turned into screaming.]

[D-085 began to bash his head against the metal interview table as he screamed incoherent ramblings. Site security entered and attempted to restrain and sedate the subject. D-085 was neutralized after fighting with site security and stabbing Dr. Waters with her pen.]


I remember seeing SCP-XXXX materialize on the walkway above SCP-682's containment chamber, soon after 682 began to seizure. This continued for approximately 57 hours. At 58 hours 682 briefly regained consciousness and breaches containment, injuring 4 MTF units. Thankfully, he only made it a few meters out of the chamber before collapsing. Not even a minute later a D-class climbed out of 682's mouth and passed out in a puddle of blood and rotten flesh. After the D-class was retrieved SCP-682 was safely contained. An hour later 682 woke up and began cursing the 'disgusting canine' for stealing his 'rightful property', calling it a 'failed dynasty underserving of the Faih name'. This discovery should be of interest to Dr. ████. -Dr. Waters

Addendum XXXX-03: Video Log

Interviewed: Dr. Morgan, [REDACTED] researcher
interviewer: Dr. Reed, Psychologist at site-151
Foreword: Dr. Morgan was accidentally exposed to the raw form of [REDACTED] from SCP-3000 and subsequently brought to the psychiatric ward for observation. 20 minutes after initial exposure to [REDACTED] Dr. Morgan began to show sighs of severe dementia and in an hour he entered a comma. He remained in this state for approximately 1 week before SCP-XXXX appeared by his bedside. The following video recording happened 2 days after Dr. Morgan awoke from the comma.


Dr. Reed: "Please, take a seat, doctor. Could you tell me what happened after you were exposed to █████?"

Dr. Morgan: "The moment it touched my skin I felt drowsy, as if reality became fake and I was the only one aware of that. [Dr. Morgan pauses and momentarily became confused, then presumes the conversation.] Sorry, my ears were ringing. Anyway… I felt my body go numb, like I couldn't move, but I could still feels my skin burning. My thoughts becoming white noise."

Dr. Reed: "Could you elaborate?"

Dr. Morgan: "I could remember everything but think of nothing. My mouth, my body, my thoughts, none of them were mine… The room went dark and all I could see was its face, those eyes shined into my mind as it spoke through my mouth."

Dr. Reed: "Is that what you saw after you fell into the comma or right before?"

Dr. Morgan: "Comma? No. It was a nightmare, I'd be lucky to be in a comma. I saw its face for days, it spoke to me for days! Then I woke up from that fever dream."

Dr. Reed: "And what did SCP-3000 say?"

Dr. Morgan: "I wish I could say, but everything it said was incoherent. It was ramblings on and on, never repeating the same word. Sometimes it stopped talking and just stared at me… I could hear my heart beating and its breath passing through my mind. We-I…" [Dr. Morgan leans back in his chair, breath heavily as sweat forms on his face.]

Dr. Reed: "Okay, I'm going to cut this interview short, I don't want to risk a mental relapse-"

Dr. Morgan: "Wait, before you end it I want to keeps this on the records before I forget."

Dr. Reed: "Go on."

Dr. Morgan: "When I woke up I had a chance to ask SCP-XXXX how it healed me, knowing that exposure to █████ was irreversible and my memories should be wiped if I recovered. It said 'illness of the mind' then disappeared. I don't know if that's at all important, but I thought you'd like to know."

Dr. Reed: "That might be of interest, thank you for mentioning that."


Experiment Log: XXXX-4264-A7J

Test #: XXXX-4264
Data: ██-██-2001
Location: Bio containment chamber 17, site-19

Subjects: D-2061; 34 year-old male, charged with second degree murder, grand theft auto and aggravated assault. D-2253; 25 year-old female, charged with pedophilia, first degree murder, possession of illegal weapons, and child abuse.

Procedure: Both subjects were wearing level B hazardous material suits. D-2253 was given scissors with the goal of collecting fur samples from SCP-XXXX and ordered to back away once samples were collected. D-2061 was posted by the chamber entrance and ordered not to approach SCP-XXXX to serve as a control subject. Decontamination chamber hatch was sealed. Dr. ████ was test conductor.

Results: SCP-XXXX's fur could be cut, but cut fur would quickly evaporate while lost fur would rapidly regrow, making sample collection impossible. Both subjects were kept inside containment chamber under observation for ten (10) minutes. Subjects remained unaffected. D-2061 was then asked to pick up SCP-XXXX, resulting in SCP-XXXX phasing through subject's grasp. Both class D-personnel were kept inside containment chamber for another ten (10) minutes before testing was concluded. D-2061 was later found deceased inside his holding cell from extreme necrosis and severe bone growth.

Notes: SCP-XXXX was not willing to speak or answer any of Dr. ████'s questions. SCP-XXXX healed its subject from advanced stages of SCP-217 infection within 12 hours, more importantly, a 7m radius around the healed subject had been completely sterilized of SCP-217. This new discovery could prove very useful in containment of Keter class contagious SCPs. Further research into SCP-XXXX is required.

Closing statement: "After tracking SCP-XXXX's actions within the foundation for two (2) years, I've began to theorize that SCP-XXXX is not a physical entity, but an illusion projected from somewhere in or outside our reality. The only reasons people are able to 'touch' it is because they have the illusion of touching it, and if they try to hurt it they have the illusion of phasing through its body. That, or SCP-XXXX enters a state of quantum superposition whenever in danger. Though I believe the latter to be more plausible. I do, however, know how SCP-XXXX heals its subjects. SCP-XXXX is able to reverse the entropy of a localized area around its subject. I realized this when a broken sub-dermal tracker implanted in Dr. Richard ████ began working after he'd been exposed to SCP-XXXX for 2 hours. The tracker was broken when Dr. Richard suffered a high-speed car crash, resulting in multiple broken bones, brain swelling, and, consequential, a broken tracker. This means that SCP-XXXX is not only capable of healing biological matter, but could also fix broken machinery, close anomalous rips in the fabric of reality, and possibly neutralize troublesome SCPs. SCP-XXXX could be of great help to the foundation… If only it wasn't so damn stubborn." Dr. ████


Incident Log XXXX

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